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Sells, rents and services geophysical instrumentation used on environmental, geotechnical and mining projects.
Manufacturer of geophysical and vibration monitoring instruments. Includes technical papers and resistivity software.
Advanced Logic Technology
Design and production of slimhole imaging probes, acoustic and optical televiewer, data logging systems and geophysical borehole logging equipment.
Applied Acoustic Engineering
Acoustic positioning, acoustic release, sub bottom profiling and acoustic telemetry equipment for off-shore industries.
Avalon Sciences Ltd (ASL)
Designs and manufactures advanced borehole seismic recording systems. Includes a description of the systems and manufacturing methods.
Bartington Instruments
Manufactures fluxgate magnetometers, magnetic field sensors and magnetic susceptibility systems for soils and rocks.
Beijing Earth Long Science & Technology Co.,Ltd
Manufacturer and supplier of geophysical instruments. Includes a company profile, details of the products and the network of distributors.
Bolt Technology Corporation
Designer and manufacturer of air gun and impulse generating devices as seismic energy sources. The product line targets mainly marine applications.
Delta Epsilon
Manufacturer of portable borehole logging equipment and hand-held scintillometers for groundwater, geotechnical, and radiation surveys.
Design and manufacturing of borehole geophysics instruments. Several models of optical and acoustic borehole imaging probes together with a universal data logger for all the probes.
Manufacturer of instruments and software for electromagnetic imaging. Produces an advanced tri-axial borehole fluxgate magnetometer.
Exploration Electronics
Rental and operation of seismic equipment. Includes a description of available equipment and a company profile.
GEM Systems Advanced Magnetometers
Magnetometers for ground, airborne and stationary applications including mineral exploration, hydrocarbon exploration, archeology, environmental, magnetic observatory and earthquake research.
Geomatrix Earth Science Ltd.
Sales and rental of new and used exploration geophysical instrumentation.
Geometrics Inc.
Manufacturer of geophysical instruments for subsurface investigation.
Geonics Limited
Manufacturer of electromagnetic geophysical survey systems.
Manufacturer of ground penetrating radar technology. Specialty equipment and related instrumentation for deep geophysical surveys. Site available in English, Spanish, Swedish and Russian.
GeoSIG Ltd.
Manufacturer of instruments for early earthquake detection, seismic recorders and structural monitoring systems.
Based in Moscow, offers geophysical equipment and surveys including ground penetrating radar, electromagnetic, seismic stations and recorders.
Gisco Geo
Worldwide sales, service, and rental of new and used geophysical instruments and field supplies.
Güralp Systems Limited
Designer and manufacturer of low-noise broadband seismometers, seismic digitizers and networking equipment.
Icefield Tools Corporation
Manufacturer of digital borehole survey tools for the mining, geotechnical, and oil and gas industry.
IFG Corporation
Sales, leasing and research and development service of small diameter borehole geophysics equipment and sensors.
IRIS Instruments
Manufacturer of equipment for geophysical, geotechnical and environmental in-the-field investigations. Site in English, French, and Spanish.
KD Jones Instrument Corporation
Specializes in geophysical instruments rental services for engineering and environmental companies.
Kinemetrics, Inc
Earthquake instrumentation products for monitoring bridges, dams, structures, seismic arrays and networks, as well as systems for the nuclear power industry.
Designs and manufactures specialized instruments for the measurement of electrical resistivity of soils and rocks.
LNS Geophysical Equipment Rental
Rental of geophysical equipment for shallow marine environment and land surveys. The company also offers rentals of utility detection equipment.
Macha International
Designs and manufactures seismic source control instrumentation and test equipment. Provides corporate information, details of products and information on rental and repair.
MALÅ GeoScience
Maker of ground penetrating radar technology for both surface and borehole applications in geophysical, geotechnical and civil engineering fields.
Marschall Acoustics Group
Provides a wide range of geophysical sensing and measurement instrumentation, including solid towed hydrophone arrays, solid state geophones, and electromagnetic imaging and analysis systems.
Developer of seismic products for use in academic research, tsunami warning centers, nuclear test monitoring networks, oil and gas enterprises, and structural monitoring systems.
Mount Sopris Instruments
Manufacturers of borehole geophysical logging systems for the geological, natural resource, and environmental communities.
Nanometrics Seismological Instruments
Manufacturer of broadband seismometers, seismographs, earthquake monitoring and turn-key very small aperture terminal seismic communications systems.
NOMIS Seismographs, Inc.
Manufacturer of seismic monitoring equipment.
OYO Geo Space Canada, Inc.
Develops technologies and engineers products used by the oil and gas industry to acquire geophysical data. Products include sensors, cables, connectors, marine streamer retrieval devices and peripherals, which are used in the acquisition of seismic data.
Phoenix Geophysics
Geophysical manufacturing and contracting company offering magnetotelluric (MT) and induced polarization (IP) instrumentation.
Pico Envirotec Inc.
Advanced instrumentation and turnkey systems for use in airborne and ground geophysical surveys for mining, oil and gas and environmental applications.
R.T. Clark Companies, Inc.
An international brokerage company offering new, used and surplus equipment for land, marine, and airborne geophysical and geotechnical applications.
Radar Systems, Inc.
Based in Latvia, manufactures equipment for ground penetrating radar.
RMS Instruments
Specializes in research, development and production of ruggedized data recording equipment, test and measurement instruments, and geophysical exploration systems.
Provides sales and service of geophysical instrumentation for ground, borehole, marine and airborne applications. Includes a product catalog, support manuals, technical papers and software applications.
Manufactures, leases and sells exploration seismographs and related geophysical equipment for oil, gas, mineral and geotechnical exploration.
Sensors and Software Inc
Ground penetrating radar technology for a variety of applications. Includes products, rentals, maintenance and training.
Provides seismic acquisition systems based on cable, radio telemetry and vibrators. Includes news, brochures, a catalog of products and services.
Wireless Seismic
Multi-channel wireless seismograph systems for recording 3D seismic surveys without geophone cables.
Designs and manufactures specialized equipment for the measurement of magnetic susceptibility of soils and rocks.
ZLS corporation
Designs and builds high precision gravity meters with zero-length spring. Also includes an electronics lab with repair services and test facilities.
ZZ Resistivity Imaging
Specializes in electrical resistivity imaging instruments and services. Provides data acquisition, processing and inversion systems for crosshole tomography and surface resistivity surveys.
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