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Advanced Air Technologies, Inc.
Air pollution control equipment, scrubber engineering and manufacture for most industrial chemical applications. Performance guaranteed to meet government regulations. Engineering available 30 to 100,000 CFM (510 CMH to 1,698,000 CMH).
Adwest Technologies
Manufacturers and engineers of industrial and municipal products in the pollution control industry including RETOX RTO, regenerative oxidizers, thermal oxidizer, VOC control, incinerators, and fume destruction.
Manufacturers of industrial dust collection equipment and material handling valves. These include cyclonic dust collectors for indoor air handling and product reclamation.
Air Cleaning Technology
Industrial dust collectors and air pollution control equipment in California. Sales, service, engineering and maintenance.
Air Control Engineering
Air Control Engineering designs and manufactures heavy-duty dust control systems for industrial, manufacturing and institutional applications in the Vancouver BC lower mainland area. Site has information on products and contact information.
Air Engineering Sales Corporation
Design and supply of air pollution control equipment, systems and services for industrial markets.
Air Flow Systems Inc.
Industrial suppliers of air cleaning, dust collection and vehicle exhaust systems.
Air Systems
Manufactures and supplies replacement parts for electrostatic precipitators. Site has product and contact information.
Air Systems Mfg., Inc.
Dust collection and air filtration systems. Site has information about new products, used products and, equipment capabilities.
Air-Test, Incorporated
Certification specialist for clean rooms, biological safety cabinets, laminar flow equipment and chemical fume hoods. Covering the midwest United States.
Aircon Corporation
Air pollution control systems including dust control and scrap removal systems for the grain, paper, and woodworking industries.
Airex Industries
Information on their products including dust collectors, baghouses, and blowers.
Airprotech srl
Site has information on the company and products. Products include oxidizers, adsorption equipment, and scrubbers.
Alliance Corporation
Manufacturing and service company specializing in regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) for the destruction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
Provides engineering, equipment and installation of vapor phase carbon adsorption systems for solvent recovery and VOC emission control.
American Air Filter
AAF is a manufacturer and marketer of commercial air filtration products and air pollution control systems primarily for commercial, institutional and industrial customers.
Ametek Inc.
Makes oxygen analyzers for flue gas and industrial gas applications. They also manufacture combustibles analyzers that allow you measure both oxygen and combustibles in a single analyzer. Analyzers for hazardous areas with special probes and filters for most applications.
Amplast Corporation
Manufacturer of wet scrubbers and bio filters for pollution and odor control. Offering gas, acid, alkaline, dust and coalescing scrubbers. Supply of corrosion resistant industrial plastic fans and blowers.
APS Environmental
Abatement systems and design services for odour, fume and emissions control. Site has information about products including catalytic oxidation, wet scrubbing, and carbon adsorption.
Atea Environmental Technology
Information on services, products, and contact information.
atea-WK USA, Inc.
Provides a complete range of environmental treatment equipment to treat process exhaust employing different technology such as thermal abatement, absorption, adsorption and catalytic oxidation.
Avir Environmental, LLC
Odor control chemistry and equipment for air and water issues.
Provides methods and technologies for operating air pollution control systems.
Supplier of industrial dust collector systems and baghouse filters. Offers repair and maintenance services. Source for latest news and information in dust collection industry. Houston, Texas
Beckert and Hiester, Inc.
Manufacturer of pulse jet dust collectors, cyclones, sawdust collection, oil mist and smoke collectors and suppliers of fans, motors, blowers and filters for heavy and light industries.
Offers a complete line of indoor and outdoor dust collectors.
Bionomic Industries
Designs and manufactures scrubbing equipment and 'prepackaged' skid mounted scrubber systems for air pollution control and product recovery.
Bohn Biofilter: Odor and VOC Control
Turn-key solutions for biofilter treatment of VOC, wastewater, rendering, industrial solvent, landfill gas and contaminated air streams of all kinds.
C & W Manufacturing and Sales Co.
