In the context of this "Air Dispersion Modeling/Consultants" category, air dispersion models may be defined as computerized mathematical calculations for predicting the dispersion behavior of air pollutants emitted into the atmosphere. In the same context, consultants are those who offer air dispersion modeling services. Such consultants may be governmental agencies, research institutes, university faculty and post-graduate students, environmental consultants, industrial dispersion modeling practitioners, and pollution meteorologists. The many types of air dispersion models include those for modeling: the continuous emission of buoyant pollutant plumes; the non-continuous accidental releases of either buoyant or heavier-than-air (i.e., dense gas) pollutants; puff emissions; point-source emissions; area-source or line-source emissions; mobile transportation-source emissions; fire and smoke emission models; etc.

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A consultancy based in Farnham, Surrey, England whose air quality, noise and odour services include air pollution dispersion modelling.
Air & Noise Compliance
An air quality and acoustic consulting firm (based in Plaistow, New Hampshire, USA) whose services include air dispersion modeling.
Air Consulting and Engineering Solutions (ACES)
Environmental engineering consultants located in Houston, Texas, USA whose services include air permitting, air pollution control, Clean Air Act compliance, and air dispersion modeling.
Air Noise Environment Pty. Ltd.
Environmental consultancy based in Brisbane, Australia specializing in stack emission testing and air dispersion modeling using AUSPLUME, CAL/AUSPUFF, ISC3, TAPM and AERMOD with particular emphasis on air dispersion from tunnels.
Air Resource Specialists Inc.
Located in Ft. Collins, Colorado, USA, this firm provides comprehensive air modeling, permitting, and compliance support to industrial, commercial, and government clients.
Air Science Inc.
Lakewood, Colorado. Offering services in air quality aspects of environmental impact studies, meteorological monitoring, dispersion modeling, visibility degradation analysis, and permitting of industrial facilities. The models utilized include SCREEN3, ISCST3, CALPUFF, VISCREEN, PLUVUE, and IWAQM.
AirNova Inc.
Services include stack testing, stationary source isokinetic sampling, continuous emission monitoring, compliance permitting, air toxics pollution emission sampling, ambient air quality dispersion modeling. Located in Pennsauken, New Jersey, USA.
The Airshed
A consulting firm based in East Linton, Lothian, Scotland that specializes in air quality, odour and noise projects.
AlphaTRAC Inc.
A consulting firm located in Westminster, Colorado, USA that offers atmospheric dispersion modeling including dense gases, hazardous releases and complex terrain.
Ambient Air Services, Inc.
Environmental consulting firm specializing in air pollution related services including planning, engineering, permitting and monitoring, located at Starke, Florida.
Anvil Corporation
Engineering and design company headquartered in Bellingham, Washington, USA with other offices in the states of Washington, Montana and Alaska. Services include air dispersion modeling in support of air permitting, BACT and T-BACT analyses, and compliance studies.
Aspen Environmental Group
An environmental consulting company based in Agoura Hills, California, USA whose services include air dispersion modeling and air quality impact assessments, air permitting, air toxics studies, and risk assessments.
Environmental and meteorological consultants located in Boulder, Colorado, USA whose services include air pollution dispersion modeling, emergency response modeling, long range transport, and applied atmospheric research.
Bison Engineering, Inc.
An environmental engineering firm headquartered in Helena, Montana, USA, whose services include: air dispersion modeling; air emission inventories, air permit applications, and risk management plans (RMPs).
BlazeTech Corporation
Consultants (in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA) with expertise in: air dispersion modeling, off-site consequence analysis, fire and explosion, and other safety problems. For dispersion modeling, the firm uses ADORA (Atmospheric Dispersion of Reacting Agents) ... a model with complex thermodynamics and chemical reactions.
BMT Cordah Ltd.
An international environmental consultancy based in the UK (with other offices in Poland, the USA and Asia) whose services include air dispersion modeling using the ADMS, AERMOD, CALINE, and Screen 3 models.
Brenk Systemplanung GmbH
An environmental engineering and consulting firm based in Aachen, Germany whose services include air dispersion modeling.
