Products for environmental air sampling and monitoring of particulate (dust/aerosol) and gaseous (e.g. NO, CO2, etc.) substances, both outdoor and indoor.

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A. P. Buck Inc.
Air sampling equipment for industrial hygiene, safety, environmental and occupational health.
ADC Gas Analysis Ltd.
Supply and manufacture infrared gas analysis equipment for use in: laboratory, emissions control, industrial process control. Full spares and service support.
AES Laboratoire
Air sampler to monitor microbial airborne contamination with full traceability and CFR 21 part 11 compatibility.
Manufacturer of ambient air monitoring systems. Includes product and service information, company history, exhibit schedule, and related links.
Altech Environment U.S.A.
Continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS), engine gas analysis (diesel 2010 & rule 1065 compliant) and services – turnkey solutions for environmental monitoring and compliance.
American Ecotech
Supplier of ambient air samplers used for indoor and outdoor research and monitoring purposes. Continuous pollutant and gas analyzers and calibrators for SO2, NOx, CO, CO2, H2S, O3 and particulate monitoring air samplers.
Analytical Systems International
Manufacturer of analyzers, sensors and monitors for air quality, petrochemical gas processing, and environmental industries. Includes details of instruments, and contacts for sales and technical service.
Apex Instruments, Inc.
Seller of equipment for sampling emissions from industrial chimneys and smoke stacks using the US-EPA guidelines. Customize equipment for isokinetic, gas and particulate sampling.
Applied Physics USA
Provider of air sampling and monitoring devices and supplies.
Aquaria s.r.l.
Products and accessories for sampling and analysis requirements in air quality, emission monitoring and working area control fields.
Ashutosh Overseas Enterprises
Distributors/importers of oxygen and other gas analytical instruments and oxygen sensors including PPM (trace) and percentage oxygen sensors.
Blue Heaven Technologies
Industrial testing laboratory, focused on air filtration testing, sampling and analysis.
BPA Air Quality Solutions
Suppliers of laser particle counters, mold testing kits, hygrometers, temperature sensors and multi-gas monitors with ratings and reviews of several different models.
California Analytical Instruments, Inc.
Provide ambient monitoring and sensing equipment, and gas analyzers for industrial and automotive emissions measurement, environmental source emission measurements and production efficiency controls.
California Measurements, Inc.
Air particle and particulate sampling instruments for research and contamination control.
CBISS Environmental Monitoring Systems
Environmental monitoring equipment and software for the detection and analysis of gas and gas leaks in air.
Custom Instrumentation Services Corporation
Designer and builder of continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) for stationary point facilities.
DKK-TOA Europe
Suppliers of on-line process analyzers, sampling systems and turn-key systems packages, including: analyzers for water treatment and sewage plants, ambient air pollution monitoring (EPA approved), environmental monitoring, analyzers for oil-refineries and petrochemical plants.
DOP Solutions
Provide instrumentation for cleanroom validation including aerosol photometers, generators and particle counters. Also provide service, hire, training and consultancy.
Provider of air quality, emissions and meteorological data acquisition and management software and equipment.
Dynoptic Systems Ltd.
Opacity and particulate monitors and sensors measuring mg/m3, opacity percentage, Ringleman, and MOR, for incinerators, crematoria, power stations, furnaces, cement processing, air filtration plants.
Eco Physics
Products for measuring nitrogen oxides by chemiluminescence technique.
EcoChem Analytics
Seller of instrumentation and systems for measuring mercury, CO, CO2, HCl, SO2, H2O, PAH. Applications are described and technical citations are provided.
Entech Instruments
Manufacturer of canister-based air sampling and analysis equipment for VOCs for industrial hygiene, indoor air, health and environmental markets.
Enviro Technology Services
Supplier and UK exporter specialising in environmental monitoring instrumentation for air quality monitoring and industrial emissions applications.
Environmental Mechanics, Inc.
Equipment sales and service facility for air and water sampling equipment. Battery pack rebuilding.
Environmental Monitor Service, Inc.
Seller of opacity monitors, compliant opacity systems, non-compliant opacity monitors, opacity DAS, opacity audit filters.
Environmental Monitoring Company, Inc. (EMC)
Manufacturer of PC-based data acquisition systems for ambient air quality, continuous emission monitoring, and meteorological monitoring.
Environnement S.A
Global supplier specializing in the design, manufacture, and supply of gas and particulate ambient-air and stack emission instrumentation, and water monitoring equipment and systems.
Europa Environmental Limited
Environmental monitoring equipment and services, including gas chromatographs, CO2 sensors, and air particulate samplers.
Particulate emission monitoring and dust collector automation solutions for process control, maintenance reduction and EPA MACT compliance.
Designs and manufactures heated sample probes and other devices for industrial stack emission testing.
GrayWolf Sensing Solutions
Supplier of software for Microsoft Pocket PCs and laptop computers to monitor indoor air quality, air speed and toxic gases when used with instruments from other manufacturers.
