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Action Petroleum Spill Recovery Inc.
Manufactures a wide variety of oil skimmers and containment booms.
Aire Industrial
Manufacturers of a line of spill containment berms, flexible storage tanks and bladders, plastic containment products, sorbents and safety cabinets.
Aqua-Guard Spill Response Inc.
Designs and manufactures oil spill recovery skimmers, containment booms, boom storage reels and temporary storage tanks, and distributes oil spill detection devices and absorbents.
The ARK Enterprises, Inc.
Distributor of environmentally friendly absorbent products for spill cleanup and other uses.
Breg Environmental
Online sales of customized oil spill kits, absorbents, and other environmental pollution containment and cleanup products.
Briggs Marine
Provision of oil and gas marine facilities management, consultancy services to identify and minimize risks and developing contingency plans for industrial and marine companies.
Canadyne Technologies Inc.
Manufacturers of oil spill containment booms, oil skimmers, boom reels, power packs, aluminum workboats and response accessories.
Cleanup Oil
Directory containing lists of oil spill service centre locations around the world organized geographically.
Enviro Shield Products
Manufactures and sells high quality portable spill prevention devices, as well as sorbents, cans, and spill kits. Product information and online store.
Gator International
Developer of the Gator line of absorbents, socks, booms, pads and emergency spill kits, microbial cleaners and digestives. Describes features of the technology used to contain hydrocarbons.
Industrial Apparatus Consultants Ltd
IAC supplies products and equipment for pollution control. These include booms and skimmers, oil on water detection and monitoring equipment, absorbents and clean up vessels.
Key Solutions, C.A.
Venezuelan company providing a complete line of products, equipment and services for prevention, control and clean up of oil spills, industrial contamination and environmental protection. Representatives for Hi-Point Industries of Canada, producer of Oclansorb, a 100% organic biodegradable oil absorbent.
Marine Spill Response Corporation
Provides marine oil response, news articles, and client information.
MG Engineering
Developer and operator of the APEX Technology which separates petroleum-based wastes into useful oil, water and solids that meet stringent disposal specifications. In English and Spanish.
Oil Spill Products Limited
UK based supplier of a range of oil and chemical clean up products including absorbents, spill kits and spill prevention equipment.
Remediation and Applied Technology, LLP
Specialists in the cleaning and remediation of hydrocarbon based contamination or salt water spills, soil stabilisation and concrete sealing.
Rubberizer - Hazmat Response Technologies, Inc.
Describes and offers a sorbent product line that transforms spilled hydrocarbons into a rubber-like solid on contact, and does not re-release when it is retrieved. For use in spill containment and cleanup on land and water.
Sarva Bio Remed, LLC
US based manufacturer of oil spill remediation products for marine and freshwater applications. Includes a bioactive urethane which rapidly absorbs oil in water and also acts as bioremediation agent.
Terry Ruddy Sales
Supplier of environmental spill containment and chemical storage products, including containment booms, absorbents, and accessories. Also describes consulting services. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Versatech Spill Containment & Recovery Technology
Manufacturers oil spill containment booms, oil recovery skimmers, boom storage reels, pollution equipment storage trailers, aluminium and fiberglass work boats.
Xitech Instruments, Inc.
Manufactures and sells skimmers, skimmer pumps, monitoring equipment, controllers, and data acquisition equipment for groundwater remediation.

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