An experiment is defined as a method of investigating less known scientific fields, solving practical problems and proving theoretical assumptions. This category is for sites suggesting experiments for students or concerned with experimentation.

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Bizarre Stuff You Can Make in Your Kitchen
A large collection of classic home science experiments with illustrations.
Classroom Polyhedra Activities
Detailed instructions for creating both simple and complex structures using common materials.
Dangerous Laboratories
Experiments that are not always safe, cheap, or guaranteed to work every time.
Do Science
Cool science tricks, experiments and activities that can be done anywhere including in restaurants.
Easy Science Activities with Elizabeth Blake
This is a site of science activities to help homeschoolers, parents and teachers of elementary students.
Eggs Across the Net
2002 Class to class project involving raw eggs. Results are posted on the web.
In-depth discussion of the concepts of scientific research and how to conduct experiments so as to provide valid results.
Fizzics Education
Free science experiments that can be done in class or at home using step by step instructions. Also provides links to other science websites.
Fun Science Gallery
Activities and experiments devoted to the amateur scientist. Teachers and students also will find it useful.
Home Experiments
A collection of experiments you can try at home.
How Things Work
This site tries to answer some of the questions asked by inquisitive minds. A number of science projects and experiments are included.
Kids' Science Projects at The Science Club
Grouped by level of difficulty and technical prowess as simple, medium, or advanced.
The Latest in Home Edu-tainment: The Science Lab
Suggestions for lesson plans, activities, and lab projects for teaching science at home.
PASCO: Free Online Experiments
Covering physics, biology, chemistry, earth science, environmental science and middle school science.
Science projects for school kids, science experiments, science fair ideas, DIY projects, gift ideas, working model of kidney.
Radiation Detection
Interesting experiments one can perform with homemade radiation detectors, and how to build them.
Robert Krampf
Provides a range of science resources including a free experiment of the week newsletter and a large number of science experiment videos.
Science Castle
Virtual online school where users can submit science experiments, read the latest news about science, participate in discussions, chat, design their profile and have fun.
Science Experiments at Steve Spangler Science
A collection of various science experiments that can be conducted at home and by children.
Science Experiments Using Data Loggers and Oscilloscopes
A library of physics, chemistry and biology experiments. Examples include measuring the speed of sound, pH of drinks, magnetic induction and the discharge of batteries.
Science Experiments You Can Do
A number of reasonably simple experiments and demonstrations that can be performed by kids, teachers and hobbyists.
Science Explorer: Exploratorium
Offers many easy-to-do experiments, from creating volcanoes to tiny sparks.
Science Fair and Project Ideas
A collection of 1850 ideas for science projects and ideas, the site offers advice on undertaking a project, the types of projects, and advice on completing this type of task
Science Hobbyist
A growing collection of papers on physical science projects for all ages.
Science Made Simple
Science projects and experiments.
Science Pioneer
Contains experiments for all ages. Science links and project examples.
Science Playwiths
Simple science experiments for fun.
Science Project
Science projects and kits for all ages. Membership required to view most projects.
Science Toys
How to make toys (and projects) that demonstrate scientific principles using simple tools and equipment.
Solar Electric Panel Plans
Do it yourself instructions for building a low cost, high output, commercial quality, photovoltaic panel for science experiments
TheNakedScientists: Science Experiments
Provides details of over a hundred science experiments to do at home, each with instructions, what to expect and an explanation of the basic scientific principles involved.
Vicki Cobb's Science for Kids
Some experiments to do. Books which includes these experiments are for sale on the site.
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