Oceanographic and Marine Science Consultants
3D Marine Mapping
Provides a range of professional hydrographic survey services for commercial and environmental developments and monitoring for coastal, near shore and estuarine waters throughout Australia and South East Asia.
Advisory and Research Group on Geo Observation Systems and Services
ARGOSS is a specialised company providing marine environmental information to the offshore industry.
Aquamap Hydrographic Services
Consultancy based in South Townsville, Australia offering hydrographic surveys and a range of inspection, monitoring, investigation and analysis services.
Asiatic Marine Limited
Provides specialised marine surveys including marine impact assessments and environmental monitoring.
ASL Environmental Sciences
Provides scientific consulting services pertaining to flow measurement, numerical modelling, wave measurement and analysis, sediment transport and ice studies.
Aspect Surveys
Offers hydrographic, oceanographic and topographic survey services. Features company profile, description of services,contacts and news.
Marine environment consultants specializing in artificial reefs, environmental assessments, 3d modeling software, coastal management and planning.
CANATEC Associates International Ltd
A team of sea ice specialists that provide expert advice and research on sea-ice in cold frontier areas worldwide.
Clydeside Surveys Limited
UK based specialist hydrographic surveyors. Services include bathymetric, side scan sonar and shallow seismic surveys and other oceanographic services.
Coastal & Environmental Services
Is a specialist environmental company that provides consultancy services.
Coastal Geoscience Research Corporation
A marine, geological and environmental survey company that provides bottom profiling, sound surveys and water sampling.
Coastal Science Ltd
CSL undertakes consultancy services in the UK for a range of projects relating to estuarine and coastal environments, including coastal modelling and survey.
Continental Shelf Associates, Inc.
Provides marine environmental consulting.
Earth Ocean and Space Pty Ltd
An environmental and engineering consultancy that provides advice and information for the management of the marine environment. Renders innovative technical services based on partnerships between Australian and Japanese experts.
Emu Ltd
An independent marine survey environmental consultancy specialising in monitoring and assessing all aspects of the water environment.
Evans-Hamilton, Inc.
A physical oceanographic consulting firm specializing in current and wave monitoring.
Fenn Enterprises
Provide hydrographic surveys including sidescan sonar, remote operated vehicles, multibeam, sub-bottom, sediment sampling and technical diving services.
The Forecast Ocean Plus
FOP is engaged in applied research into the sustainable development of the oceans. It provides sea state forecasts and operational consultancy services. In Japanese and English.
Horizon Marine, Inc.
Provides oceanographic services, consulting, and data analysis.
Hydrographic Surveys Limited
Offer a wide range of environmental and hydrographic services to industry and environmental and local authorities.
Insight Marine Projects Ltd.
UK company offering a wide range of marine survey and inspection services including hydrographic surveys, subsea cable tracking, underwater inspection and oceanographic services.
Mapping and Hydrographic Surveys Australia
MHS offers Hydrographic surveying, seismic charting, marine engineering, tidal studies, off shore construction support and other related oceanographic consulting services.
MarineSpace Ltd
MarineSpace provides spatial planning, monitoring survey design, data management and biodiversity management services to UK marine aggregate companies, offshore renewables developers and conservation bodies.
McQuest Marine Sciences Limited
Provider of survey services specializing in marine geophysics and hydrography.
Metocean Engineers
Provides oceanographic and meteorological services in support of coastal and ocean engineering and environmental protection.
Metocean Solutions Limited
Professional ocean and coastal consultants specialising in forecasting and hindcasting of metocean conditions; numerical modelling; and design statistics for ports, harbours and offshore structures.
Oceanmetrix Ltd
Provides independent oceanographic and meteorological consultancy and statistical services to governments and industry world-wide.
OEA Technologies
Offers ocean monitoring via satellite systems.
Involved with tracking sediments and contaminants through the environment, as well as monitoring and analysis.
Penscil, Inc.
Provides electronic design, systems integration and technical documentation for scientific labs, commercial manufacturers and technology consultants, specializing in sea-going instruments and oceanographic applications, particularly sonar.
PhysE Metocean Services
A consultancy providing metocean criteria for the design and operation of offshore and coastal structures, such as oil rigs and wind turbines.
Metocean specialists offering services ranging from ocean current forecasting to wave, wind or rain statistical analysis.
Marine remote sensing company that designs, manufactures, precision sensors, surveillance systems, and information extraction tools. Lists corporate information, markets, news, products, support and contact details.
SDA Marine
International specialist consultancy in marine archaeology, including government guidelines and legislation, site surveys, desk studies, historical analysis, environmental impact assessments and cultural heritage tourism.
Sea-Witched Oceanographic Consultants
Oceanographers providing client representation and project management services to the marine industry.
SeaMode Oceanographic Services
Offers consultancy services specialising in modelling tides and surges, lake circulation, coastal circulation and air sea interaction.
Steele Associates
Provides marine technology consulting and remote marine environmental monitoring. Also provides the dredging industry with hydrographic survey, quality control, and scow tracking.
Subacoustech Ltd
Subacoustech provides consultancy and research into underwater acoustics on behalf of government and commercial organisations throughout the world.
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