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Custom programming services and products to enhance and improve seismic processing and interpretation of geoscience data.
DataCo Ltd.
Data management services specializing in clean-up and verification of seismic surveys, subsurface and stratigraphic data.
Offers a complete range of seabed mapping products developed by IXSEA. It performs acquisition, processing and mapping of marine geophysical data including sonar, seismic and magnetometer/gradiometer data.
dGB Earth Sciences
Develops and markets geo-scientific software solutions for quantitative seismic interpretation and seismic object detection. Includes a description of products and services, as well as publications and case studies.
Earthworks Environment & Resources Ltd.
Software products and technical papers related to using geostatistical methods for depth conversion and stochastic seismic inversion.
eSeis, Inc.
Develops software and seismic processing tools that combine well log analysis with pre-stack seismic data.
GeoCap AS
2D/3D mapping and modeling software, with modules for seismic interpretation, surface modeling of seismic lines, depth conversion, volumetrics, and reservoir simulation data.
GeoCenter, Inc.
Seismic data processing services and software technology. Describes the processing modules, training and technical support.
Geogiga Technology Corp.
Software for processing and interpreting shallow geophysical data in environmental and engineering applications.
Geophysical Software Solutions
Specialists in the analysis and interpretation of potential field data. 3D gravity and magnetic modelling and software development.
Software products for seismic survey design and modeling, statics solutions, surface seismic data analysis, crosshole seismic data processing, VSP model building, and 3D seismic visualization and interpretation.
Suppliers of the software package "Istatis".
Geovers Ltd.
Supplies VSP seismic processing and interpretation software UNIVERS. Abstracts and articles in modern seismic processing techniques are available on the site.
Globe Claritas
Offers a data processing software for 2D and 3D land and marine seismic data processing.
GPLib++ Geophysical library
A C++ library to process and model geophysical data, particularly seismic and magnetotelluric. It also includes a genetic algorithm for data inversion, signal processing and statistics routines.
IGMAS - Interactive Gravity and Magnetic Application System
Interactive, graphical computer system for interpretation of potential fields (gravity and magnetics) by means of numerical simulation, with simultaneous modelling of field elements. Includes example projects and a downloadable demo version.
Ikon Science
Provides software solutions for quantitative interpretation based on rock physics and forward modelling.
Dedicated to the production of high quality software for the processing, interpretation and display of geophysical data. Includes shareware, software and tutorials.
Intrepid Geophysics
A potential field geophysical interpretation, processing, visualisation and map composition system, automatic depths and 3D geology modelling.
Open-source software package for geophysical data processing and reproducible numerical experiments. Includes a description of the features, download and installation procedures and documentation.
MB System
Software for the processing and display of swath sonar data used for mapping bathymetry and seafloor characteristics.
An open source seismic interpretation environment for processing, visualizing and interpreting multi-volume seismic data.
PetRos EiKon Incorporated
Offers electromagnetic and magnetic 3D modelling and inversion software (EMIGMA, GeoTutor) and geophysical data quality control software (QCTool) for sale.
Predrill Stresses International Pty Ltd
Software that uses 2D or 3D seismic to predict fault seal and fractures, and calculate in-situ stress in sedimentary basins pre-drill.
Rayfract Seismic Refraction Tomography
Rayfract(R) geophysical software for geotechnical engineering and exploration generates subsurface velocity models from seismic first break data. Supports P-wave, S-wave and crosshole survey interpretation.
Reflection Exploration
Windows-based software for seismic processing and velocity analysis.
Sandmeier Scientific Software
Ground-Penetrating-Radar ( GPR ) and reflection/refraction-seismic data processing software as well as solutions for various other near-surface geophysical applications like ultrasound and geoelectric.
Seismic Image Processing
Provides tools to derive the maximum information from seismic data, with advanced seismic data processing, time and depth imaging, inversion, AVO and rock physics services.
Troika International
Seismic data processing and transcription software.
Tsunami Development
Seismic imaging software based on Kirchhoff prestack time and depth migration, reverse time migration (RTM), and grid-based tomography for model updating.
USGS Potential-Field Geophysical Software for the PC
Designed to take geophysical measurements, primarily gravity-field and magnetic-field data, in the form of point data, flight-line data, or gridded data; process them; display them; and aid in their interpretation.
Velocity Manager
An interactive program for velocity modelling and depth conversion of seismic time grids. Includes software features, publications and consulting.
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