All life depends on plants. Threats to plant communities range from the destruction of large areas of trees through logging, to pollution from fertilisers, car exhausts, factory emissions and sewage. Increased fertility as a result of fertiliser pollution and nitrogen deposition results in a decline in the diversity of plant species with vegetation becoming increasingly dominated by fewer, more competitive species

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Australian Network for Plant Conservation
Objectives are to develop, maintain, and co-ordinate a national network of organisations and individuals, promoting co-operation and information exchange for plant conservation and contribute to the recovery and long term survival of threatened plants.
Botanic Gardens Conservation International
Provides technical guidance, data and support for botanic gardens in almost 100 countries worldwide.
Botanic Gardens Conservation International
One third of all the world's plant species are currently threatened or face extinction in the wild. BGCI brings together the botanic gardens to work for plant conservation through science, education and horticulture.
California Native Plant Society
The CNPS is a non-profit organization dedicated to the appreciation and conservation of California native plants through education, science, horticulture and advocacy.
Canadian Botanical Conservation Network
A registered charitable organization which helps conserve biological diversity through networking tools and conservation programs for botanical gardens and arboreta.
Center for Plant Conservation
A national consortium of 28 botanical gardens and arboreta dedicated to saving America's endangered plants.
Flora Locale
Promotes the managed use of native plants for ecological restoration projects in the UK and Ireland. Includes details of training courses and other events, a bulletin board, and descriptions of current projects.
Maryland Native Plant Society
Dedicated to Protecting, Conserving, and Restoring Maryland's Native Plants and Habitats.
The National Council for the Conservation of Plants
Information on the conservation of the biodiversity of garden plants for the benefit of horticulture, education and science.
New England Wild Flower Society
The Society owns and manages seven sanctuaries, protecting rare species as well as examples of New England habitats. In the wild, they monitor the survival of hundreds of rare plants and provide habitat management advice and information.
Orchid Conservation Coalition
The OCC is an organization made up of people, orchid societies, and orchid businesses, dedicated to raising awareness and money for orchid and habitat preservation.
Plant Conservation Alliance
Information about projects, grants and funding, meetingsand members.
Plant Conservation Unit
A small unit within the University of Cape Town's Faculty of Science, undertaking research and extension and post-graduate teaching directed at improving the conservation status of the Cape Floristic Region.
Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation Group
Carries out ecological research aimed at gaining insight into processes at the ecosytem and population level and uses those insights to optimise nature conservation.
Plant Talk
A magazine providing information, encouragement and advice on plant conservation.
The wild plant charity, which carries out plant species and habitat conservation, owns and manages nature reserves, campaigns, and raises awareness through education.
Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh: Conservation
Conservation policy and aims and links to current projects.
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Housing the largest living plant collection in the world, Kew Gardens also undertakes research into taxonomy, economic and ethnobotany and conservation.
Tropical Marine Plant Conservation Working Group
Provides information about marine algae and marine Spermatophytes growing on the coasts of Ryukyu archipelago
Washington Rare Plant Conservation Program
Dedicated to conserving Washington's native rare plants through methods including ex situ conservation, rare plant monitoring, research, reintroduction and education.
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