Earthquake - A sudden movement of the earth's crust caused by the release of stress accumulated along geologic faults or by volcanic activity. Also called seism, temblor.

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Automatic Monitoring of Regional Seismic Events
Technical paper describing an approach to automatic, real-time monitoring of regional seismic events, based on the theory of pulse propagation in a randomly stratified medium with waveguides.
Center for Earthquake Research and Information
University of Memphis (Tennessee). Includes technical information and recent earthquakes data, public awareness and resources for teachers and kids, and ongoing research projects and publications.
DL Research - Earthquake Project
Brings together and analyzes earthquake data and trends, both historical and present-day. Displays statistical graphs by number of earthquakes, magnitude, and geographic position.
Earthquake Information from the USGS
Gateway to US Geological Survey web resources on earthquakes, including information on recent quakes, earthquake preparedness, building seismically resistant structures, and current research topics.
Earthquakes in Chile
Illustrated article explaining why Chile is particularly prone to earthquakes.
Earthquakes Today
Provides maps and details of the latest earthquakes worldwide. Also provides video reports and news headlines about the more significant earthquakes.
Electric Quakes
Explains the links between solar activity, the ionosphere, planetary motion and earthquakes
How to Build an Inexpensive Seismometer
Detailed instructions, including diagrams, description of components, setup and synchronization.
Indiana Geological Survey - Earthquakes in Indiana
Describes the aftermath of the strongest earthquakes occurred and the preparation to reduce its effects.
NASA Earth Observatory
Satellite imagery of volcanoes and earthquakes.
Queensland University Advanced Centre for Earthquake Studies (QUAKES)
Research institute located in Brisbane, Australia. Includes information on earthquake simulation and forecasting.
Seismology Research Centre
Australia based company offering seismograph training and studying quakes worldwide. Provides information about the equipment and software they use, along with real-time reports on seismic activity and articles on past events.
Swiss Seismological Service
Latest earthquake information, interactive map, catalogue of Swiss earthquakes, and a feedback forum.
US Geological Survey - Earthquake Search
This form allows you to select the necessary parameters to perform a global, circular or rectangular area search for earthquakes.
World Earthquakes Live
Relates the most recent quake, with commentary from readers. Provides statistics, news and forecasts.

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