Anand, P.
Graduate of Cochin University of Science and Technology. research interests and published papers on oceanography.
Bast, Felix
Biological Oceanographer and PhD candidate at USA Marine Biological Institute, Japan. Includes research interests and popular science articles.
Beaumont, Chris
Interests include geodynamics of orogens.
Christos, Angelopoulos G.
Ph.D. student in oceanography studying in the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Main interests are coastal sediment transport, hydrodynamics and geophysics.
Clark, Jenifer
Realtime ocean charts for sailboat racing, boat deliveries, ocean cruising, and offshore fishing. Using infrared imagery, satellite altimetry data, and surface isotherm data, oceanographic analyses are produced and available for the Gulf Stream area and all the major currents of the world.
Cullen, John
Interested in phytoplankton processes, optical measurements, ultraviolet radiation.
Grant, Jonathan
Benthic ecology, shellfish biology, aquaculture.
Greatbatch, Richard
Interests within the fields of climate change and ocean/atmosphere circulation.
Guillaume Maze
Access research interests, publications, technical reports, data, and toolboxes for physical oceanography, meteorology and climate studies.
Hay, Alex
Researcher in acoustical oceanography, sediment dynamics and nearshore and coastal processes.
Hill, Paul
Interests in sediment transport, includes a publication list.
Holfort, Jurgen
Presents their research into freshwater transport from the Arctic into the Atlantic along the East Greenland current. Includes Matlab routines useful to oceanographers.
Kelley, Dan
Dynamics of transport and mixing process research.
Klymak, Jody
Physical oceanographer interested in small scale physics and its impact on circulation and the transport of tracers in the ocean.
Lewis, Marlon
Phytoplankton ecology, bio-optical oceanography, upper ocean physics
Louden, Keith
Interests are within the field of marine geophysics. Publication list.
Metaxas, Anna
Benthic ecology, larval dispersal, physical/biological interactions
Nash, Jonathon
Observational physical oceanographer presents his research interests into small scale ocean physics, internal wave generation, hydraulic flows over topography and the turbulent fluxes of heat and salt.
Nof, Doron
Work focuses on the movement of fluids within the ocean and its relationship to the interaction with the atmosphere above.
Ocean Expert (GLODIR)
Database, developed and maintained by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC), containing information on individuals involved in all aspects of Marine or Freshwater Research and Management.
Pullen, Julie
Director of the Maritime Security Laboratory at Stevens Institute of Technology; uses high-resolution coupled ocean-atmosphere modeling with a particular emphasis on predicting chemical, biological, and radiological (CBR) dispersion in coastal cities.
Rahmstorf, Prof. Dr. Stefan
Professor of Physics of the Oceans at Potsdam University. Publications, lectures, CV and photograph album; contact information.
Rasmussen, Linda
Coastal oceanographic research and modeling with links to Bivalve Population Connectivity project site.
Ruddick, Barry
Interests cover the areas of oceanic mixing processes, internal waves and geophysical flows.
Sheng, Jinyu
Ocean modeling and prediction and shelf circulation studies.
Sukardi, Yuliarko
Provides details of a study of the development of a high-order numerical model to solve incompressible water wave motion based on improved nonlinear dispersive Boussinesq equations.
Taggart, Christopher
Involved in active research both in the field and laboratory, focusing on physical, ecological biochemical and genetic influences on early life history and recruitment in fish and on fish population structure and distribution.
Thompson, Keith
Ocean and shelf circulation and sea level variation researcher.
Veluthedath, Praveen
Studying the applications of Weibull distribution model on design wave parameter predictions.
Weill, Pierre
PhD student at the Coastal and Continental Morphodynamics Laboratory, University of Caen, France. Includes CV, publications and research interests in morphodynamics and the internal structure of modern cheniers ridges in a macrotidal setting.
Women Exploring the Oceans
Features articles on women oceanographers written to inspire school children.
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