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Abbey Lane Laboratory
Provides home test kits for mold identification and ASTM tests for fungal resistance.
ACT Environmental Services
Consulting company with accredited asbestos and IAQ laboratory.
Aemtek, Inc.
Environmental microbiology laboratory with an online microbial database and technical articles for IAQ professionals.
Aerobiology Laboratories
Microbiology laboratory serving IAQ market with online glossary and articles.
Air Diagnostics and Engineering Inc.
Offers products and services related to aerosol science, including IAQ sampling equipment.
Manufactures monitors that log data for several IAQ parameters.
AIRxpert Systems, Inc.
Continuous, multi-point, multi-parameter monitoring system that is specifically designed to diagnose and document ventilation effectiveness in large buildings.
Analytics Corporation
Industrial hygiene, environmental and IAQ laboratory.
Assay Technology
Provides air sampling equipment and accredited lab services for chemical exposure monitoring in workplaces. Manufactures diffusive samplers.
Assured Biotechnology Corporation
Indoor air quality laboratory specializing in mold and bacteria. Analyses include classical direct exam and culture methods as well as DNA-based PCR analysis for mold and Legionella.
AT Solutions
Air testing specialist. Services include air pressure, air permeability and air quality testing for domestic and commercial buildings.
BBJ Environmental Solutions
Develops chemical treatments to improve HVAC system hygiene and performance.
Centek Laboratories, LLC
IAQ analytical laboratory specializing in industrial hygiene and environmental lab services.
Clean Air Solutions Limited
Validate clean air environments and manufacture, design, and install downflow containment booths.
Offers indoor air quality testing for mold, asbestos, bacteria, allergens and radon at analytical laboratories located across the United States.
Envirocheck, Inc.
Provides consulting and laboratory analysis for mold, lead and asbestos.
Environmental Analytical Services, Inc.
Canadian laboratory specializing in VOC analysis.
Flappan Consulting, Inc.
Offers a do-it-yourself mold test kit and laboratory analysis.
Galson Laboratories
AIHA accredited industrial hygiene laboratory.
GrayWolf Sensing Solutions, Ltd
Manufacturer of advanced environmental instrumentation for IAQ, TVOC, CO2, particulate, toxic gasses, air velocity, differential pressure and other parameters.
Home Health Science
Sells MoldCheck test kits for mold testing in homes and offices.
IMS Laboratory
IAQ and microbiology laboratory.
Indoor Biotechnologies
Consulting and test kits for analysing dust mite, cat, dog, cockroach and mold allergens.
Microbiology testing laboratory specializing in bacterial and microbial identification.
Mold & Bacteria Consulting Laboratories (MBL) Inc.
A microbiology laboratory providing cultured and non-cultured analyses and identification of mold and bacteria.
An industrial hygiene laboratory specializing in IAQ analysis for bioaerosols.
Microbiology laboratory specializing in viable analysis.
MycoMetrics, LLC.
Microbiology services laboratory specializing in identification of mold (fungi) and other IAQ analytical services.
Pure Air Control Services Inc.
Performs indoor environmental assessments, remediation and laboratory services.
Laboratory specializing in indoor fungal and bacterial analyses. Lab has proprietary sample collection devices.
QuanTEM Laboratories, LLC.
Full-service, accredited environmental laboratory providing analytical testing for asbestos, bacteria, environmental lead and mold.
Radal Technology Ltd.
Manufactures Cig-Arrete alarm that detects smoking activities.
SanAir Technologies Laboratory
Indoor environmental laboratory which features a fungal library that provides basic information on the different mold species.
European branch of the SKC group which provides IAQ sampling and monitoring equipment.
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