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Designed for descriptions of the science behind remediation technologies for hazardous waste clean-up.

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Hazardous Waste Clean-Up Information (CLU-IN)
Information about innovative treatment technology for the hazardous waste remediation community. Programs, organizations, publications, and other tools. Developed by the U.S. EPA, but intended as a forum for all waste. remediation stakeholders.
2 The 4 Technology Solutions
Collection of articles on soil/groundwater remediation technology and the general understanding of the biogeochemical dynamics of the subsurface.
Australian Enviro Services
Blog providing general information on the procedures used in site remediation and repair.
Cleaning up Former Methamphetamine Labs
Basic guidelines to assist property owners and the general public in sanitizing and making residences safe after this type of toxic exposure.
Provide mold testing, removal and remediation services in Tennessee, USA. Offers description of building performance services, consulting and in-home air quality evaluation.
Environmental Capital International
ECI is an investment bank specializing in financial solutions for the cleanup and redevelopment of contaminated sites.
Environmental Expert
Provides free accessible articles, events, software, technological solutions and web resources for soil and groundwater remediation.
Describes an advanced (proprietary) stabilization/solidification technology for the clean-up of contaminated land and hazardous wastes (for in-situ or ex-situ applications).
Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable
Provides technical information on technologies for waste site cleanup.
Field Specialties Inc
Non-entry storage tank cleaning and tank bottom solids and sludge removal services. Services industrial degassing, vapor control and the All in one ProGreen vacuum truck with VOC destruction device.
Offers antibacterial and mould treatment services in Sydney, Australia. Provide description of cleaning, sanitizing, and eradication services.
State Coalition for Remediation of Drycleaners
Organization comprised of representatives of U.S. states with established dry-cleaner remediation programs. Research findings and other information on site assessment and remediation technologies in use for remediation of dry-cleaner sites.
The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research
MISTRA is a foundation for strategic environmental research, provides description of Swedish effort to find solutions for remediation of soil and sediment contamination by metals or persistent organic pollutants, conducted 1997-2002.
Technology Tree
Intended to provide a user-friendly tool for (mostly U.S.) communities affected by waste remediation issues. The Technology Tree Matrix is a tool for identifying technology to characterize and clean up hazardous waste sites. Resource Page has web site links, points of contact for federal agencies, and a list of independent technical consultants whose clients are mainly public stakeholders.
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