Paleobotany is the branch of paleontology dealing with the recovery and identification of plant remains from geological contexts, their use for the biological reconstruction of past environments and the understanding of the evolution of plants. Paleobotany includes the study of terrestrial plant fossils, as well as the study of prehistoric marine photosynthetic algae or seaweeds.

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Did the Wood Roach or Prototermite Cause the Permian-Triassic Coal Hiatus?
A symbiosis of the wood roach with a cellulose digesting protozoa probably caused Permian aridity and rise of conifers, and created the early Triassic coal hiatus.
Environmental Archaeology, Florida Museum of Natural History
This discipline analyzes and interprets past human resources uses and human/environment interactions. It is made up of three subdisciplines - Zooarchaeology, Archaeobotany, and Archaeopedology.
Global Vegetation History of the Last 150,000 Years
An atlas of changes in climate and vegetation over recent geological time (the Quaternary period).
Grand Canyon: Paleobotanical Research on the Bright Angel Shale
Provides information on the Middle Cambrian deposits in these shales, siltstones and sandstones and the microfossils found there, with images of several cryptospores and spore clusters.
Hans' Paleobotany Pages
Website on fossil plants.
Links for Palaeobotanists
An annotated collection of pointers to information on palaeobotany, with an Upper Triassic bias.
Information from Wikipedia on this branch of paleontology which deals with the recovery and identification of plant remains from geological contexts. It includes information on plant fossils and the groups of plants that have left fossilized remains.
Paleobotany Type Catalog and Collection
A searchable catalog containing information on type specimens of fossil plants, algae and fungi.
PETRALGA (Permian & Triassic Algae) Project
The Project was launched in order to build a solid database for the fossil Algae from the Permian and Triassic epochs. A main going-on sub-project deals with a catalogue for the Dasycladales.
Plant Fossils of West Virginia
A resource for learning.
Plants of Jurassic Park
Article by W. P. Armstrong about the plants that were alive when dinosaurs roamed the earth.
Virtual Paleobotany Lab
An introductory look into the world of Paleobotany. Designed as a teaching tool for a class at UC Berkeley, but providing useful background information to anyone interested in this field.
White Rose Palaeobiology Group
Research projects, scientific publications, and opportunities at this collaborative initiative between the Universities of Sheffield and Leeds in the United Kingdom.

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