Oceanographic instrument and equipment manufacturers, providers and suppliers.
A.G.O. Environmental Electronics Ltd.
Oceanographic and geophysical equipment designers that manufacture portable equipment winches, towed bodies, and subsea instrumentation.
Aanderaa Instruments AS
Designs, manufactures and sells sensors, instruments and systems for measuring and monitoring in demanding environments.
AML Oceanographic
Manufacturer of oceanographic, hydrographic, and environmental water quality monitoring instrumentation.
Water quality measurement systems for oceanographic and environmental applications in shallow waters.
Aquatec Group
Manufactures and sells high-quality instrumentation for the oceanography, oil and gas, fisheries, and other offshore and inshore markets.
Aquatic Research Instruments
Manufactures sampling equipment and accessories for hydrobiology, limnology, oceanography and marine biology.
Aquatrak Corporation
Provides a high quality liquid level determination system for hydrographic, hydrologic, and industrial tank gauging applications.
Ashtead Technology Rentals
Specializes in the supply of rental equipment for offshore positioning and surveying, remote visual inspection, non-destructive testing and environmental monitoring.
Axys Environmental Systems
Manufactures environmental data acquisition systems with a focus on moored buoys for routine weather and sea state monitoring.
Bellamare LLC
Designer of custom underwater systems and subsea equipment for the oceanographic, offshore, and aquaculture industries. Products include imaging systems, plankton sampling equipment and subsea enclosures.
BioSonics, Inc.
Engineering, manufacturing, and consulting firm that specializes in applying hydroacoustic technology (SONAR) to detect, monitor, and assess underwater resources and habitat conditions.
Biospherical Instruments Inc.
Designs and manufactures a variety of instruments for monitoring UV radiation in ocean and fresh water environments including profiling reflectance and UV radiometers, natural fluorometers and PAR and monochromatic sensors.
BlueView Technologies, Inc.
Offers high resolution 2D and 3D multibeam imaging sonar that can be deployed on multiple surveillance platforms.
Bowtech Products Limited
Supplier of underwater cameras, electrical, fiber optic connectors, subsea lamps, pand and tilts.
Brightwaters Instrument Corporation
Manufactures GPS/DGPS and Argos drifting buoys, environmental telemetry systems, hydrographic instruments, equipment relocation products. Offers custom and semicustom work and OEM design services.
Brooke Ocean Technology Limited
Provides systems engineering, R&D services, and hardware to the marine science community. Specializes in the development of innovative equipment and systems to operate in harsh marine environments.
Cetacean Research Technology
Provides underwater and bioacoustics instrumentation and consultation.
Chelsea Instruments Ltd
Markets a range of high precision oceanographic instrumentation which is widely used globally.
Civil Tek Inc.
Designs and manufactures pressure sensor wave gauges for coastal and ocean engineering using techniques and features proven over years of successful field experience.
CLS: Collecte Localisation Satellites
Platform location and scientific data collection by Argos, satellite orbit determination and platform location by Doris, space oceanography data processing for TOPEX/POSEIDON and ERS.
Coastal Leasing, Inc.
Manufactures, leases and sells oceanographic, environmental and meteorological instrumentation for scientific research worldwide.
Coda Octopus
Geosurvey solutions provider of underwater technology for imaging and mapping the seabed including inertial attitude and positioning, sub-bottom profiling and sidescan sonar imaging instruments.
CytoBuoy b.v.
Manufactures flow cytometer systems to detect, count and analyse microscopical particles such as algae and phytoplankton. Products for bench-top in the lab, in-situ on shipboard, submerged, or buoy platforms for autonomous monitoring.
Deep Ocean Engineering
Designs and manufactures remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), robotic and manned equipment for harsh environments.
DeepSea Power & Light
Manufacturer of oceanographic equipment including underwater lights, cameras, batteries, lasers and temperature sensors.
Specialises in the development of high performance and low price sidescan sonar systems.
Del Norte Technology Ltd
Providers of DGPS systems, echo-sounders, tide gauges and the Coastal Oceanographics Hypack software product.
Desert Star Systems LLC
Manufactures acoustic and GPS integrated positioning systems, underwater cameras and underwater data acquisition and telemetry systems for oceanographic applications.
Designs and develops underwater wireless modems for oil and gas, oceanographic instrumentation, defence, and environmental monitoring applications.
Duncan and Associates
Designers, manufacturers and suppliers of limnological, hydrobiological and oceanographic sampling and monitoring apparatus, tested and proven in the field.
Develops, manufactures, and markets sensing devices for marine applications including sonar systems, communication and control products for devices underwater.
