This category is for websites that deal specifically with the fossil record of graptolites, an extinct colonial taxon presumably related to hemichordates.

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100th Anniversary of Oliver Bulman's Birth
Biography of an Authority on Graptolites.
Affinities of Inocaulis
Nature of the genera assigned to the graptolite order Inocaulida.
Autothecal Morphs and Dormancy in an Ordovician Sessile Graptolite
Description and SEM micrographs of normal and sealed thecal morphs in the camaroid graptolite Xenotheka klinostoma from the Ordovician of Ă–land, Sweden.
BSEM: a Tool for Graptolite Research
Back-scattered electron microscopy technique applied to study graptolitic material - BSEM image of Psigraptus.
Cephalodiscus lutetianus (Graptolithoidea, Cephalodiscoidea)
The only fossil species of the genus Cephalodiscus.
Chaunograptus and the Dendroidea
Affinities of some alleged graptolite genera.
Classification of the Extant Hemichordata
A comprehensive list of extant hemichordate species with images of a few.
Collagen in the Pterobranch Coenecium
Results of the amino-acid analysis of the skeleton of Rhabdopleura and Cephalodiscus.
Cortical Bandages in Orthograptus gracilis.
Images (SEM and LM) of the fundamental unit of cortex in graptolites.
Cyrtograptus murchinsoni
Information about the species; photo.
Dithecoid Graptolites (Dithecoidea)
Remarks on affinities of some graptolite-like fossils.
The Enigmatic Encruster Chaunograptus
Graptolite-like fossils from the Upper Ordovician of Ohio and Indiana. By J.M. St.John and M.A. Wilson.
Epibionts on Mastigograptus
An enigmatic organic-walled fossil twisted around stipes of the sessile graptolite Mastigograptus (Middle Ordovician).
Graptolite Net
Links to graptolite and pterobranch pages, abstracts, articles, graptolite researchers.
Graptolite Stolons Described as Remnants of Hydroids.
Isolated stolons of Koremagraptus-like graptolites were misinterpreted as remains of the 'chitinous' hydroids (4 images).
Graptolites collected from the Athens Shale formation (Ordovician age) near Montevalo, Alabama.
Relationshipis among graptolite orders.
Photograph of several specimens of Monograptus colonus, one being magnified, from Silurian deposits at Ludlow, UK.
Graptolites and Early Vascular Land Plants
Early Palaeozoic tracheid-like tubes, believed to be of vascular land plant origin, resemble fragments of graptolite stolons.
Definition and nature of the Graptovermida, graptolites incertae sedis.
Infrared Video Microscopy for the Study of Isolated Graptolites
Description of a new technique for studying chemically isolated graptolites.
Mastigograptus: An incertae sedis Graptolite
Diagnosis, distribution and images of the genus.
Melanostrophus: An Enigmatic Hemichordate
A graptolite-like fossil from the Ordovician of Estonia and erratic boulders.
Permian Pterobranch
First find of a Permian rhabdopleurid (Graptolithoidea).
Petalograptus minor
Photo of the graptolite species.
Piotr Mierzejewski: Count of Calmont
A free graptolite researcher and a Rosicrucian Frater. Research interests, primarily in sessile graptolites and pterobranchs, and publications.
Pterobranchia: Classification of the Rhabdopleuroidea
List of extinct and extant families, genera and species.
Pyritized Graptolites
Pyritization and deformation of graptolites by Ch.M. Witkowski.
Pyritized Graptolites
Radiographs of Rhaphidograptus toernquisti, Monograptus atavus and Pseudoclimacograptus undulatus with explanations of the salient features.
Rhabdopleura graysoni Chapman, Durman & Rickards
The Carboniferous rhabdopleurid graptolite closely resembling the extant species Rhabdopleura compacta Hincks.
Rhabdopleura kozlowskii
Diagnosis, occurrence, images, and references of the species.
Rhabdopleura-like Fossil from the Silurian of Gotland.
An excellently preserved zooidal tube of a Silurian hemichordate closely related to the extant genus Rhabdopleura.
SEM Micrographs of Rhabdopleura compacta.
Three coenecia (two very young) from Stock Point, Plymouth.
Stolonoid graptolites discussed as rhabdopleurids.
Tetragraptus fruticosus - Ordovician Graptolite
Material from the Bendigonian Series, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.
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