Environmental journals are professional journals geared toward specialists and individuals with interest in the environment. Since the environment involves a variety of areas within various science and engineering disciplines, environmental journals cover topics involving pollution, hazards, treatment, assessment, ecology, and more.

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Bioremediation Journal
Quarterly peer-reviewed journal that publishes current, original laboratory and field research in bioremediation, and the use of biological and supporting physical treatments to treat contaminated soil and groundwater.
Coastal Management
International bimonthly journal of the marine environment, resources, law and society.
The Columbia Journal of Project Siting and Management
Refereed interdisciplinary journal dedicated to examining siting processes and their implications for policy. The siting of a range of projects from hazardous nuclear waste facilities to bicycle paths represents one on the most significant contemporary policy challenges confronting all nations.
Cultural Geographies
Publishes scholarly research and informed commentaries on the cultural appropriation and politics of nature, the environment, place, and space. Contributions are welcome from scholars and practitioners across the arts, humanities and social and environmental sciences.
Enviroinfo's List of Environmental Periodicals
List of links for more than 800 journals and magazines. Alphabetical by title.
Environment International
Publishes research about environmental risk and the relationships between exposure to contaminants and environmental health.
Environmental Conservation
Quarterly journal comprehensively addressing the policy, practice and natural and social science of environmental concerns at a global level. Free access to table of contents; full text by subscription.
Environmental Modeling and Assessment
Journal focuses on the use of models and integrated assessment as tools for the solution of environmental problems.
Environmental Modelling and Software
Publishes research articles, review papers and short communications on recent advances in environmental modelling and software. Published by Elsevier Science. Online contents for subscribers.
Environmental Research: A Journal of Environmental Medicine and the Environmental Sciences
Aims to define the etiology of environmentally induced illness and to increase understanding of the mechanisms by which environmental agents cause disease.
Environmental Science and Technology
Publishes news and research in diverse areas of environmental science and engineering. Table of contents and some current material are free; extensive content with paid subscription.
Environmental Technology
The latest news and articles for people involved in waste water analysis, gas detection, air monitoring and environmental analysis.
International Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences
Interdisciplinary journal of pure and applied ecology and environmental science, particularly in developing countries, published by India's National Institute of Ecology. Tables of contents, recent abstracts, instructions to authors, and other information.
International Journal of Environmental Sciences
An open access online journal published quarterly providing a multidisciplinary forum for discussion and analysis of issues of interest to environmental professionals. Authors are invited to submit their research articles and review papers.
Journal of Environmental Biology
Publishes research on all areas of environmental science and toxicology. Includes subscription information, abstracts from recent issues, and instructions to authors.
The Journal of Environmental Management
Publishes papers on all aspects of management and use of the environment, both natural and man-made.
Journal of International Environmental Application and Science
Peer-reviewed journal dedicated to investigations, analyses and reviews of the interdisciplinary aspects of renewable sources and other environmental topics.
Journal of Solid Waste Technology and Management
International peer-reviewed journal covering landfill, recycling, waste-to-energy, waste reduction, waste policy, waste economics, composting, waste transfer, waste collection, municipal waste, industrial waste, residual waste and other solid waste management and technology subjects.
OnEarth Magazine
Magazine on environmental affairs, particularly those relating to policies. Published by the Natural Resources Defense Council, previously known as "The Amicus Journal."
Soil and Sediment Contamination, An International Journal
Bi-monthly, international peer-reviewed publication covering analytical chemistry, site assessment, environmental fate, environmental modeling, remediation techniques, risk assessment, regulatory issues and legal considerations.
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