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Emissions trading is an administrative approach used to control pollution by providing economic incentives for achieving reductions in the emission of pollutants.

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Cantor Fitzgerald Environmental Brokerage
Information about market-based emissions trading programs for CO2, SO2 allowances, RECLAIM, NOx, SOx, greenhouse gases, and other environmental credits. Provides trading services in several countries, consultation to governments, and advice to industry.
This organization helps to prepare corporations globally to understand and manage the impact of a greenhouse gas constrained future.
Carbon Clear
Helps companies around the world develop and implement carbon management strategies. Provides a portfolio of clean energy and other carbon reduction projects that improve lives in developing countries.
Carbon Share
Public trust allocation method for providing carbon emissions' rights to citizens.
A national discussion group addressing Carbon Cycle, Global Warming, Sequestering Carbon and Mitigation Banking of Carbon Credits.
Clean Air Action Corporation
Helps companies and communities achieve air quality goals by a combination of innovative technologies and emissions trading.
Climate Corporation
Provides EU Emissions Trading Services to assist companies affected by the EU Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS) in selling or buying carbon credits. German based, site in English.
Consus, together with Evolution Markets LLC Group – purchase and sell CO2 allowances as part of EU's Emission Trading Scheme.
Enables individuals and organizations to purchase greenhouse gas emission reductions to combat global warming and benefit the environment.
Elysium: Carbon Trade & Investment Ltd.
Israeli company that develops, trades, and invests in the global market for certified and voluntary greenhouse gas emission reduction credits.
Emissions Trading
Article from Wikipedia on the administrative approach used to control pollution by providing economic incentives to companies for achieving reductions in their emissions of pollutants.
Evolution Markets Brokerage Services
Advisory and brokerage services for coal and environmental markets including emission allowances and emission reduction credits for SO2, NOx, VOC and greenhouse gas.
Greenhouse Gas Trade Go-ahead
BBC article stating that the UK's greenhouse gas trading system could save millions of tons of carbon dioxide annually.
International Carbon Bank and Exchange
Trade carbon credits after registering your car, home, renewable energy source, or other carbon-trading vehicle.
International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)
An independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the establishment of effective systems for trading in greenhouse gas emissions by businesses.
Lee International
Emissions trading consultants helping organizations benefit from emissions trading schemes with a focus on Clean Development Mechanism projects in developing countries.
Point Carbon
Aims to become a trusted supplier of decision-support services and market analysis for the emerging carbon market. This includes the newsletter The Carbon Market Analyst. [Requires Flash plugin.]
Vertis Environmental Finance
Trading, financial advisory and investment firm active in the emissions trading, carbon finance and environmental financial sectors, with focus on the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.
Firms Climb Toward 'Climate Neutral'
Some of the world's largest corporations, responsible for spewing millions of tons of greenhouse gases into the air, are taking the bold steps to trim their emissions. Article from the Christian Science Monitor. (August 20, 2001)

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