Science Environment Hazardous Materials Products and Services
Scientific and engineering products and services for the characterization, treatment, and other aspects of management of hazardous wastes, as well as investigation and remediation of waste sites.

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4R Environmental Consultants
Offers waste management consulting services and solutions, environmental impact assessment, anaerobic digestion, soil analysis and improvement services.
A.Q. Environmental
Specialize in asbestos removal, demolition, fire-proofing, lead abatement, environmental consulting and other related services.
Advanced Attic Restoration
Provide services to remove and replace contaminated attic insulation and disinfect household areas after animal infestations by bats, opossums or small animals.
Affordable Inspection Services Inc
Mold testing and inspection services company. Provides detection of radon gas, lead, asbestos, and other hazardous chemicals. Services offered for Los Angeles County and Ventura County, USA.
Albax Inc.
U.S. manufacturer of caulked, gasketed, recessed chamber filter press cloths.
All Waste Matters
Waste management and environmental consultancy. Specialist services include customised collection and recycling services to the printing, photographic, electronic and healthcare industries throughout the UK.
Altogen Chemicals
Manufacturer of ultra-pure hexachlorodisilane (HCDS) located in Texas, USA. Provides description of HCDS manufacturing know-how, capture, distilling, and refining technologies.
Manufacturer of oil mop, rope mop and belt mop oil skimmers for all industrial applications where waste oil contaminates waste water.
American Gas Products
Manufacturers of aerosol can disposal and recycling system for the proper disposal of spray cans of all sizes.
Offers water treatment equipment and absorbent sheets for the absorption of excess water in radioactive and hazardous wastes.
Asteran HCDS
Manufacturer and worldwide distributor of high purity hexachlorodisilane (HCDS) for semiconductor and solar industry. Located in Moscow Russia and distributor in USA.
Manufacturer of medical waste autoclave bags, sharps containers, hybridization bags, and pallet covers. Provides product support and technical information for pharmaceutical and nylon film bags, biohazard bags, sterilizer deodorant, and ther products.
B&D Associates
Offers recycling services for chemicals, medical and hazardous waste. Provides mailing address and contact information.
Offers spray and paint gun washers and cleaners and solvent recyclers, designed for automotive and industrial applications.
Chemical Inventory
Provides companies with barcoded database inventory, assessments, and remediations for hazardous waste.
Clean-Co Systems
Industrial and specialty cleaning company based in Houston, Texas, USA. Provides details of the wide range of services offered.
Manufacturer of swabs and other contamination control consumables and materials. Based in Shenzhen, China.
Innovative quicklime treatment for sludge, polluted soils and waste developed by the Carmeuse Group.
Complete Waste Disposal Company
Provides services related to the disposal and clean up of hazardous and nonhazardous substances as well as the recycling of universal waste.
Dec-Tam Corp
Providing environmental remediation services, surface preparation and asbestos removal, as well as other remediation facilities services. Located in Massachusetts, USA.
E-waste Recyclers
New Delhi, India - based company providing data destruction, batteries, and other electronic waste recycling services.
Ekokem Group
Provides services in the field of hazardous waste management and environmental remediation. In English and Finnish.
Enlightened Lamp Recycling
UK company specialising in the treatment and recycling of fluorescent lamps, mercury and other hazardous waste.
Environmental Compliance Products
Modular storage buildings for hazardous materials, chemical storage, double stacking of drums and seismic secondary containment shelving.
Environmental Construction Group Inc.
Remediation contractors providing structural and site demolition, asbestos, lead and mold remediation, contaminated soil and groundwater remediation, disposal of hazardous materials and tank removal.
EnviroPack Technologies
Manufacturer of environmental packaging materials and waste containers for hazardous compounds. Provide information on DOT/UN hazardous material disposal, packaging and containers.
Consulting company providing expertise in area of environmental liabilities for industrial, commercial, and public sector clients.
Provide commercial solutions to recycle fluorescent lamps, ballast, batteries and e-waste. Offers product support ans services information.
Express Environmental Solutions
Offers asbestos surveys and removal services. Provide information about consulting, survey and management.
Hazardous Disposal Specialists, Inc.
Provides waste management services in south-western USA, specializing in the transportation, disposal and recycling of hazardous wastes.
Hazardous Material Packaging
Designed to meet or exceed most regulatory requirements for hazardous material transportation domestically and internationally, HAZMATPAC specializes in manufacturing and distribution of United Nations Certified containers for the transportation of hazardous materials by air, ground and water.
