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Amulet Exploration Ltd.
Geophysical consulting and exploration management, based in Calgary.
Applied Geophysics
Acquisition, interpretation and reprocessing of aeromagnetic data, including group surveys and a proprietary data bank with stereo 3D magnetic and terrain maps.
Applied Seismology Consultants
Provide seismic monitoring of rock masses and concrete structures, particularly for radioactive waste, mining, civil engineering and petroleum applications.
AS Geograf
Consultancy and quality control services for acquisition and processing phases of exploration seismic and position data.
Big Sky Geophysics
Potential field (gravity and magnetics) and electrical/EM methods for applications in mineral exploration, hydrocarbon exploration, and engineering studies.
Centennial Geoscience, Inc
Integrated geologic and geophysical consulting, data acquisition, processing, and interpretation.
ClearView Geophysics Inc.
Offers near surface survey techniques for environmental engineering and mineral exploration.
Condor Consulting Inc.
Provides general geophysical consulting for minerals exploration, and/or groundwater and environmental assessment, specializing in airborne survey management, processing, interpretation, QC, and safety.
Count Geophysics Limited
An independent geoscience consultancy focusing on geophysical interpretation and seismic acquisition management.
Crebs Geophysics
California-registered mining geophysicist specializing in helicopter-borne electromagnetics/magnetics (HEM) geophysical surveys for nickel, copper, cobalt, platinum-group metals (PGMs), and diamonds.
CWSX Oil and Gas Exploration
Prospect generation and consulting services specializing in geology and geophysics, seismic interpretation and attribute analysis for structural and stratigraphic prospects.
Dawood Engineering: Geophysics
Provides comprehensive sub-surface and borehole services to geotechnical, environmental, hydrologic and geologic organizations in North America.
Earth Dynamics
Terrestrial and marine engineering geophysical studies including: seismic refraction, electrical resistivity, ground penetrating radar, gravity, magnetics, side scan sonar and sub-bottom profiling.
Earth Resources Exploration
Provides seismic processing, reservoir modelling, stratigraphic and biostratigraphy consulting as well as software and technical training.
Eastern Atlas
Specializing in investigation of contaminated sites, dykes, landfills, cavity and utility detection.
EDCON Gravity and Magnetics
Gravity and magnetic data acquisition, processing and interpretation. Specializing in airborne, borehole, land and marine gravity and magnetics for environmental, engineering and energy industries.
Specializes exclusively in non-intrusive, non-destructive geophysics - the science of detecting and mapping underground, underwater, or otherwise hidden objects or features.
Fromm Applied Technology
Geophysical consultant offering seismic refraction, seismic reflection, electrical resistivity, OhmMapper, ground penetrating radar, underground locating, seismic surveys, magnetometer and other services.
GeoModel, Inc.
Environmental and geophysical consulting for ground penetrating radar surveys and other geophysical surveys worldwide.
Geophysical Data System Ltd.
Consulting in 2D and 3D seismic exploration with a focus on processing and interpretation of seismic data, as well as supervising quality control of field seismic operations and field acquisition.
Specializes in environmental and exploration geophysics using gravity, magnetics, electromagnetics and ground penetrating radar.
Geosearches Inc.
Provides ground penetrating radar subsurface and concrete investigations. Includes list of services and typical applications.
Golder Geophysics
Provides professional geophysical consulting services to a complete spectrum of engineering, environmental and mining clients around the world.
Hager-Richter Geoscience
Specialists in surface and borehole geophysics for environmental, archaeological and engineering applications.
Hasbrouck Geophysics, Inc.
Complete geophysical consulting and contracting for the mining, groundwater, environmental and engineering industries with over 30 years of experience.
IGC - Integrated Geophysics Corporation
Provides integrated geological and geophysical interpretation services to the petroleum and mining industries. Includes an online glossary of gravity and magnetics terms.
In-Depth Solutions, LLC
Velocity modeling and depth conversion services and software.
Interactive Exploration Solutions, Inc.
Geophysical and geological interpretation consulting services, 2D and 3D modeling, seismic survey design, and integrated field studies.
Lyatsky Geoscience Research and Consulting Ltd.
Interpretation of gravity and magnetic data and field acquisition and processing of potential-field data, for oil and gas, mineral and coal exploration.
Measured Earth Limited
Offers consulting services in survey design planning, data acquisition and operations management, and processing sequence development.
Met Surveys Geophysics
Non-intrusive geophysical survey specialists for the engineering, environmental and brownfield development industries.
NORCAL Geophysical Consultants, Inc.
Surface data acquisition and interpretation, borehole logging and imaging, for environmental, geohydrologic, geotechnical, and engineering applications and UXO detection.
Prism GeoImaging, Inc.
Geophysical investigation services, geoimaging, engineering and environmental consulting, geology, geophysics, subsurface investigations.
Quantum Geophysics, Inc.
Specialists in surface and downhole geophysical survey for engineering, groundwater, electrical resistivity and environmental studies.
Reid Geophysics
Geophysical exploration consultancy in gravity and magnetics for petroleum and in mining and environmental geophysics using EM, electrical, gamma ray and magnetic imaging methods
Reynolds Geo-Sciences Ltd.
Environmental and engineering geophysics consultancy within the specialist area of glacial hazard assessment and remediation, earthquake preparedness and marine geotechnics.
Saudi Geophysical Consulting.
Provides details of the engineering, environmental, oil and mineral and technical services offered.
Seismic Consultants Group Pty. Ltd.
Offers specialist services in land and transition zone seismic field crew supervision and quality control, project planning and management, technical and HSE audit and survey design.
Select Surveys
Surveying work including ground penetrating radar surveys, GPS surveying and electromagnetic utility detection, through to planning and feasibility services such as composite drawings, statutory undertakers searches and CAD services.
Southern Geoscience Consultants
Mineral exploration services include design, supervision, processing and interpretation of all types of ground and airborne geophysical surveys.
Spectrum Geophysics
Geophysical services including ground penetrating radar, seismics and resistivity investigations, for well and utility-location.
Stratgex Ltd. Geophysical Consulting
Consulting company based in Toronto, Ontario Canada, with expertise in the design, application, management, processing and interpretation of geophysical surveys for mining, petroleum and environmental studies.
Stuart Fletcher, Consultant Geophysicist
A consultancy providing seismic interpretation and associated geoscience services to the oil and gas industry.
Subsurface Geotechnical
Provides engineering and environmental geophysical services for site investigation, contaminated land and NDT
Subsurface Surveys and Associates, Inc.
Specializes in near surface geophysics and utility locating services.
Consultancy specializing in geostatistical modelling, reservoir characterisation, coherency processing, neural networking, conventional and advanced seismic processing and interpretation.
Tejas Consultants
Offshore scientific surveys design, navigation survey design, rig and platform positioning, seismic data processing in house and offshore, data acquisition QC, onboard data processing. Based in New Zealand.
Provides non-invasive geophysical site investigations in relation to the geotechnical, civil engineering, waste management, groundwater and mineral industries.
Verif-i: The Seismic QC Consultancy
Seismic exploration consultants offering technical auditing, advanced software and hardware solutions and in-depth training.
WTW & Associates
Offers data digitizing and mapping services as well as seismic survey design, field processing and supervision.
Xenon Geosciences, Inc.
Provides geophysical services in support of engineering and environmental efforts.
Zebra Geosciences Limited
Survey planning, field QC, processing and interpretation of VSP data and borehole seismic surveys.
Zetica Geophysics
Environmental and engineering site investigations combining non-invasive scanning techniques with traditional methods.
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