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Products and services include all of the specialized apparatus, equipment, services and other things that scientific researchers, teachers, and engineers working in the field of Geophysics need in the course of their work.

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Abitibi Geophysics
Based in Quebec, offering a wide range of ground geophysical survey types for mineral exploration, particularly precious metals and diamonds.
Actidyn Systemes
Form offering simulation of physical phenomena using vibration, universal testing machines, balancing machines, centrifuges and earthquake simulators.
AOA Geophysics Inc.
Survey design, data acquisition and processing, mapping and interpretation, geoscience consulting as applied to energy exploration and development engineering, and geotechnical and construction engineering projects.
Seismic data processing, participation surveys, geotechnical services, marketing and data management, and 2D and 3D seismic data libraries for the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.
Atlantic Subsurface Imaging
Uses ground penetrating radar (GPR) to locate utilities and other structures hidden in concrete or buried underground.
Austin Exploration Inc.
Acquisition of marine and land gravity and magnetics surveys. Includes a description of non-exclusive surveys available, new technology systems, and data services.
BGP, Inc.
Acquisition and processing of shallow water and transition zone seismic surveys.
Bird Seismic Services
Acquisition of streamer and transition zone seismic reflection and refraction for environmental, ground water surveys and shallow gas.
Canesis Data
Offers data conditioning and restoration services, including seismic vectorizing and log and map digitizing.
Challenger Geophysical Ltd
Provides engineering and environmental geophysical data acquisition, processing and interpretation.
Crone Geophysics and Exploration Ltd.
Time domain electromagnetics equipment design and survey acquisition. Includes case histories and technical papers.
DMNG Sakhalin Geophysical Company
Research vessels for the acquisition of geophysical data, including gravitational prospecting, magnetometric prospecting and seismic survey 2D/3D.
Earthquake Detector
The Quake Alarm provides early warning of earthquakes by detecting the compression wave (the P wave) which precedes the actual shear wave of an earthquake.
Electromagnetic GeoServices
Global provider of 3D electromagnetic data for offshore oil and gas exploration; from scanning frontier areas and de-risking seismic prospects to appraisal and delineation of reservoirs.
Engineering Seismology Group Canada
Specializes in passive monitoring of induced microseismicity, designs and manufactures vibration sensors, acquisition systems and recording instruments.
Enviro-Tech Surveys Ltd.
Designs and executes 2-D and 3-D seismic surveys using state-of-the-art GPS technologies for digital mapping products.
Excel Geophysics Inc.
Provides gravity and magnetic field surveys, data processing, interpretation and equipment rentals.
Flamingo Seismic Solutions
Offers interpretive processing that provides detailed reservoir characterization using advanced AVO, spectral decomposition and seismic texture analysis.
Force Balanced Physics
Details of a new earth in-situ mechanical systems relationship between mass, 3-D loads and stresses, pore fluid pressure, strain and rock physical properties. Also includes information on text book and services offered.
Geo Data Solutions
Provides services in acquiring, processing and interpreting aerial surveying, spectrometry, geochemistry. Site includes description of services offered and company information.
GeoDynamics Research S.r.l.
Development and application of infrasonic passive differential spectroscopy, a less invasive technology for the detection and monitoring of hydrocarbon reservoirs.
Providing solutions for seismic data compression, processing, and data management in the oil and gas industry.
Geofizyka ToruĊ„
3D and multicomponent seismic surveys in Eastern Europe. Onshore acquisition, processing and interpretation services, well logging and downhole seismic surveys.
Ground survey company conducting gravity, magnetic, electrical, electromagnetic, seismic reflection and refraction, and ground-probing radar surveys with a focus on environmental projects.
Geophysical Development Corporation
Seismic data processing and exploration services including time and depth imaging, AVO and petrophysical analysis.
Geophysical Service Incorporated
Crew operations, data management, equipment leasing, acquisition and processing of speculative land and marine 2D and 3D data.
Geophysics GPR International
Airborne geophysics for mineral exploration, buried object detection, concrete structure evaluation, and environmental and contamination studies.
GeoStrata Resources Inc.
Operates geophysical acquisition crews capable of recording dynamite, vibroseis, truck or heliportable operations with both 3D or 2D parameters.
GeoTek Services
Provides ground penetrating radar and electro-magnetic induction services for concrete scanning, utility locating and environmental site surveys.
Global Geophysical Services
Specializes in acquiring high density, reservoir grade 3D data sets and provides land and marine seismic acquisition solutions on a proprietary contract or speculative basis.
GPR Professional Services
Offers ground penetrating radar services, including scanning, consulting, on-site training, and sales of GPR equipment. Based in Marblehead, Massachusetts.
Hardin International Processing, Inc.
Geophysical processing center for seismic data. Includes a description of software and hardware technology and a company profile.