Esonet Yellow Pages
Aims to organize information about products for the development and maintenance of deep-sea observatories. Includes sensors, hardware, services and manufacturers.
Falmouth Scientific, Inc.
Developer and manufacturer of high-quality precision oceanographic instrumentation.
Fiomarine Industries
Offers a submersible marine marker buoy and retrieval system for aquaculture and research applications.
General Oceanics, Inc.
Global supplier of oceanographic, coastal, freshwater and air sampling instruments technology.
GeoAcoustics Europe
European manufacturer of seabed survey products, including sonar and swath bathymetry systems.
GeoSpectrum Technologies Inc.
Manufacturer of hydrophones and underwater sound projectors. Custom design of transducers and test equipment to meet demanding specifications.
Development and manufacture of underwater video cameras and compact remote-controlled underwater survey vehicles, and the carrying out of underwater contracted work.
Hydro-Optics, Biology, & Instrumentation Laboratories
HOBI Labs offers a unique line of optical instruments and sensors. Specialises in optical oceanography and hydro-optical instrumentation for the marine sciences community.
Development of innovative marine instrumentation including a series of low maintenance full ocean depth fast response sensors, in-situ trace metal analyzers, benthic chambers and a data telemetry profiling buoy.
Innova A/S
Scandinavian supplier of underwater equipment and services for ROV, subsea intervention and oceanographic research.
Insite Tritech Inc.
Manufacturer and supplier of advanced underwater video systems.
Intermountain Environmental, Inc.
Distributes a full line of echo sounders and bottom profiling systems for precision seafloor, deep lake, and river bottom exploration.
InterOcean Systems, Inc.
Design and manufacturer of the oceanographic and environmental equipment. Product line includes current meters, wave and tide gauges, acoustic releases, winches, hydrophones, buoys, and software for InterOcean instruments.
JASCO Research Ltd.
Design and manufacture custom and semi-custom oceanographic instruments including hydrophone arrays, camera systems, attitude sensors and sediment bearing strength probes.
JDR Cable Systems Limited
Design and manufacture of subsea cables and umbilical systems for a range of users.
KC Denmark
Supplies all types of field / laboratory research equipment for limnology, oceanography and hydrobiology.
The MacArtney Group
Specializes in the engineering and supply of underwater oceanographic equipment.
Manufacturers of marine surveying and monitoring instrumentation.
Marine Data Solutions
South African company providing maritime surveillance technology solutions.
Marine Data Systems Ltd
Supplies navigation systems and meteorological equipment engineered specifically for the marine environment.
Marine Electronics Ltd
Guernsey-based manufacturer of altimeters and sonars.
Marine Magnetics Corporation
Specialises in the design and manufacture of oceanographic magnetic exploration equipment including marine magnetometers and gradiometers.
Marine Sonic Technology Ltd
Produces a side scan sonar system which sets the standard for high quality performance and offers an ability to locate objects underwater with near photographic quality.
Marschall Acoustics Instruments Pty Ltd.
Designer and supplier of geophysical instrumentation, hydrophones, towed hydrophone arrays, downhole arrays, sonars, ocean CTD profilers and other hydrographic equipment.
McLane Research Laboratories, Inc.
Information about the company's advanced time-series samplers, environmental monitoring instrumentation, and engineering design services to the international oceanographic community.
McMillan Design, Inc.
The creator of Sea Catch mechanical toggle quick release and other innovative products.
METOCEAN Data Systems Limited
Manufacturing and development company for state-of-the-art oceanographic and meteorological data acquisition and telemetry systems for severe environments.
Miros AS
A Norwegian company delivering wave, tide and water monitoring equipment in general and integrated systems within the fields of meteorology, oceanography and security.
Mooring Systems Inc.
Designs and fabricates oceanographic surface and subsurface buoys, trawl resistant bottom mounts, provides all mooring components including wire rope and marine hardware for shallow and deep sea systems.
NightSea LLC.
Develops and manufactures underwater fluorescent lighting systems.
Suppliers of acoustic instruments for measuring water motion, software for realtime operation in the field or lab and analysis software for visualisation, presentation and reports.
Acoustic Doppler current meters, current profilers and flow meters, for the ocean, rivers and open channels, including Aquadopp current meters, Vector ADVs and ADPs.
Northwest Marine Technology, Inc.
Benign fish tags and tagging techniques using NMT fish tags including fish tagging scientific references.
Ocean Innovations
Represents some of the leading manufacturers of underwater equipment and marine technology.
Ocean Instruments, Inc.
Oceanographic products including multicorers, box corers and bongo nets.
Ocean Marine Industries
Provider of oceanographic and scientific research support services, specializing in product distribution and sales representation.
