Permaculture is an integrated design system for sustainability. The word "permaculture" is a contraction of "permanent agriculture" or "permanent culture." Its roots are in the design of productive ecosystems for farms and gardens. A central theme in permaculture is the design of ecological landscapes that produce food. Emphasis is placed on multi-use plants, cultural practices such as sheet mulching and trellising, and the integration of animals to recycle nutrients and graze weeds. Permaculture concepts also reach beyond farming and gardens that into designs for all types of resilient, sustainable structures, both physical and social. It is a philosophy of maximum effort at the design stage to allow minimum effort and side-effects once the system is running, instead of the conventional method which is often the reverse.

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Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute, Basalt, Colorado
Permaculture training in the Colorado Rockies or The Bahamas. Also consulting.
Colorado Permaculture
Blog focusing on permaculture events, resources, companies and anything relevant to the Centennial State.
David Holmgren
David Holmgren was the research student and co-originator with Bill Mollison, his research supervisor, of the permaculture concept.
Extensive web directory of permaculture and related topics.
Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute
This institute, located in Ithaca, NY, offers affordable classes, permaculture design certification and workshops for sustainable living within the context of northeastern US ecosystems.
The Food Forest
A 40 acre permaculture demonstration, and production property at Gawler, South Australia. Offers consulting services, learning courses, information, and tours.
Friends of the Trees Society
Non-profit organization encouraging the growing of trees. Includes information on workshops, courses, events and publications related to permaculture and agroforestry. Offers wildcraft supplies.
International Institute for Ecological Agriculture
Information, reading list, and links on permaculture and community-supported agriculture.
Kootenay Permaculture Institute
Information about the permaculture research and education undertaken by the institute based in British Columbia, Canada.
La'akea Permaculture Gardens/Permaculture in Hawaii
Offers month-long courses in permaculture design and deep ecology.
Living Mandala
Collective of educators, organizers and designers committed to eco-social regeneration. Organizes courses, workshops and events and provides consultancy services on sustainable systems.
Luscious Landscapes
Offers permaculture consultancy and training, garden restoration and landscape design services. Based in NSW, Australia.
Mid Wales Permaculture Network
UK group advocating the care of the land and sustainable cultivation methods. Includes articles, news, events and a forum.
Midwest Permaculture
Provides an introductory seminar and a Permaculture Design Certification Course including Webinar study where students access information over the Internet.
No solo Permacultura: Not only Permaculture
Blog containing notes, articles and practices concerning permaculture and sustainable life, partly in Spanish.
The Permaculture Activist
North American permaculture periodical, providing a current listing of upcoming permaculture design courses, and offering articles on permaculture design, edible landscaping, bioregionalism, aquaculture, natural building, renewable energy.
Permaculture Forums
A popular forum for discussion of many permaculture topics.
Permaculture in New Zealand
Information about the world of permaculture in New Zealand. Site also has event listings and a question and answer forum.
Permaculture Portal
Provides users with a helpful gateway to permaculture courses, events, services, and resources. The Portal is also the online home for the Bullocks' permaculture site in Orcas Island, Washington.
Permaculture Power
Blog providing information that may be useful to permaculturists.
The Permaculture Project
Promotes true self-reliance for all through personal and customized consultation, research, design, implementation, workshops and seminars.
Permaculture Research Institute
Provides permaculture forums, courses, information, and news.
Permaculture Visions International
Worldwide Permaculture School and support network with students in over 20 countries. Collection of writings and ideas about permaculture. Offers permaculture courses by distance learning.
Permanent Publications
Subscription information for Permaculture Magazine and a catalogue of available books, videos, and other resources focused on permaculture in the UK.
Seattle Permaculture Guild
Contains a wiki about permaculture activities and events in the Northwest.
SEED International
Environmental planning and design for permaculture and ecologically sound village designs. Australia.
Sustainable Agriculture Research Institute
Non-profit organization working toward sustainable living. Offers consultancy services, courses, books and videos.
UK Permaculture Association
Provides information about the association, courses, UK links and general permaculture information.

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