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Argonne National Laboratory: Environmental Science Division
Conducts applied environmental research, assessment, and technology development, primarily for federal agencies that have responsibilities for energy development and use, natural resource management or national defense.
Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center
US Federal Government inter-agency training center devoted to training federal and state land managers who have wilderness management responsibilities; They have also developed school curricula on wilderness for primary and secondary education levels.
California Biodiversity Council
Formed in 1991 to improve coordination and cooperation between the various resource management and environmental protection organizations at federal, state, and local levels.
Chesapeake Bay Program
The regional partnership that's been leading and directing the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay since 1983.
Conference of Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Governors and Premiers
The Great Lakes governors share a dual stewardship for both the world's single largest source of fresh water and the industrial heartland of North America. Today, the governors lead the nation in advancing strategic alliances that stress continued protection of their natural resources and a sustainable world-class regional economy.
Ecological Exposure Research Division
EPA division develops suites of biological indicators to describe the condition of watershed ecosystems.
Environmental Technology Verification Program
Develops test protocols and verifies the performance of innovative technologies that have the potential to improve protection of human health and the environment. The verification is to establish the truth of the performance of a technology under specific, pre-determined criteria.
FHWA Office of Environment and Planning
Federal Highway Administration site includes information and links on transportation planning, air quality, water resources, traffic noise, and other environmental topics.
Gulf of Mexico Program
To facilitate the protection and restoration of the coastal marine water and its coastal natural habitats; to sustain living resources; to protect human health and the food supply; and to ensure the recreational use of Gulf shores.
Institue for the Study of Society and Environment
National Center for Atmospheric Research studies the interactions between climate, weather, and human activities.
Interagency Working Group on Sustainable Development Indicators
Established with a mandate to develop recommendations on steps the United States could take to realize sustainable development.
Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center (KPPC)
Provides free environmental help to KY companies. Services include site assessments, a newsletter and a waste exchange.
Mojave Data Ecosystem Program
A wide variety of data and geographical information for mapping the Mojave Desert Ecosystem.
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
conducts basic research on environmental health and environment-related diseases. Links to information on programs, grants, research, events, contracts, employment, training, outreach events, public information.
National Research Council (NRC) Committee on Grand Challenges in Environmental Sciences
Invites the submission of ideas from the scientific community to describe a few grand challenges that appear to have the greatest scientific importance, research potential and practical value.
National Research Council Division on Earth and Life Studies
Provides scientific and technological advice to the U.S. government on a variety of public policy issues, such as pollution control, management of radioactive and toxic wastes, natural disaster mitigation, protection of water and other natural resources, exploration of Earth's resources, and global change.
President's Council on Environmental Quality
News, accomplishments and information about the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).
Resources Agency of California, Office of the Secretary
The mission of the California Resources Agency is to oversee the State's activities relating to the conservation, management, and enhancement of California's natural and cultural resources.
Rhode Island Sea Grant College Program
Conducts research, training, and public outreach on priority issues of importance to the marine environment.
Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program and Environmental Security Technology Certification Program. Interagency organization identifies, develops, and transitions environmental technologies that relate directly to defense mission accomplishment.
South Florida Ecosystem Program
Topics include mercury contamination, hydrology, coastal wetlands, and remote sensing.
Southern California Coastal Water Research Project
A joint powers agency focusing on marine environmental research.
State/Local Air Pollution Control Agencies
The State and Territorial Air Pollution Program Administrators (STAPPA) and the Association of Local Air Pollution Control Officials (ALAPCO) are national associations representing air pollution control agencies in the 54 U.S. states/territories and over 150 major metropolitan areas.
U.S. Army Environmental Center
Department of the Army located on the Aberdeen Proving Ground, dedicated to conserving and restoring the land we defend.
U.S. Government Environmental Agencies
A directory of environmental government agencies at the state and federal levels.
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