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Ambiental Ltd
Flood risk assessment and risk modelling consultancy in the UK. Provides details of assessments, products and services.
Childress Construction Company, Inc.
Provide services for the elevation of flood prone commercial and residential buildings. Includes technical data for the methods of analyzing and measuring existing structures .
CIRIA: Repair and Restoration Following Floods
Advice on issues to consider and actions to take after floods.
Defence Doors
UK steel fabrication company manufacturing floodgates, flood windows, storm gates, watertight, blast and fire resistant doors.
Erosion Barrier Installations
Offers prevention and restoration services along shorelines and waterways throughout Florida and the Southeastern United States. Site-specific solutions for erosion repair and land sustainability.
Flood Barriers
Lightweight aluminum flood barriers for homes and businesses.
Flood Control International
Supply flood barriers, dams, walls, gates and backflow stop valves. Provide commercial, agricultural and civil, flood defence and flood alleviation schemes.
Flood Modeller Suite
Free and premium software designed to predict economic and environmental damage. Provides product information.
UK providers of protection against floodwater. Information on the product range, which includes domestic units, extended systems for commercial premises and vent guards, FAQ and stockists.
Floodtite Systems Ltd
British manufacturer of home flood defences including door, airbrick and toilet pan covers. Provides information about the items and FAQs.
Fluvial Innovations
UK company offering a wide range of temporary flood defence solutions. These include FLOODSTOP, a modular flood defence barrier.
Geodesign Barriers
A company based in Europe, providing flood barriers and pumps. With company and product information.
Good Innovation, LLC
Manufacturer of Armorfloat, floating barrier systems.
Supplier of an innovative alternative to traditional sandbags. They are light weight tubes, easy to use and eco-friendly.
MegaSecur Inc.
Offers the Water-Gate flood control barrier, which instantly controls a flood or can be used as a water reservoir for fire.
Metalith H2O
Flood fighting and erosion control barriers for emergency management, construction and landscape protection applications.
NoFloods Group
Supplier of the Mobile Dam, a faster and more efficient way to control flood water than sandbags.
Presray Corporation
Specializes in the design and manufacture of flood barriers and watertight doors and hatches.
Quick Sandbags
Manufacturer of a product that replaces the need to use traditional sandbags. Provides information on these biodegradable bags with online sales in retail or bulk quantities.
Sandbags Online
Sandbag supplier based in North West England. Offers nationwide delivery of both filled and empty sandbags.
Unlimited Applications Inc.
Florida-based designers and installers of flood barriers for protection of buildings. Includes FAQs and product photos.
Van den Noort Innvations
Flood barrier to protect houses and buildings on riversides. Up to 2 meters in height and unlimited length. Netherlands.
Specialist planning and consulting engineers for the UK water industry. Services include flood risk assessment, pipeline design, pipeline layout, drainage and sewage design.
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