Ocean Optics, Inc.
Manufactures miniature fibre optic spectrometers, chemical sensors, precision filters and other optical components using integrated photonics technologies.
Ocean Sensors, Inc.
Specializes in the development of innovative ocean measurement instrumentation and systems. Developers of lightweight Conductivity/Temperature/Depth (CTD) instruments for use in ocean profiling, moored and shipboard data logging applications.
Oceaneering International, Inc.
An advanced applied technology company that provides engineered services and hardware to customers who operate in marine, space, and other harsh environments.
Oceans Engineering Ltd.
Delivers flexible, high quality, cost efficient solutions to underwater mechanical handling situations. Underwater winch specialists.
Oceanscan Limited
Equipment and personnel rental companies servicing the world-wide hydrographic survey and remotely operated vehicle (ROV) industry.
Oceanscience Group
Develop and manufacture oceanographic and hydrologic field equipment and instrumentation. Products include autonomous, RC and tethered boats, the Underway CTD, bottom platforms, weather stations and communications packages.
OceanTools Ltd
Independently owned engineering company producing a range of products for the offshore, underwater, scientific, military and survey markets.
Odom Hydrographic Systems Inc.
Manufactures and sells hydrographic survey equipment including swath and side-scan echosounders.
Ohmex Ltd
Supplier and manufacturer of portable echo sounder, tide gauge, environmental data collection and ROV systems.
Oktopus GmbH
Developers of specialised instrumentation and marine gear for ocean research in co-operation with universities, research organisations and governmental agencies.
Open Seas Instrumentation, Inc.
Manufacture oceanographic equipment (nets and corers) for the international scientific community.
ORE Offshore Division
Specialized hydro-acoustics company in Falmouth, Massachusetts and Houston, Texas. Builds the Trackpoint II and LXT underwater acoustic tracking and navigation system, and sells and leases equipment for marine surveys and oceanographic research.
UK company offering supply, service, calibration and repair of marine measurement instruments and systems. Also provide marine and environmental consultancy services.
Outland Technology Inc.
Markets underwater video systems, lighting and remotely operated vehicles.
Pacific Crest
Manufacturer of wireless technology for GPS and environmental monitoring applications, designs and manufactures wireless data links that are rugged, reliable, and field-proven.
Pacific Gyre Inc.
Manufacturer of oceanographic equipment for remote environmental data collection. Specializing in drifting, Lagrangian buoys, moorings and platforms that collect physical data about the open ocean, coastal waters, and estuaries.
Precision Measurement Engineering
Design and manufacture products for field and laboratory research that range from antennas that transmit on the ARGOS frequencies, to microstructure profilers that measure high resolution of conductivity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll, and PAR.
PREVCO Subsea Housings
Manufacturer specializing in submersible pressure vessels, instrumentation housings, junction boxes, pressure relief valves and other underwater equipment.
Pro-Oceanus Systems, Inc.
Manufacturers of Ultra-Stable dissolved oxygen, nitrogen and total dissolved gas sensors.
Quester Tangent
Develops suite of digital acoustic seabed classification products and services with a broad range of applications.
RD Instruments
Provides water current measurement products (ADCP) and software that are used in a variety of oceanographic applications.
Richard Brancker Research Ltd.
An electronic engineering company providing precision oceanographic equipment for scientific research and monitoring. Products include autonomous, submersible data recorders, monitors and sensors.
RS Aqua UK
Suppliers of oceangraphic instruments, including buoys, monitoring devices, radiometers and meteorological systems.
Develops and manufactures compact, high quality instruments for reliable hydrological measurements in the field
Manufacturer of underwater electrical and optical connectors, with company profile, technical data, and international contact details. Headquarters in California.
Sea Sciences, Inc.
Designs and manufactures portable, field-usable instrumentation for coastal and freshwater research. The main product line is based on the Acrobat, a versatile computer driven tow body which supports a host of research and development instrumentation selected by the user.
Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc.
Largest manufacturer of marine instruments for measurement of salinity, temperature, pressure, dissolved oxygen, and related oceanographic variables. Major products include Conductivity/Temperature/Depth (CTD) profilers, multibottle in-situ water samplers, moored CT recorders, and wave/tide recorders. Customers include research institutes, engineering firms, and navies throughout the world.
Sea-Image Corporation
Supplier of the WaMoS system that measures ocean wave spectra and surface current speed and direction from the output of marine X-Band radar from shore, on a moored platform, or a moving vessel.
Sea-View Diving
Supplier of side scan sonar and underwater video cameras for search and recovery, magnetometers and other oceanographic equipment.