Manufacturers of environmental equipment since 1978. Products include dust collectors, filters, material handling systems, parts, and accessories. Turn-key installations and other services available.
Catalytic Products International
Manufacturer of air pollution control equipment including regenerative thermal oxidizers, thermal oxidizers, catalytic oxidizers, incinerators and heat exchangers for the elimination of volatile organic compounds and other air pollutants.
CECO Environmental Corp
Provide innovative, custom-engineered solutions for improving air quality in a wide range of process and industrial applications.
Chemical Systems Services, Inc
Designer and manufacturer of plastic equipment for corrosive chemical environments including air pollution control systems, laboratory fume hoods, chemical containment tanks and other custom designed equipment.
Choice Environmental Services
Provides engineering support, selection, installation, and maintenance of all types of thermal oxidizers. Also offers dust collector and ancillary services.
Clean Air America, Inc.
A flexible manufacturer of industrial air cleaning and dust management systems focused on catering to custom requirements. Providing a single source with the resources to design and deliver turnkey systems, a plan for implementation over a given time period and installation of the most efficient products required to satisfy long term synergy.
The CMM Group, LLC
Provides custom designed air pollution control equipment and industrial web dryers including Catalytic Oxidizers, Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers, Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers and Rotary Concentrators.
Combustion Controls Solutions & Environmental Services, Inc.
Thermal Oxidizer Service and Maintenance. Parts, engineering, field service and case studies.
Critical Environment Technologies
Designs and manufactures gas detection instruments for a wide variety of hazardous gas and indoor air quality applications in the commercial, institutional, municipal and industrial markets.
CTP Air Pollution Control
Offers several catalytic and thermal oxidation processes for the reduction of contaminants such as volatile organic compounds, NH3 or NOx.
Custom Catalyst & Exhaust Products
Supplier of custom catalyst systems and exhaust noise control products including silencers, mufflers, diesel catalyst units and catalytic converters.
DAV Engineering Sdn Bhd
Makes dust collectors, centrifugal blower fans, cyclones, pneumatic conveyors, VOC abatement equipment, SOx abatement equipment, rotary valves, oil mist collectors, and wet scrubbers.
De-NOx Technologies
Selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR), dry urea handling, and ammonia generation systems.
Desinfinator Air Cleaning Systems
Designer and manufacturer of equipment and systems for odour control and the removal of mould and bacteria, for home and industrial use.
DFW Envirotech India Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer of dust suppression systems. Site has information on products and contact information.
Diversified Equipment of North Carolina
Resource for industrial air cleaning systems, including descriptions of products and links to environmental and OSHA offices in North Carolina.
Ducon Air Pollution Control Systems
Sells wet scrubbers, dry scrubbers, baghouse filters, cyclones and precipitators for the removal of dust, flyash, organics, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, Nitrogen oxide, particulate and other toxic fumes.
Durr Environmental
Manufacturer of hazardous air emission (HAP) and VOC control systems, including oxidizers, concentrators, and particulate control devices.
Dust Collection & Vacuum Systems
Offers dust collection, HEPA air cleaners and industrial vacuums systems.
Dust Control Technology
Site has information on DustBoss for the control of dust and odors.
Dustcheck Ltd
Specialising in industrial dust extraction and air filtration equipment, including cased and venting filters. Supplier of parts and service to Britain’s air filtration industry.
Manufacturer of instruments for monitoring air quality and emissions.
Enviro-Equipment, Inc.
Rental and sale of environmental equipment, including air quality monitors, gas analyzers, and personal protective products. Company services and repairs the equipment that it sells.
EnvironOdour Australia Pty Ltd
Specializes in odor and VOC sampling, analysis, dispersion modeling and biofilter technology and supplies. Site has information on services and products.
Manufacturer of industrial gas cleaning systems including wet electrostatic precipitators, Venturi scrubbers and packed bed scrubbers.
