This category will include websites which specifically deal with earthquake preparedness. This can include websites of government agencies or non-profit org, as well as sites with tips and advice for personal and home safety.

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All about Earthquakes
Articles on history, seismology, geography and to-do lists for emergencies.
Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup
Not-for-profit coalition of private and public representatives working together to improve the ability of Cascadia Region communities to reduce the effects of earthquake events.
Central United States Earthquake Consortium
A partnership of the federal government and eight states in the central US. The organization coordinates the multi-state effort to facilitate emergency management and mitigate disasters through research and public awareness.
Earthquake Research Affiliates
A partnership bringing business, academia and government together to address risk assessment and reduction, emergency response, planning and preparation for significant earthquakes.
Earthquake Safety Checklist - American Red Cross
Explains how to prepare an earthquake plan, what to do when shaking begins, and what to do after shaking stops.
Earthquake Safety Preparedness Information
Suggestions and recommendations for identifying and fixing potential hazards in your home.
GeoHazards International
A non-profit organization working toward global earthquake safety through risk assessment, preparedness and mitigation.
The Nevada Seismological Laboratory: Preparedness
Provides a number of information sheets on preparing the family, home and workplace for earthquakes and what to do when one strikes.
Seismc Hazard Harmonization in Europe (SHARE)
Project web-site for the EU-FP7 cooperation. Includes project objectives related to earthquake sources and activity, ground motion modeling, seismic hazard assessment and computational infrastructure.
Seismic Retrofit Training Materials
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has funded the development of extensive materials to train contractors and building inspectors on how to perform common earthquake retrofits for single family homes. The materials include both a manual and a slide presentation.
Western States Seismic Policy Council - WSSPC
Develops seismic policies and shares information to promote programs intended to reduce earthquake-related losses.
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