Over the last few decades, many reptiles and amphibians have declined in numbers, with some species becoming extinct. These declines are often attributable to human activity such as deforestation, draining of wetlands, and pollution.

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Amphibian Ark
An international partnership to ensure the global survival of amphibians, especially those that cannot be safeguarded in nature. Includes background information, campaign resources, activities, petition, news, and contacts.
Amphibian Information Website
Searchable databases of literature references, researchers, and web sites dealing with amphibian conservation. The references database contain data only for USA.
Allows free access to information on amphibian biology and conservation.
The Antiguan Racer Conservation Project
Give information about the racer snake, Alsophis antiguae, its location and the work being undertaken to protect it.
British Chelonia Group
A charity dedicated to the welfare of tortoises, terrapins and turtles. Information on aspects of care and husbandry is given, as well as scientific articles.
Gopher Tortoise Council
Group that works toward the conservation and education about the gopher tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus). General information about the tortoise, conservation and education efforts, and publications are available.
The Herpetological Conservation Trust
This registered charity is the lead partner in the Species Action Plans for the conservation of the UK's reptiles and amphibians.
The Horned Lizard Conservation Society
A non-profit organization dedicated to the appreciation, study and conservation of the various species of horned lizard.
Leatherback Sea Turtle
The Wildlife Conservation Society provides a factsheet on this threatened species, the threats and challenges it faces and the conservation efforts being made.
North American Amphibian Monitoring Program
Part of a global effort to study and conserve amphibians.
Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation
Working to conserve amphibians and reptiles by promoting research, sound habitat management, and educating the public.
Swiss Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Programme
A task force to promote, implement and coordinate efforts to conserve the native amphibian and reptile fauna, which is protected by law since 1967.
Tomistoma Task Force
A nonprofit wildlife conservation initiative for endangered crocodilian Tomistoma schlegelii (False Gharial).
BBC News | Vanishing reptiles prompt concern
Scientists say there is evidence that reptiles are undergoing a decline even more marked than that now affecting amphibians. (August 10, 2000)

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