Epcon Industrial Systems, LP
The design, engineering and manufacturing of air pollution control systems, oxidizers, afterburners, deoilers, washlines, spraybooths, ovens and furnaces.
Eurovac, Inc
Portable and central source capture dust extraction systems. Product and contact information.
Falmouth Products
Specializes in the manufacture, lease, sale, and installation of electric catalytic oxidizers for the destruction of volatile organic compounds.
Filter Designs Ltd
Designs, manufactures and supplies bag filters and dust collectors. Also supplies spare parts and services for dust collectors. Site has product and company contact information.
Offers cleaning and reconditioning of both bag and cartridge filters, new filter manufacturing, and testing and service of dust collection systems.
Fisher-Klosterman, Inc.
Air pollution control, dust collection, petroleum refining and product recovery equipment, systems, and accessories, including cyclones,scrubbers, baghouses, cartridge collectors, classifiers, and related services
FSX, Inc.
Provides equipment to extract and collect air pollutants including oily smoke, fumes, and grinding dust in the metal fabrication industry. List of products and company information included.
Fusion Environmental Corporation
Manufacturer of air pollution control equipment, including thermal oxidizers, activated carbon, solvent recovery systems, carbon adsorption systems and rotary concentrators.
GlobeTech Engineering Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1997 to provide solutions to environmental and manufacturing process problems for industrial and commercial clients by on-going cooperative arrangements with the firms that possess up-dated global technology.
Grimm Technologies, Inc.
Manufacturer of technologically advanced air monitoring/dust monitoring equipment.
Hamon Research-Cottrell
Full service supplier of air pollution control equipment including electrostatic precipitators, baghouses, scrubbers, NOx reduction and Flue Gas Desulfurization systems for the power generation and industrial markets.
Heaton Green - Dust Control Services
UK based manufacturing company specializing in dust control including filter bags, extraction units and fan systems. Also offer metal and textile fabrication services.
Hinsilblon Air Polution Control
Developer and manufacturer of non-hazardous, ecologically friendly vapor and aerosol applications to provide an odor neutralization solution. Applications include waste water, solid waste, industry and food processing.
How Catalytic Converters Work
How Stuff Works shows how catalytic converter is one of the most important parts of a car's emission control system, but it is incredibly simple.
IAS Dust Collectors and Wet Gas Scrubbers
Turnkey installation of air pollution control systems with dust collectors from Torit, wet scrubbers for stack gas or chrome, and collection systems for smoke, fume or mist.
Imperial Systems, Inc.
Manufacturer and direct seller of dust collection equipment and components. Providing custom built dust collectors, baghouses, rotary airlocks, ducts and fittings, cyclones, and blowers.
Indusco Environmental
Supplies air pollution control and chemical process equipment products such as scrubbers, ductwork, vent hoods, dampers, storage and process tanks, fans, blowers, pumps, chemical piping, expansion joints and spray nozzles.
Industrial Air Solutions
Industrial Air Solutions serves Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. Site has information on products including dust and mist collectors.
Institute of Clean Air Companies (ICAC)
Trade association of companies that supply air pollution control and monitoring technology.
Jardar Systems, Inc.
Suppliers of wet scrubbers, dust collectors, demisters, and DeNox Systems for control of particulate and acid gas emissions in high temperature and pressure applications.
JHM Moldow
Manufacturers and exporters of air filtration systems for the woodworking and corrugated industry and painting plants for industrial paint shops. Denmark.
JJG Air Solutions Engineering
Offers a wide array of mist collection, dust, smoke, fume and odor control solutions.
JKF Industri A/S
Aircleaning equipment, environmental equipment, duct systems, filters, air filtration, cyclones, and rotary valves.
John Zink Company
Manufacturer of refractory burners, combustion flares, thermal oxidizers, vapor recovery, vapor control and emission control parts.
Johnson Matthey Catalytic Systems Division
A supplier of catalyst and engineered catalytic systems for controlling NOx, CO HC, VOC, PM, smoke and hazardous compounds from heavy duty mobile and stationary engines, gas turbines, boilers and various manufacturing processes.
