Environmental consultants offering a broad range of services. Although many of these firms offer services internationally, for convenience most firms are listed by the geographic region where their offices are located.

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August Mack Environmental, Inc.
Provides on-going environmental compliance in all areas of industry with a primary focus on the chemical, foundry and steel industries.
Bear Creek Environmental
A multidisciplinary firm, located in Middlesex, Vermont, which provides consulting services in aquatic biology, geomorphology, erosion control, and water quality monitoring and assessments.
CH2M Hill
Offering a diverse range of environmental and engineering consulting services in the U.S. and internationally.
Chastain-Skillman Online
Engineering firm that offers services in a range of areas, including Environmental Engineering, Hydrogeology, Industrial Hygiene, Environmental/Occupational Health and Safety, and Risk Assessment.
Conor Pacific
Environmental service and technology firm providing total solutions to a worldwide clientele. Site assessment and remediation, brownfield development, air quality services, and water and wastewater treatment. Offices in Canada, UK, and US.
Dr. Steven M. Hoffman and Associates
Providing a full range of international, environmental, and Japanese-related consulting services, emphasizing interdisciplinary, innovative environmental solutions.
A worldwide environmental consulting company providing services in solid and hazardous waste management, water/wastewater management, pollution control, and prevention.
Offers international environmental consultancy services. Describes expertise and experience in diverse areas including ecology, landscape design, engineering, EIA. Offices in UK and Chile.
Environmental Remediation Services, Inc.
A contracting firm providing environmental consulting, hazardous waste management, site remediation, emergency response services, and regulatory compliance. Based in Florida.
The Forrestal Group
Providing solutions for environmental problems - coast to coast. Specializing in consultation, appraisal, impact and class action research, litigation, and risk analysis.
International company providing consulting services in management, engineering, environment -- including environmental impact assessment, contaminated lands, hydrogeology, and wastewater management -- and planning and design. Over 54 offices worldwide.
Golder Associates
Global provider of geotechnical engineering, materials engineering, environmental restoration, environmental and socio-economic assessments, surface and underground mining geotechnics, surface and ground water management, waste management, and project management and quality assurance.
Hawaii International Environmental Services
Providing environmental and engineering services throughout the Pacific, Western US and Southeast Asia. From planning and permitting, site assessment, remedial design to remediation of contaminated sites. Also sells waste oil to energy heaters, boilers and air conditioners that safely dispose of waste oil and reduces your energy bill in the process.
Intermediate Technology Consultants
Provides advice to governments, NGOs, aid agencies and the private sector on services such as off the grid electricity, financing and integration of renewable energy, sustainable livelihoods and business development services.
Islands By Design, Ltd.
Team of environmental consultants assisting with engineering design, environmental impact assessments and project management. Located in The Bahamas.
Mulry and Cresswell Environmental, Inc.
Services include site investigation, remediation, soil and groundwater testing, regulatory interaction, and Phase I - IV site assessments.
O'Brien & Gere
Provides start-to-finish project services with engineering design, construction, contract operations, laboratory analysis, and manufacturing, internationally, from offices throughout the United States, and in Mexico, Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom.
O'Callaghan Moran & Associates
Environmental Management for Business. Provide environmental consulting services to the public and private sector in Ireland, UK, Europe and US.
Phoenix Engineering Group Ltd.
Multi-discipline environmental, design, engineering and construction firm based in the Bahamas and Caribbean. Services include environmental, social and economic impact assessments, and project, quality, regulatory and disaster management.
Round River Design, LLC.
Specialists in the design, planning, and implementation of community, land, and water systems through restoration and education.
Solutous Group
Providing services for small to mid-sized companies for risk assessment, remediation, regulatory compliance, employee and safety programs, commercial software, and toxicology testing.
TMTS Associates Inc.
An engineering consulting firm specializing in combustion, air pollution control, solids handling, thermal desorption and the environment.
Water and Earth Science Associates
Canada-based environmental sciences and engineering consulting group, providing services internationally, including air emission reporting, treatment wetlands design and construction, hydrogeology and hydrology, remediation and rehabilitation, waste management, and Environmental Management Systems (EMS). Site in English, French, Spanish.
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