Sites providing real-time and near-real-time reports on earthquakes and seismic shaking. Many sites also include archives of past seismic data.

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AEIC Alaska Earthquake Information Center
All sites in the network operate with a real-time data acquisition system at the Geophysical Institute. Includes information about seismology research, education and outreach programs.
Earthquake Alert
Alerts users to recent earthquake and potential tsunami activity.
Earthquakes Canada
Recent earthquakes reports, with magnitude and location. Includes clickable map, hazards info, stations and data, and research publications.
European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre
Provides information in near real time about earthquakes in the European - Mediterranean region and large earthquakes worldwide.
GEOFON Program GFZ Potsdam
A broadband seismological network with mobile network deployments and a data center.
Geoscope Observatory
Global network of broad band seismic stations continuously monitoring ground motion. Includes a map of the network and information on the GEOSCOPE Data Center where recordings are archived after validation.
Iranian Seismological Center
Online data bank and recent seismicity reports of the Iranian Seismic Telemetry Network (ISTN), Iran's largest short-period seismic network.
IRIS Seismic Monitor
Worldwide map showing recent seismicity. Includes last 30 days earthquakes, FAQs, station info and education links.
Lamont-Doherty Cooperative Seismographic Network
LCSN monitors earthquakes which occur primarily in the Eastern United States. Offers links to seismicity reports from around the world.
Lamont-Doherty Cooperative Seismographic Network
Information on seismology and earthquakes in the Eastern United States. Includes current seismograms from broadband stations.
Mediterranean Very Broadband Seismographic Network
A network of very-broadband, high-resolution seismographic stations primarily installed in countries of the Mediterranean area. Provides station locations, real-time monitoring, and live seismogram views using java applets.
New Zealand GeoNet Project
Provides real-time monitoring and data collection in New Zealand for rapid response and research into earthquake, volcano, landslide and tsunami hazards.
Observatories and Research Facilities for European Seismology - ORFEUS
Earthquakes and broadband seismological data in Europe and the Mediterranean area. Includes database resources, recent earthquake monitoring, and a software library.
The Rapid Earthquake Viewer - University of South Carolina
A seismogram viewer for recent earthquakes using global seismic stations.
Seismic Monitoring Center of Georgia
Recent earthquake records and maps, location of seismic stations, activities and projects. Includes case studies and hazard assessments.
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