The ACT Group
Manufacturers and supplies dust control equipment using water, air and natural chemicals that employ high-pressure fog, spray systems and bag house technology.
Air Dynamics
Offers custom fabricated dust collectors, mist collection systems, and industrial vacuums. Specializes in turnkey installations.
Air Impurities Removal Systems, Inc.
Offers a system that provides air cleaning, collecting, filtering smoke, dust, mist, odors, and airborne contaminants.
Provides information about laminar air flow systems made by this California firm and marketed worldwide.
Beckert and Hiester
Manufacturer of pulse jet dust, oil mist, and sawdust collectors. Supplies fans, motors, blowers and filters to heavy and light industries.
Manufacturer of desiccant dehumidifiers, seed dryers, and related dehumidification products.
C-Air Systems Ltd.
Read about vehicle exhaust and dust extraction services.
Clark Air Systems
Manufacturer and distributor of filtration equipment and supplies for industrial and commercial air quality control. A single source stocking distributor for all HVAC filtration needs. Based in New York state.
Clean Air Ltd
Provides fume cabinets and cupboards designed and produced for a wide range of research, pharmaceutical, chemicals and educational settings.
Features this UK Supplier of humidifiers and air cleaners combating dry air in industry and the home.
Data Aire
Precision environmental control equipment is featured. Offers products that are engineered for computer rooms, and telecommunication equipment.
Delta Neu
Offers industrial solutions for ventilation, dust control, pneumatic waste handling, filtration.
Environmental Clean Air Company
Designs and markets air filtration systems for industrial process contamination cleanup including oil mist, welding smoke, odor, fumes and dust control.
Industrial Air Solutions, Inc.
Offers industrial vacuum cleaners including portable and central vacuums, dust collectors, and mist collection systems.
Klenzair Environmental Services
Offers air filtration systems, dust collectors, pollution control, baghouses parts and service, system design and technical services.
Kojair Tech Oy
Features this producer of laminar flow cabinets and acetone washing tools for the semiconductor industry. Based in Finland.
Micro Air
Manufactures clean air systems for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications.
Offers information about fume, smoke, exhaust and dust extraction. Provides portable solutions, stationary workspaces, field work, garages or heavy-duty industrial applications.
Nikro Industries
Offers HEPA filtration equipment and a wide range of products to clean the air of toxic or nuisance dust.
Sentry Air Purification Systems
Manufactures a patented line of high-efficiency modular benchtop air purifier devices. Used for industrial sources of smoke, vapor, fumes and dust.
Svensk Bakelitindustri
Offers valves, grilles or frames tailored-made to mechanical ventilation system, air duct cleaning and air cleaners projects.
Total Clean Technologies
Air quality equipment for the removal of smoke, dust and fumes from the working environment
West Coast Environmental
Addresses dust, mist, fume and industrial ventilation control systems. This firm has been operating in California since 1981.
Western Air Ducts Ltd.
Designers, manufacturers, installers and consultants of dust extraction and fume extraction systems for industry workplace related air quality problems.
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