Information about and vendors of devices for sampling soils and sediments in situ.

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Art's Manufacturing and Supply Inc.
Sampling technology and equipment for soil, soil gas vapor and groundwater.
Best Environmental Subsurface Sampling Technologies, Inc.
Suppliers of soil, soil-gas and groundwater sampling devices that utilize inert gas technologies to minimize VOC loss.
Cheiron Resources Ltd.
Suppliers of oil/petroleum screening test kits for use with soil, water and solid objects. Information about products and their uses, including for characterizing land-based oil spills.
Dormer Soil Samplers
Provides soil samplers, soil augers, hand drilling and sand sampling equipment worldwide for use in the sampling and testing of soil and sand.
Easy Test
Measuring devices: water content by means of TDR, salinity of soils by means of TDR, temperature of the soil, soil water capillary pressure, redox potential of platinum electrode in the soil.
En Novative Technologies, Inc.
Produces innovative soil sampling devices, including En Core and Terra Core Samplers. Order online. Green Bay, WI
EnISSA: Enhanced in Situ Soil Analysis
Offers detection and mapping of soil contaminants using a membrane interface probe for fast, quantitative analysis with low detection limits.
Excelled Custom Tubing (ECT)
Sells soil liners, tubing, bailers, drive points, pumps, well protection, gravel, probe rods, locks, and industrial gloves. Located in Trenton, New Jersey, USA.
Geoprobe Systems
Designs and manufactures direct push machines, soil corers, and other subsurface sampling and testing tools, as well as equipment for subsurface grouting. Product information and details of the distributor network.
Handy Geotechnical Instruments, Inc.
Offers soil and rock testing equipment including borehole shear testers, pavement permeameters, air jet soil dispersers and Ko stepped blades to measure soil or rock shearing strength and lateral soil pressures.
JBK Soil Sampler
Produces soil sampling instruments, methods of use and benefits are described. USA.
JMC Soil Samplers
Offers soil probes, and soil sampling equipment.
Partrac Ltd
Specializes in particle tracking projects for such applications as silt, sand transport, and sediment. Also, sells meters and sediment trap equipment. Located in Glasgow, Scotland.
The Probing Company
A geoprobe direct push services provider located in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia that specializes in the collection of soil, groundwater and soil gas samples.
Tiger Probe Geoprobe Services
A geoprobe (direct push soil sampling) services provider serving Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Illinois, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Online estimates available with eQuote service.
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