Calvin Consulting Group Ltd.
Canadian air quality and emissions specialty consulting company.
Cambridge Environmental Inc.
A group of environmental consultants headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Their services include the use of air dispersion modeling in support of health risk assessments.
Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants
Scientific consultants in the field of atmospheric dispersion located in Cambridge, England.. They offer a range of air dispersion models including: ADMS 3 for dispersion of industrial emissions; ADMS-SCREEN for initial screening studies of emission dispersion; and GASTAR for dispersion of accidental dense gas releases.
Carter Lake Consulting, LLC
A professional environmental consulting company headquartered in Whitman, NE, USA, providing air quality regulatory services, permitting and modeling, to industries throughout the western U.S.
Castings Development Centre
A research/development/consultancy facility located in Sheffield, England that uses the ADMS-2 dispersion model to offer air pollution dispersion modeling services to the castings production industry.
Consultants on Air Resources Management
A firm based in Hungary that provides atmospheric environmental impact assessments for Central Europe based on local meteorological data and relevant models.
Consulting Air Pollution Modelers
A consulting group (located in North Clayton, Victoria, Australia) who provide: air pollution dispersion and consequence modeling services; complex terrain modeling; meteorological services; and training in dispersion modeling. The models used include AUSPLUME, AUSTOX, TAPAS, TAPM, AUSPUFF/CALPUFF, ISC3.
The Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health is a consulting firm based in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA whose environamental services in include air dispersion modeling using the SAFER dispersion model.
D&E Technical
An environmental engineering and software development company located in Champaign, Illinois, USA. Services include air dispersion modeling and hazard analysis.
Det Norske Veritas (DNV), headquartered in Oslo, Norway, is an international consulting firm with offices worldwide. Their primary focus is on safety, environmental, risk management, and consequence analyses using their own PHAST dispersion modeling software.
ECCI is a consulting firm with offices in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. Services include consulting, Clean Air Act permitting/modeling, industrial risk, SPCC, hazardous waste and a full range of engineering services.
A firm headquartered in Lahaina, Hawaii, USA and offering air dispersion modeling software focused primarily upon the regulatory requirements of Germany.
A consulting firm based in Brampton, Ontario, Canada (with an office in Dhaka, Bangladesh) whose services include air dispersion modeling.
ENSR: Environmental Consultants and Engineers
A worldwide environmental service company (headquartered in Westford, Massachusetts, USA) that has developed: dispersion models that accommodate complex terrain and aerodynamic downwash; visibility models; hazardous air pollutant dispersion models; and others for facilities located in dispersion environments where standard models are inaccurate.
Enstec Services
Environmental consultants, headquartered in Cambridge, England, whose services include numerical air dispersion modeling as well as wind tunnel modeling
Environmental Engineering Solutions, P.C.
Environmental Engineering Solutions is an environmental engineering consulting firm, based in Westchester, New York, USA, whose services include air dispersion modeling.
Enviroplan Consulting
A consulting firm (headquartered in Fairfield, New Jersey, USA) that offers services in air dispersion modeling, air quality and meteorological monitoring, air pollution emissions estimation, permitting and compliance plans, hazard assessments and risk management plans.
Enviroware s.r.l.
These consultants, located in Italy, provide a number of air dispersion models. Includes an online Gaussian dispersion model called Tox-Flam, for releases of inert buoyant pollutants into a mixing layer of a user-specified height.
Shell Oil and Tel-Tek offer consulting studies involving the EXSIM mathematical model that predicts the overpressure (explosion) generated by the accidental release and ignition of a gas cloud in a congested area of an industrial plant onshore, or offshore on oil drilling platforms. The model was developed by Shell Oil Global Solutions in England and by the Telemark Technological research and development Center (Tel-Tek) in Norway.
GexCon AS
A consulting group in Norway that uses a CFD program called FLACS to model the dispersion of leaks (on offshore oil drilling platforms) as well as their subsequent ignition and explosion. Far field blast effects (up to two kilometers away) from such explosions can also be modeled. GexCon both sell FLACS and perform consultancy services using FLACS.
