Ambae Volcano (Aoba)
Ambae (Aoba) volcano information, news, and travel.
Ambrym Volcano
Ambrym volcano information, news, and travel.
Ask a volcanologist
Direct your question to someone at the University of Hawaii, land of volcanoes.
Ask an Earth-Scientist
Answers to frequently asked questions about volcanoes as well as answers by experts to new questions.
Center for Study of Active Volcanoes
University of Hawaii at Hilo offers courses in volcanology and monitoring active volcanoes.
How Volcanoes Work
Comprehensive educational resource on the science of volcanic processes. Topics include eruption dynamics, volcanic landforms, and types and products of eruptions. Includes several animations.
Kilauea Volcano
Excellent summaries of eruptions including Puu Oo, the latest.
Learning about Volcanoes
Educational resources and extensive links
Montserrat Volcano
Part of Dr. Love's (UK) series on "Science Explained".
Mount Kilauea
Provides information and images of Mount Kilauea, safety precautions for visitors, a map and quiz.
NeMO, Undersea Volcano
Monitoring active volcanoes on the sea floor 250 miles off the coast of Oregon.
NOVA: Volcano's Deadly Warning
Companion site to the NOVA TV program. An interview with seismologist Bernard Chouet, who has come up with a new method for predicting volcanic eruptions.
Teachers Guide to Stratovolcanoes
Descriptions of 8 major stratovolcanoes around the Pacific rim.
University of Bristol: Volcanology
About the university's research group with information about their facilities, group members, publications and opportunities.
An online volcanology textbook by Robert I. Tilling of the United States Geological Survey.
Volcanoes: Can We Predict Eruptions?
Interactive exhibit, part of the Exhibits Collection of Annenberg Media. Activities invite visitors to melt rocks, locate famous volcanoes and play the role of a volcanologist. Includes video clips and related websites.
Yasur Volcano
Yasur volcano information, news, and travel.
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