Microbial agents and other bioremediation products, as well as bioremedation consultants and cleanup contractors.

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911 Storm
Offers water damage restoration services, as well as mold, bacteria and hazardous materials inspection and damage valuation services. Provides information about consulting services, water restoration and hazardous materials services, as well as associated regulations and licencing.
Alabaster Corporation
Manufactures an extensive line of bioremediation products for hydrocarbon remediation.
Alpha BioSystems
Develops and markets a range of liquid microbe bioremediation products for agriculture, industry, commercial, aquatic pond management and household use.
Altogen Bioremediation Products and Services
Manufacturer of oil-degrading bacteria and bioremediation products. Provide information on remediation products for crude oil clean up and chemical spills. Offers soil remediation services in Texas, USA.
American Mold Experts
Indiana-based mold remediation, testing and inspection services.
ASA Environmental Products
Specializes in minimizing environmental liability and exposure. Products include spill response, drain systems, industrial cleaning, microbial and products, and imbiber beads.
Aura Restoratio
Provides residential and commercial asbestos removal, clean up and restoration services. Offer services in Canada.
Provider of water and wastewater treatment biological systems. Include information on products, applications, and technical support.
BESTechnologies, Inc.
Manufacturer of biological grease control systems for restaurants, food production facilities and municipal wastewater treatment systems worldwide.
Bio Tech, Inc.
Offers microcbial solutions for wastewater treatment facilities and food processing companies to remove contaminated and hazardous substances from disposal water, groundwater and soil.
BioClear Solutions, LLC
Bioremediation of drain line-clogging substances, odor elimination and sanitation services in Southern California.
BioConversion Technology
Provides remediation solutions for treatment in industrial and municipal wastewater sites.
Microbiological products and services for bioremediation, bioaugmentation, plant growth enhancement, grease and odor control.
Developer of products for the detection and control of environmental contamination. Also provides consultancy services and bioassay kits for toxicity analysis. English and Spanish.
Bionetix International
Sells products for cleanup of toxic wastes, grease traps, sewers, municipal and industrial wastes and other applications.
Manufactures biostimulants for rapid remediation in residential and municipal wastewater, grease traps and hydrocarbon contamination of marine and soil environments.
Bioremediation Consulting, Inc.
Offers microbiological and analytical laboratory services for environmental and engineering companies conducting bioremediation of sites contaminated with chlorinated solvents, petroleum and coal tar. Describes capabilities in laboratory investigation of natural attenuation, microcosm studies, and contaminant analysis.
Bioscience Inc.
Microbial and bioremediation products for water, wstewater, soil and sludge treatment programs. Includes company profile, product introduction, and distributor list.
Biotize, LLC
Offers an environmentally friendly system for removing grease buildup from restaurant drain lines.
Canine Mold Detection
Offers canine mold detection and remediation services.
Catalina BioSolutions
Bioremediation and microbial products for in situ and ex situ contaminated soil and groundwater. Services, products, and business opportunities. Located in Tucson, Arizona.
Cognition Land and Water Ltd
Project managers and contractors for remediation projects including bioremediation, soil washing and groundwater treatment.
Dove Bio-Solutions
Supplier of biological waste treatment products that remove contamination from waste water, brownfield sites and air emissions.
Soil bioremediation agent manufactured using recycled waste cellulose in which oil-degrading microorganisms propagate rapidly to break down contaminants into their harmless elements.
Environmental Remediation Consultants
Consulting firm provides description on remediation and hazardous materials technology and clean up services.
Products that bio-remediate hydrocarbon based contamination from soil, water, concrete, and other surfaces.
Spill control products and chemicals and water treatment technology. Located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Global Advantech
UK based developer of a number of chemical and bioscience technologies to decontaminate and bioremediate hydrocarbon, toxic organic and heavy metal pollution.
HomeServ Restoration
Offers water damage restoration services in Chicago area. Provide services description for mold remediation, water damage restoration, and flooded basements restoration.
Indiana Mold Remediation
Provides biological testing and mold and fungus removal services in Indiana.
Industrial Ecosystems Inc.
Products and services for bioremediation and bioconversion of petroleum hydrocarbons. [Site requires Flash plugin]
Integra Environmental, Ltd.
Patented bioremediation products.
JRW Bioremediation LLC
Developer of environmentally friendly natural products to clean up ground water contaminated with chlorinated solvents, perchlorates and heavy metals.
Kazanci Environmental Technics
Turkish company offering microbial and bacterial products for odor control, the foodstuff industry, bioremediation, waste water treatment, aquaculture, agriculture and maritime applications.
Les Traitements Bio-Bac inc.
Canadian company specializing in the biological treatment of organic waste through a bacterial bioaugmentation process. French and English.
Lighthouse Environmental Services, Inc.
Specialists in in-situ biodegradation enhancement technology and ex-situ cleanups of oil and gas related contamination in soil and groundwater, and waste management services throughout the United States.  
Marine Environmental Management
Company specializing in the treatment of fluids providing bioremediation products, filtration, and magnetic fluid conditioning products.
Maryland Biochemical Company, Inc
Provides specifically cultured bacteria blends for industrial and municipal waste treatment.
Mold Test Experts
Offers mold testing and inspections throughout the southeast US. Includes information about company and services provided.
Planreal AG
Offers services for the remediation and restoration of contaminated land and ground water using biological methods.
Planteco Environmental Consultants
Offers services with in-situ technologies, including phytoremediation, natural attenuation, and artificial wetlands. Expertise includes environmental permitting, laboratory analysis, and field sampling. Athens, Georgia.
Practical Environmental Solutions
Provides products and services to bioremediate soil and water, and hydrocarbon wastes.
Progressive Recovery, Inc.
Manufacturer of effluent tissue digester systems for biological waste decontamination.
RAM Environmental Technologies
Offers remediation services, wastewater solutions, industrial strength absorbent materials, aqueous parts washers, electronics recycling, water based cleaning fluids and degreasers, oil filtration and recycling equipment and environmental management systems.
The Shaw Group Inc.
Designs systems based on microorganisms or biocatalysts with exceptional degradative abilities, and engineered systems, including proprietary bioreactors and processes, for the treatment of wastes and contaminated sites.
Soil Bioremediation Inc
Supplier of bioaugmentation and environmental site remediation products. Bioremediation products are based on dry natural bacteria to cleanup large chemical and oil spills in soil. Located in Austin, Texas.
Telluric Land Remediation Limited
Environmental contracting company specialising in the remediation of contaminated land and groundwater. Scientists, engineers and geotechnical specialists provide full project management capability.
Trade Environmental Products
Australian company provides environmental site compliance products and services.
United-Tech, Inc.
Offers all-natural bacteria and enzyme products to solve a myriad of waste control problems.
WeDoTanks LLC
Offers wastewater treatment products and services. Provides technology description and service details for tanks, septage, and wastewater treatment.
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