Kono Kogs, Inc.
Offer used thermal oxidizers, catalytic oxidizers, regenerative thermal oxidizers for a wide variety of emission air-streams. Lists equipment available from Green Bay, Wisconsin.
L&E America
Provides air pollution control equipment and technology in the form of VOC oxidizers and recovery systems to the paper, automotive, and process industries.
Lesni A/S Air Purification engineering
Design, build and supply turnkey solutions for air pollution control. Supplier of waste purification systems for toxic gases, inorganic gas releases, VOC abatement and odor control.
MacDonald Environmental Systems Inc.
Dust collectors, pneumatic conveyors, fans, rotary air locks, high/low pressure systems, filter units, cyclones, shredders, hogs, balers, bag housing, spark detection, and waste handling.
Megtec Systems
Manufactures oxidation (air pollution control) and drying equipment for the printing, coating, converting, chemical, pharmaceutical industries.
Global manufacturer and supplier of replacement filter media and parts for industrial air and liquid filtration applications including baghouse parts and services. Detailed product catalog, including technical information and specifications on PDF files. Glossary of terms.
Met-Pro Environmental Air Solutions
Manufactures dust collectors and dust collecting systems - welded modular, pulse jet, and cartridge dust control systems. Site has information on products and contact information.
Midwest Air Equipment Company
Includes information on products including dust collectors, blowers , vacuums , and consulting services. Serving Ohio and surrounding states.
Provides innovative air cleaning systems in workspace environments. The systems eliminate hazardous fumes and particulate at source.
NAPCO Separation Equipment, Inc.
Design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of equipment for controlling particulate matter emissions. Includes details of products and services, and the markets served.
Neundorfer, Inc.
Design, engineer and service electrostatic precipitator and baghouse / fabric filter products for utilities and other heavy industries. Site has information on products and a KnowledgeBase on electrostatic precipitators and fabric filters.
OMNI-Test Laboratories, Inc.
Full service hearth product testing laboratory. OMNI has developed ways to improve emissions performance for wood-burning appliances and performs wood-fired stove emissions testing.
Peerless Manufacturing Company
Designs, engineers, manufactures and sells products for the abatement of air pollution, the removal of contaminants from gases and liquids and the co-generation of electricity.
PPC Industries and PPC Biofilter
Air pollution control equipment including biofiltration system for VOC and odor control and electrostatic precipitators for particulate and opacity control.
Process Combustion Corporation
Process Combustion manufactures thermal oxidizers, air heaters and burners used to reduce air pollution emissions from industrial processes by treating the polluted exhaust gas prior to discharging.
Processing Equipment, Inc.
Offers dust collectors, mist collectors, fume collectors, and industrial vacuums.
Reecon A/S
Manufacturer of air pollution control systems including regenerative thermal oxidisers, catalytic oxidiers, scrubbers, odour control systems, activated carbon filters and VOC concentrators.
Rees-Memphis, Inc.
Dust collection design, fabrication, and installation. Custom steel fabricators, blow pipe, cyclone separators, material handling fans, air lock rotary valves, and quick-fit ducting.
Rexon Associates Inc.
Industrial air pollution control equipment company specializing in removal of dust, smoke, mist, and fumes. Provides a full line of equipment including electrostatic precipitators, cartridge collectors, cyclones, and scrubbers.
RJM Corporation
Provider of NOx control technologies. Technical information, product information, and job opportunities.
RJM International
Emission reduction and combustion technology for fossil fuel and bio-fuel fired boilers including low NOx burners, OFA systems, FGR, SNCR/SCR, air and fuel flow balancing, on-site surveys and consultancy.
Roshan Fabrication & Engg. Corporation
Manufacturer of ducting, water storage tanks, dust collectors, heavy fabrication job work, blowers, cyclons, cooling towers, chimneys and filters. Mumbai, India
S&H GmbH & Co. KG
Engineers biological exhaust air purification plants, especially desulphurization installations for concentrated exhaust air. Site has information on products and company news.