Hi-Q Air Monitoring Systems
Manufacturer of air monitoring equipment, remote monitoring systems and air sampling services. Provide air samplers, air flow calibrators, filter papers and holders, emergency response kits and stack and fume hood sampling systems.
Horiba Instruments, Inc.
Manufacturer and supplier of CEMS, ambient, and process gas instrumentation.
IN USA, Inc.
Ozone analyzers, monitors, and controllers for gas-phase or liquid-phase process ozone, ozone safety (TLV), ozone leak detection, ozone generators, and ozone monitoring and delivery systems.
J.U.M. Engineering
Manufacturer of heated FID analyzers for the measurement of hydrocarbons and non-methane hydrocarbons, and oil in water monitors, aerosol-can leak detectors.
JS Holdings
Suppliers of environmental monitoring instrumentation, asbestos sampling devices, and humidity meters.
K2BW Environmental Equipment
Manufacturer of Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) for air emissions, gas sampling system components, and atmospheric corrosion test systems. Service, maintenance, rentals, and buy/sell used instruments.
Lowe Engineering
Provider of continuous emission monitoring systems, gas analysers and gas detection systems.
Markes International Ltd
Manufacturer of analytical instrumentation for measurement of trace-level volatile and semi-volatile organic chemicals (VOCs and SVOCs) in samples.
McKinney Measurement
Gas-measurement equipment for oil field applications - individualized kits for meter tubes, orifice plates, leveling saddles, Barton meters.
Met One Instruments, Inc.
Designer and manufacturer of a line of meteorological and particulate monitoring instruments.
Monitor Labs
Supplier of opacity monitors, flow and particulate monitors, air quality monitors for CO, CO2, NOx, SO2, and ozone, continuous-emissions monitoring, data acquisition systems and system support.
Monitoring Solutions Inc.
Continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) and services including: CEMS, opacity, oxygen analyzers, data acquisition systems (DAS), and stack services from maintenance to audits and RATA's.
MRU Instruments, Inc.
Manufacturer of devices for mobile and stationary flue-gas analysis, mobile exhaust-gas measurement for automobiles, opacity and dew point measurement.
MSI CEMS Systems
Manufacturer of continuous emission monitoring systems, for industries including utilities, pulp and paper, incinerators, and petrochemicals.
MSP Corporation
Design, develop and manufacture instruments for aerosol research and measurement.
PACE Environmental Products, Inc.
Continious emissions monitoring design, building, testing, and repair.
Pacwill Environmental
Supplier of equipment for environmental testing needs including: source and ambient sampling, continuous emissions monitoring, cascade impactors, and air quality monitoring systems.
PCME Particulate Monitoring Technologies (UK)
Provider of particle and continuous-emissions monitoring technologies. TuV and MCERTS instrumentation and products.
PIXE International Corporation
Manufactures air-particulate samplers - continuous time-sequenced PM2.5 + PM10 Streakers and cascade impactors suitable for PIXE, XRF, SEM, and other elemental analysis techniques.
Raymetrics S.A.
Designs and manufactures products for meteorological and environmental applications and air pollution monitoring, based on advanced Lidar techniques.
Rosemount Analytical - Process Gas Division
Supplier of CEM systems, process gas, process liquid and laboratory analyzers and systems for environmental analysis, efficiency, and process evaluation.
Supplier of Tedlar, black tedlar, and Teflon gas sample bags.
ScanTronic of Denmark
Producer of electronic equipment for combustion optimizing. Products include: opacity-based dust instrumentation, oxygen meters, zirconia cells, trim control systems, and flue-gas analysers.
Signal Group Limited
Manufacturers of gas analysers, accessories and systems for air quality, monitoring, continuous emissions monitoring, research and development (combustion and other), automotive emissions, and process gas monitoring.
SKC Gulf Coast Inc.
Distributor air sampling equipment for the industrial hygiene, safety, environmental and occupational health markets including sample pumps, constant flow samplers, calibrators, gas sample bags, and VOC-sampling canisters.
SKC Inc.
Manufacturer of air sampling equipment for the industrial hygiene, safety, environmental and occupational health markets. Sample pumps, constant flow samplers, calibrators, gas sample bags, and VOC-sampling canisters.
Summit Process Controls Group Inc.
A company offering gas detection, monitoring, combustion/emissions analyzing, IAQ, measurement, safety and environmental products.
Thomson Environmental Systems
Offers environmental monitoring equipment for primarily air, ambient, stack and process dust, throughout Australia.
Manufacturer of systems for continuous industrial monitoring of gas emissions and air quality.
VIG Industries, Inc.
Manufacturer of flame ionization detectors (FID), microprocessor-based hydrocarbon analyzers, zero air generators, NDIR analyzers, custom continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) systems. Repair other manufacturers environmental monitoring equipment.
WTC Environmental Monitoring and Process Control
Supplier of data acquisition, monitoring and control systems for environmental monitoring and process control. Specialty is turnkey systems for air compliance monitoring.
Zefon International, Inc.
Manufacturer and distributor of air sampling equipment. Products include air monitoring filters, vacuum pumps, gas detection equipment and indoor air quality equipment.
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