Hamon Custodis
Engineering firm (headquartered in Somerville, New Jersey, USA) that designs, constructs and maintains industrial chimneys and smokestacks. Their engineering services include air dispersion modeling.
Hastings Engineering, Inc.
Chemical and environmental consultants based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA whose services include air dispersion modeling used for: air permitting, accidental release modeling, and risk assessments.
Integral Consulting Inc.
A science and engineering consulting firm, headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, USA with four other office in the USA. Their services include air pollution dispersion modeling.
Iris Environmental
Consulting and engineering firm based in Oakland, California, USA whose environmental management services include air dispersion modeling.
Janicke Consulting
A consulting firm located in Dunum, Germany who develop and market air dispersion modeling software such as LASAT, LASPORT and IBJdis.
Katestone Scientific Pty. Ltd.
Consulting firm based in Brisbane, Australia that offers air quality assessment and odour science.
KCL Environmental Research Group
The Environmental Research Group (ERG) is part of Kings College London and a provider of dispersion modelling assessments for regional and local authorities, the UK Environmental Agency and private companies.
Keramida Environmental, Inc.
An environmental consulting firm based in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA whose air quality services include: emission inventories, air permitting, risk management plans, and air pollution dispersion modeling.
A consulting firm based in Toronto, Canada who offers air dispersion modeling in support of their electric power generation services.
Lakes Environmental
Located in Ontario, Canada, this firm provides air dispersion and risk assessment modeling software. The range includes: AERMOD View, CALPUFF View, CALRoads View and SLAB View, all of which are U.S. EPA models adapted for use with Windows. Training and technical support are also provided.
Liaise Environmental, Inc.
A consulting firm based in Dallas, Texas, USA offering air quality permitting and related environmental services including air dispersion modeling.
McVehil-Monnett Associates
An air quality consulting firm, headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, USA with other offices in Arizona and Wyoming. Their services include air dispersion modeling for determining: ambient impacts for permitting industrial sources, impacts of cooling tower plumes, impacts of complex terrain on pollutant dispersion, mobile source impacts, and toxic air pollutant exposures.
MET Associates
A consultant firm in Dayton, Texas, USA that provides litigation support and expert witness testimony to environmental lawyers and to insurance companies for either plaintiffs or defendants in court cases that involve air dispersion and air quality modeling.
Meteorological Solutions Inc.
Air quality consultants (located in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA) who provide a range of air dispersion modeling services. Includes links to the specifics of their various services as well as to a listing of the names, email addresses, and experience of their key people.
Mike Lyons and Associates
Consultants located in Balwyn, Victoria, Australia. Services offered include air pollution plume dispersion modeling using the Australian EPA's latest "AUSPLUME" package as required under the State Environment Protection Policy (SEPP).
MSES Consultants
An environmental consulting firm providing services in the areas of planning, engineering, safety, industrial hygiene, the earth and environmental sciences, design and regulatory assistance. The firm is located in Clarksburg, West Virginia, USA.
North American Weather Consultants
Meteorological consultants (located in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA) who offer extensive experience in performing dispersion modeling for: simple, complex or intermediate terrain; single or multiple emission points; and buoyant or dense gas releases.
Northern Environmental and Monitoring Services
NEMS offers environmental, health and safety consulting services and their dispersion modeling expertise ranges from single stacks to multiple sources, spills and traffic pollution. Located in Darlington, England.
NPN Environmental Engineers
Consulting environmental engineering firm located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Services include air dispersion modeling, air emission inventories, air permitting and compliance programs.
Odotech Inc.
Expertise in odor-related problems, include air pollution dispersion modeling and innovative technologies for measuring and analyzing components. Profile with contacts in Grasse and Lyon, France, with headquarters in Montreal.
Odour Monitoring Ireland
Odour abatement specialists located in Trim, County Meath, Ireland whose services include air and odour dispersion modelling using ISCST3, AERMOD, ADMS3.1 and Calpuff.
A consultant group in Brisbane and Sydney, Australia offering air quality modeling and emissions estimation services. The air dispersion models used include models developed in Australia (AUSPLUME, AUSPUFF and TAPM) as well as models developed in the USA (ISC3, AERMOD, CALPUFF and CALINE4).