Schrader Environmental Systems, Inc.
Air pollution control technologies such as catalytic oxidizers, packed tower scrubbers, dust collectors, and biofilters.
Shivas Projects India Pvt. Ltd.
Makers of air pollution equipment, extractor systems, and storage, handling, and transportation products for liquids.
SKS Associates
Provides complete sizing, design and installation of air pollution and dust control equipment. Serving the New York and New Jersey Metropolitan Area.
Sly Inc
Designs and manufactures air pollution equipment for industrial use including dry filter dust collectors, wet scrubbers, etc. Site has produce and contact information.
Sonic Air Systems
Manufacturer of a range of blowers, air knives, enclosures, HEPA filters and other accessories used in drying/liquid blow-off, cooling, coating control, static control and a wide array of applications in air/gas handling.
Tecnofornindustria S.r.l.
An Italian company that manufactures and sells flares, incinerators, process burners, vacuum systems, condensers, and venturi scrubbers. Also offers process and combustion equipment.
Specialized company for catalytic aftertreatment of exhaust gases generated by large engines (diesel, oil and gas).
Teldust Filter
Teldust manufactures fabric filters. They are sold through a network of Danish and European Resellers. Site has contact and product information.
Tellkamp Systems, Inc.
Provides a turnkey service with design, manufacture and installation of Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO's) used to control VOC's, HAP's and Air Toxics.
Thermal Energy International Inc.
Manufactures THERMALONOx process and FLU-ACE technology for the control of nitrogen oxides. Also offers controls for sulfur oxides, volatile organic compounds, particulates matter and heavy metals.
Thermatrix Inc.
Thermatrix supplies flameless thermal oxidizers for air pollution control, VOC and HAP abatement.
TIGG Corporation
Provides adsorption equipment, custom systems, solutions and services for environmental, remediation, and industrial process applications.
Tri-Mer Corporation Air Pollution Control Systems
Manufacturer of packed bed scrubber equipment for air pollution control: wet scrubbers; wet dust collectors; NOx, gas, acid, chrome, fume scrubbers; submicron particulate control collection systems; incinerator scrubbing system; blowers.
Turner EnviroLogic
Designer, manufacturer and installer of a variety of air pollution control and management systems. These include thermal oxidisers, wet scrubbers, exhaust stacks, SCRs, CEMs, dampers and expansion joints.
U. S. Air Filtration
Turnkey dust collector and baghouse manufacturer of engineered dust collection systems including Pulse Jet Baghouses, filters, and cartridge dust collectors.
UNICOR - Filtration Services
Air Filter solutions for all HVAC Equipment, Air Handling Units and Spray/Paint Booth applications. Site has product information and contact information.
UTV Umwelttechnik Memmingen
Product information for gas cleaning and recycling technology, references, services, jobs, and contact information.
Vapor Tech
Vapor Tech specialized in vapor scrubbers which remove VOC's from air streams as well as highly odorous products.
Verantis Corporation
Specialists in engineering, design and supply of air pollution control equipment and systems. Products include: scrubbers, ionizing wet scrubbers, fans, tellerette packing, and mist eliminators.
Vortex Ecological Technologies
Developer of pollution control systems that clean industrial emissions or liquid flows, removing fine particles and gas pollutants.
Wahlco Inc.
Manufacture air pollution control systems primarily serving utility and industrial markets. Includes product data, employment opportunities, and related links.
Watson Process Systems
Scrubber mist eliminators, down flow separators and rain out eliminators for industrial applications using centrifugal, impingement and agglomeration technology.
Wheelabrator Air Pollution Control Inc.
Design and supply of air pollution control equipment, systems and services for industrial and power generating facilities.
Whitehead Construction Incorporated
Whitehead Construction offers electrostatic precipitator and agglomerator turnkey services. They can fabricate, install and maintain most air pollution control units.

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