Seabed Technology BV
Manufacturer of marine sampling instrumentation including vibrocorers, box corers and grab samplers, tide gauges, sub-sea dataloggers and turbidity profilers. Design and manufacturing of cable assemblies and pressure housings.
Seaeye Limited
Specialises in the design and manufacture of electric powered ROV's and electric propulsion systems.
Seafloor Systems, Inc.
Leading providers of oceanographic and hydrographic equipment, software, and services. Provide systems integration services, turnkey remote sensing systems and solutions, as well as technical support and services.
Sediment Services
Manufacture fully automated cohesive strength meters for the acquisition of data relating to the critical erosion stress of sand and mud sized particles on intertidal mud flats and alike.
Sequoia Scientific, Inc.
Building on its sponsored research, Sequoia Scientific produces optical instruments and software, specifically designed for oceanographic use.
Shark Marine
Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), cameras and other oceanographic equipment.
Sippican, Inc.
Design, development, and manufacture of oceanographic instrumentation for the scientific communities and navies of the world.
SiS - Sensoren Instrumente Systeme GmbH
Sensors, instruments, systems and calibration equipment for oceanography, marine sciences and environment.
Soil Machine Dynamics -SMD
Design and manufacture of subsea robotics including remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), underwater propulsion and control products.
SonTek / YSI
Makes water velocity measurement sensors - ADCP/ADP acoustic Doppler current profilers, ADV velocimeters, DVL speed logs, Argonaut current meters, ultrasonic flow meters and other instruments.
Sound Metrics Corp.
Manufacturers of Dual Frequency Identification Sonar (DIDSON), a lens-based sonar that makes almost-photographic images with sound in turbid water where optical systems are ineffective.
Sound Ocean Systems, Inc.
SOSI provides quality marine systems and components including marine winches, launch and recovery systems, tow fish and seafloor salvage systems.
Specialty Devices, Inc.
Designs and builds bathymetric, oceanographic, and meteorological data acquisition systems including the BLASS Bathymetric survey system, IDS depthsounder, data buoys, towfish, and tailbuoys.
Manufacturer of underwater data acquisition instruments and loggers.
StarFish Seabed Imaging System
Offers side scan sonar using digital CHIRP acoustic technology.
Sub-Tech Systems Ltd
Offers servicing, testing and maintenance of diving and marine equipment to the international commercial diving market.
Syqwest, Inc.
Design and manufacture of high resolution echo sounders and acoustic instrumentation for precision seafloor exploration.
Suppliers of marine sampling instrumentation including sediments traps, water samplers, buoys, chlorophyl incubators, frames and pumps.
Technocean, Inc.
Manufacturer of oceanographic equipment, primarily Argos-based drifting buoy systems. Argos-certified PTT manufacturer.
TechWorks Marine Ltd.
A marine science and technology company based in Dublin, Ireland that has developed the Techworks Marine Black Box range of data acquisition systems for marine data collection.
Teledyne CDL
Design and manufactures equipment for surface and subsea use in the offshore and maritime industry.
Teledyne Reson
Offers complete sonar solutions including multibeam echosounders, single-beam echosounders, data acquisition and presentation software, transducers, hydrophones, and high-power ultrasonics for hydrographic surveys.
Tritech International Limited
Large range of high technology subsea products including profiling and imaging sonars, bathymetric systems, subsea inspection cameras, subsea lighting, acoustic, and imaging sensors, excavation and jetting systems for the underwater ROV market.
Turner Designs
Specialized in providing sensitive, reliable and easy-to-use fluorometers and luminometers for the measurement of measurement of genetic reporters, nucleic acids, fluorescent tracers, algal pigments and hydrocarbons in water.
Underwater Systems Inc.
Design and manufacturing of various products ranging from environment proof electrical and optical connectors to hydroacoustic sensors and underwater vehicles.
Valeport Limited
Manufacturer of oceanographic and hydrometric instruments including current meters, wave, water level and tide recorders, sound velocity profilers, CTDs, multiparameter instruments and accessories.
Webb Research Corporation (WRC)
Designs and manufactures scientific instruments for oceanographic research and monitoring. Founded in 1982, WRC specializes in neutrally buoyant, autonomous drifters and profilers, and moored underwater sound sources.
WET Labs, Inc.
Manufactures underwater optical sensing instruments for physical, biological, geological, and chemical characterization of the marine environment.
Yokota Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Sea-water resistant pumps, valves, flow regulators and other devices.
YSI Incorporated
Designs, manufactures, and distributes sensor technology, instruments, and real-time systems for the global biosystems market.
Zebra-Tech Ltd
Design and manufacture of underwater instrumentation and equipment for environmental monitoring and research.
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