Payne Environmental
A firm of consulting engineers (based in New Haven, Connecticut, USA) whose air permitting and engineering services include air dispersion modeling.
PCR Services
An environmental consulting firm based in Southern California, USA, whose services include air dispersion modeling, stationary source permitting, and emission inventories, allotments, and mitigations.
Pinchin Environmental Ltd.
A consultant group based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (with multiple offices in Canada) who offer air dispersion modeling services. The dispersion models utilized include Ontario Regulation 346 as well as these U.S. EPA models: Screen3, ISCST3, and AERMOD.
QED Engineering Ltd.
An environmental engineering consultancy based in Monaghan, Ireland whose air quality services include air dispersion modelling.
REC Ltd.
REC Ltd. is a consultancy whose air quality services include emissions monitoring, stack testing, and air dispersion modeling. The REC headquarters are in Manchester with satellite offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Birmingham and Braintree.
Regulatory Compliance Partners
A consulting firm (based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA and Houston, Texas, USA) whose services include air dispersion modeling, risk management plans and emergency response plans.
RWDI Consulting Engineers and Scientists
Rowan Williams Davies and Irwin Inc. (RWDI) are a Canadian firm of consulting engineers and scientists. Their services include wind engineering, air quality studies, microclimate, snow engineering, hazard and risk studies and acoustics.
Sage Environmental Services
An environmental consulting company based in Texas offering services in air dispersion modeling, air permitting and compliance, risk management plans and offsite consequence analyses.
Steigers Corporation
An environmental consulting firm (located in Littleton, Colorado, USA) whose services include air dispersion modeling.
Stone Lions Environmental Corporation
A consulting firm headquartered in Rolling Hills Estates, California, USA who offer services in air dispersion modeling, toxic chemical exposure evaluations, reconstruction of past environmental exposures, and specialized software.
Sullivan Environmental Consulting
This firm (located in Alexandria, Virginia, USA) offers services including urban scale air quality assessment, exposure assessment, permit support, air quality modeling, and risk management planning.
T&B Systems: Environmental Research Associates
Company providing applied research in the atmospheric sciences throughout the United States and abroad. Capabilities include meteorological and air quality monitoring, analysis, auditing, and environmental impact reporting.
Tech Environmental Inc. (TEI)
Located in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, TEI provides consulting for air quality and noise issues. Their services include: permit applications; siting and feasibility studies; environmental impact assessments; and technical support tasks such as air dispersion and noise modeling, planning, and monitoring.
Theakston Environmental Control, Inc.
Environmental consultants located in Ontario, Canada whose services include physical modeling as well as computer modeling of stack exhaust gas dispersion and dust dispersion.
Transoft International
A multinational company, based in St. Denis, France, offering technology solutions and consulting services in the field of computational fluid dynamics including air dispersion modeling for environmental impact studies, accidental releases, and risk assessments.
Vector AS
Vector AS is based in T√łnsberg, Norway and offers air dispersion modeling using WindSim, which is a flow and dispersion simulator for complex terrain using computational fluid dynamics (CFD).
Vipac Engineers and Scientists
A company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia whose consulting services include air pollution dispersion modeling.
WebMET is a repository of meteorological data for air dispersion models such as ISCST3, ISC-PRIME and AERMOD, as well as for digital elevation terrain data. The data covers the entire United States and can be downloaded free of charge. The site is sponsored by Lakes Environmental located in Ontario, Canada.
The Weinberg Group
A scientific and regulatory consulting firm, headquartered in Washington,DC, whose services include air dispersion modeling.
Westagem Ltd
Romanian company offering consultancy services in the development of emission inventories for all types of air emission sources, the dispersion modeling of pollutants, and air emissions testing and monitoring. English and Romanian.
Yamada Science & Art Corporation (YSA)
Santa Fe, New Mexico. Specializes in computer modeling of atmospheric airflows and the dispersion of airborne materials over complex terrain. Develops, markets, and provides user support for the three-dimensional atmospheric models HOTMAC and RAPTAD.
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