HazMat Suit
Manufacturer of HAzMat suites for hazardous materials handling. Provide product support information, pricing, HazMat suit videos, and OSHA guidelines.
Heritage Environmental Services
Offers a waste management service including prevention, recycle, destruction, detoxification, treatment, nationwide transport and disposal.
Hexachlorodisilane Technical Review
HCDS review for chemical properties, manufacturing, safety and storage of hexachlorodisilane compound.
Hughes North America
Manufacturer and distributor of safety showers, eye baths and decontamination equipment. Provides product support and services information, events, ordering and contact information.
Katec Incorporated
Manufacturer of the Aerosolv aerosol can recycling system and ProSolv propane cylinder recycling system. Both keep company operations compliant while lowering disposal costs.
The Mack Group, LLC
US nationwide services including asbestos removal and abatement, decontamination, mold and lead removal, industrial and pharmaceutical duct cleaning, biological and chemical remediation and interior demolition.
Mercury Instruments USA
Specialist supplier of mercury detection equipment. Also provides clean up, decontamination, mercury vapor screening, mercury device removal and mercury awareness training.
Midlands industrial waste services offers hazardous waste management and industrial clean up services. Provides 24/7 response and tank cleaning solutions. Located in UK.
Non Entry Systems, Ltd.
Tank cleaning, oil recovery systems, remote operated handling equipment for oil and nuclear waste. Includes explanation of procedures used and a FAQs page. (United Kingdom)
One Stop Environmental
Provides environmental consulting, waste transport and disposal, as well as other remediation services. Located in Alabama, USA.
PCB Disposal Inc.
Information about the capabilities of a full-service PCB management and destruction company in Ontario.
Promethean Waste Management
Provide integrated hazardous waste management services to the Irish industrial, pharmaceutical and local authority sectors.
Recicladora Temarry de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
Temarry offers hazardous waste recycling for both American and Mexican companies. Specialty is solvent recovery by distillation.
Based in Switzerland and specialises in the development and industrial implementation of recycling technologies based on hydrometallurgy.
Schrader Environmental Systems
Used and rental remediation equipment, including soil vapor extraction equipment, catalytic oxidizers, air strippers, oil water separators, and carbon adsorption systems.
Sealand Enviro
Provides consulting, engineering and project management services. Information about technology, management and field services to government and commercial clients.
Sheffield Waste Management
Airload offers liquid and dry waste removal for oil and gas industry, located in Sheffield UK.
SRL Plasma
Manufacturer of Plascon plants for the desctruction of PCBs and pesticides as well as ozone depleting substances such as CFCs and HCFCs.
Sutcliffe Croftshaw Limited
Designers and manufacturers of Carbon Adsorption and Biological Systems for treating liquid and gaseous VOC wastes, odor control, and other purposes. Site includes technology descriptions.
TD*X Associates
Develops treatment and remediation technology for highly hazardous wastes including PCBs, dioxins, mercury and radioactive materials. Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA.
Texas Bioremediation Service
Review of bioremediation services and associated bioremediation products in Texas, USA. Provide technical details about bioremediation products applicable to different types of oil/chemical spills.
Trace Detection Technologies
Explosives detection products for airport security, borders and ports. Provider of explosive trace detection equipment (ETD) and consumables.
Trinitas Contracts
Company offers asbestos removal services in UK. Provides educational materials for asbestos comtamination sites end removal technologies.
Trishyiraya Recycling India
A Chennai based provider of safe collection and disposal of e-waste.
Triumvirate Environmental
A full-service environmental firm specializing in hazardous waste management and remediation for higher education, healthcare and manufacturing. Somerville, Massachusetts, USA.
Tropical Environment Inc.
Offers asbestos inspection and removal, lead paint abatement and mitigation, and mold removal in the Midwest.
Umwelt- und Recyclingtechnologie GmbH
Offers construction of storage facilities for hazardous materials, fire protection modular containers, water protection containers, collecting systems and related engineeing services.
Umwelt-Technik-Metallrecycling GmbH
UTM are specialists in the identification, salvage and disposal of dangerous gas cylinders in Europe. They are recycled at the recovery site in L├╝beck, Germany.
US Ecology, Inc.
Processes, packages, transports, remediates and disposes of low-level radioactive, chemical, hazardous and PCB wastes.
The Westford Chemical Corporation
Manufacturers of chemicals for in situ remediation of hydrocarbon contamination.

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