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Alan Kropp and Associates
Geotechnical consulting firm located in Berkeley, California.
Allen Hubbard
Geologist consulting on a wide range of environmental and geological issues.
BGC Engineering Inc.
Specialist consulting services in applied earth sciences, with specific emphasis on the application of geotechnical and geo-environmental engineering, and engineering geology.
Coastal and Ocean Resources Inc.
Offering seabed imaging and mapping surveys, aerial video mapping, underwater video imaging, oil spill impact assessment, marine resource analysis and other marine consulting services.
Cotton, Shires & Associates, Inc.
Professional geotechnical firm, providing consulting and litigation services throughout the western United States.
Earth Science Agency
ESA is a scientific and technical consulting company with expertise in the areas of logistics planning, geophysical surveying and data management.
Economic & Environmental Geochemistry Inc.
Consulting firm providing services to mining companies to help them to plan proactive programs to minimize impacts.
Exploration Technologies, Inc.
Provides exploration and environmental geochemistry services, including soil vapor site assessments, seismic geochemistry, and product fingerprinting for contaminant spills. Includes a collection of published professional papers.
Field Geology Services
John Field, PhD, fluvial geomorphologist based in New England (USA), offers short courses and services in flood hazard studies, stream restoration, GIS-based watershed assessment, and project monitoring.
Geo-Marine Technology
Marine geology and geophysics consultancy services to offshore oil and gas industries, offshore survey industries, and governments.
Geotechnical Engineering Inc.
Consultants in Geologic and Soil Engineering serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area since 1979.
Golder Associates
Providing comprehensive civil/geotechnical and environmental consulting services to a wide range of industries worldwide.
Haneberg Geoscience
Consulting and applied research solutions in engineering geology, hydrogeology, and applied geomechanics. Landslides, mudslides, debris flows, land subsidence, and other geologic hazards. GIS applications in natural resource and watershed assessments.
Headwaters Explorations
Small geological and environmental consulting firm offering Phase I environmental assessments, mineral resource evaluations and rock fall investigations in western Colorado (mostly Gunnison County).
NorthWest Research Associates, Inc.
Contract research firm conducting in-depth investigations in the physical sciences and providing consulting services to government and industry. Expertise ranges from atmospheric, ocean, and sea ice sciences, to fundamental geophysical fluid dynamics and space physics. They also produce instrumentation for the geosciences.
Providence Oil Company
Specializing in geological analysis and seismic studies.
Management and consultancy services in all aspects of exploration, engineering, information technology, safety and the environment.
TXR Consulting
Geology, geophysics, and geochemistry consulting company in South America.
Wade Research
Offers a wide range of consulting services in chemistry, with experience in soil and groundwater remediation, environmental impact assessment, litigation support, and expert testimony.
Wakelin Associates
Specialist Australian geoscientists, offering expertise in caves, karst, drylands, rivers and rangelands. Services include GIS, remote sensing, aerial photographs and field investigations.
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