Industrial ecology is the shifting of industrial process from linear (open loop) systems, in which resource and capital investments move through the system to become waste, to a closed loop system where wastes become inputs for new processes.

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Eco-Efficiency and Cleaner Production
Lengthy paper for United Nations Committee on Sustainable Development on cleaner production and energy efficiency.
Economic Input Output Life Cycle Assessment
The Green Design Institute at Carnegie Mellon University maintains the EIO-LCA project, showing the economic and environmental effects of producing 500 commodities sorted by industry group and sector. Results include pollutants, greenhouse gases, toxic chemicals, and employment.
Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Goods and Services: An Input-Output Approach
Guide from RFF Press on using EIO-LCA methods, companion to the free online database from Carnegie Mellon University. Intended for regulators as well as companies looking to improve the environmental profile of their products and processes. [PDF]
IndEco Strategic Consulting Inc.
Industrial Ecology Strategic Consulting is a team of professionals offering consulting services in industrial ecology and strategic planning.
Indigo Publications
Creating systems solutions for sustainable development through industrial ecology information and publications.
Industrial-Ecology Discussion List
Mail list for students, scholars and others. Topics include eco-industrial parks, sustainable production and consumption, and other aspects of environment and economy.
The International Society for Industrial Ecology
The mission of the ISIE is to promote the use of industrial ecology in research,education, policy, community development, and industrial practices. In order to accomplish this mission, ISIE seeks to build a community of interest, support cumulative learning, produce quality research, and promote social change.
Journal of Industrial Ecology
Yale University website for this journal includes calls for papers and archives tables of contents.
Non-Ferrous Metals and their Contribution to Sustainable Development
Reports, online forums, information about workshops and events, and other resources related to metals recycling and environmental aspects of mining and production of metals including copper, zinc, nickel, and lead.
Renewable Cogen Asia
Provider of sustainable energy and environmental solutions in a socially responsible and cost-effective way. Gives examples of renewable projects undertaken in various countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.
Russian-Norwegian Cleaner Production Center
An organization promoting environmental management systems, ISO 14000, ecological management, ecological audits, financial engineering, and training.
Wiley Online Library: Journal of Industrial Ecology
MIT Press website for international quarterly journal addressing material and energy flows; dematerialization and decarbonization; life-cycle planning, design and assessment; extended producer responsibility ("product stewardship"); eco-industrial parks; product-oriented environmental policy; and eco-efficiency.
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