The category name pretty much speaks for itself. Science fairs are a general term for what is usually an annual event at most American schools at which students present the results of some sort of research. Most students and their parents have difficulty figuring out what to do or how to do it. Information in this category should help with that, but it is not intended to provide shortcuts to do projects in the least amount of time (with the least effort) possible. There is simply no such thing as a high-quality, low-effort and low-substance research project.
Guide and ideas relative to creating a thin film of air surrounding liquid.
Book of Mad Science Fair Projects
Bizarre projects, hobby ideas and weird electronics to build at home.
Cool Science Projects
Tips and ideas for science fair projects.
Energy Quest - Science Projects
Step-by-step guides to many science fair projects collected by the California Energy Commission.
Fear of Science Fairs
Science fair projects don't have to be Science-with-a-capital-S.
IPL Science Fair Guide
Internet Public Library has put together a useful resource for those trying to participate in or run a science fair.
Neuroscience for Kids
Experiments and activities to learn about the nervous system and brain.
Project Ideas Using Mushrooms and Fungi
Ideas and approaches to science projects involving mushroom cultivation, from ready-made mushroom kits to culturing mushroom tissue from the wild.
Science Buddies
Topic Selection Wizard helps students pick a project topic. Experienced scientists answer student questions in an online forum. Step-by-step project help guide.
Science Fair Project Ideas
Free science fair project ideas, with full instructions and explanations.
Science Fair Project Ideas
A listing of science fair projects for middle and high school students; includes resources.
Science Fair Project on the Web
Steps of a Science Fair Project/ The Scientific Method/ Science Defined/ Judging Sheet Examples
Science Fair Projects
Science project ideas and lesson plan resources for teachers, educators, students to learn about horticulture, botany, natural science and related subjects. Information about the World of Weeds, tips on weed control, selecting appropriate tools, links to botanical databases.
Science Fair Projects
Profile of several completed science fair projects.
Science Fair Projects
Extensive guide to all aspects of science fair projects. Includes ways to come up with original ideas, and lists of sample project ideas.
Science Toys
How to make toys (and projects) that demonstrate scientific principles using simple tools and equipment.
Super Science Fair Projects
Step-by-step guide to doing a science fair project including timeline, choosing a topic, scientific method, and an insight to how judges think.
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