JEBCO Seismic L.P.
Provides a library of spec data and non-exclusive surveys, including land 3D, transition zone, ocean bottom cable, and regional 2D and 3D marine programmes.
Kelman Technologies Inc.
Digital seismic data processing, archiving and data management services.
MicroGeophysics Corporation
Geophysical contract company. Publications, work sites and a client list.
Naeva Geophysics, Inc
Subsurface detection using magnetics, electromagnetics, ground penetrating radar, UXO detection, seismic refraction and reflection, utility location, self potential, resistivity, and borehole logging.
Nan Gall Technology
A specialist design and manufacturing company producing leading edge downhole and surface data acquisition equipment for the oil gas industry based in Aberdeen, Scotland.
New England Research
Scientists and engineers pursuing the understanding and applications of rock properties to geological problems.
New-Sense Geophysics Limited
Offering magnetic, radiometric and time domain electromagnetic airborne surveys to the mining and petroleum industries.
The Online Geoscience Dictionary
The Online Geoscience Dictionary allows all registered users to access and update over 20000 Geoscience definitions. In addition Geoscientist users can trace old colleagues and have a technical discussion online.
OYO Corporation.
Installation and maintenance of accelerographs and earthquake monitoring equipment, and consulting services on earthquake damage mitigation.
Paterson, Grant and Watson Limited
Specialists in the management, processing and interpretation of airborne and ground geophysical surveys. Also offers a variety of non-exclusive international datasets.
Paulsson Geophysical Services, Inc.
Provides data acquisition, processing and interpretation services in the field of advanced 3D borehole seismology and massive 3D VSP. Includes hardware specifications and survey design parameters.
Specialists in the computer processing of satellite image data for the identification, evaluation, monitoring and regulation of natural resources and the mapping of related infrastructure.
Pinemont Technologies Inc.
Electro-telluric sweep receiver data acquisition and navigation systems for environmental measurements and geophysical exploration.
Polaris Explorer Ltd.
Conducts 2D and 3D seismic recording in extreme conditions, from sources that include dynamite, vibroseis, marine airguns and explorer accelerated weight drop system.
Precision GeoSurveys Inc.
Company based in Vancouver, Canada, specializing in high resolution airborne magnetic, radiometric and electromagnetic surveys in mountainous terrain.
Quantec Geoscience
Provides geophysical services to the mining industry with a focus on data acquisition, interpretation and survey execution.
Subsurface evaluations that include geophysical, hydrophysical, hydrological, imaging, interpretation, modeling and training. Based in Colorado.
Rock Solid Images
Solutions for seismic reservoir characterization, seismic attributes and rock physics.
Sander Geophysics Limited
Specializes in high resolution airborne magnetic, gravimetric and radiometric surveys using fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.
Scott Geophysics Ltd.
Specializes in induced polarization resistivity surveys. Other methods such as magnetometer and VLF-EM are also available. Additional processing and interpretation are offered, including inversion of IP and resistivity data.
Seabird Exploration Norway AS
Provider of 2D, source and shallow water 2D/3D seismic services.
Seismic Exchange, Inc. (SEI)
2D and 3D seismic data marketing with proprietary databases in the Gulf of Mexico, domestic onshore and transition zone.
Data library of land and marine surveys available for license. Includes an online GIS viewer for registered users to download detailed information.
SJ Geophysics Ltd.
Ground geophysical surveys for the mineral exploration, environmental and engineering industries, including induced polarization and resistivity, electromagnetic, gravity, magnetic, radiometric, and ground penetrating radar.
Spotlight Geophysical Services
Geophysical services for engineering and environmental applications specializing in karst, shallow marine, and geologic hazard assessments.
Terraquest Ltd
Specializes in airborne geophysical surveys, geophysical consulting, data interpretation, enhancement and modeling.
Tricon Geophysics, Inc.
Provides 3D and 2D seismic processing services including 3D pre-stack migration and depth imaging.
Ultramag Geophysics Pty. Ltd
Manufacture, sales and rentals, and magnetometer survey services. Includes information about the earth's magnetic field and case studies.
US Radar inc
Specialist in the design and innovation of surface and ground penetrating radar systems. Includes details of products and applications.
UTS Geophysics
Ultra-high resolution airborne geophysical surveys, offering advanced data acquisition and processing of airborne magnetics single sensor and gradient, radiometrics, gravimetry and electromagnetics.
Vector Seismic Data Processing, Inc.
Seismic data processing and research and development of software for solving complex 2D/3D seismic images.
Velseis Pty Ltd.
An Australian seismic exploration company providing a range of seismic technologies and contracting services for coal, mineral and hydrocarbon exploration.
Zonge International Inc
Equipment manufacturing and field services of electrical and electromagnetic methods for subsurface imaging applied to hydrological, hydrocarbon, environmental, engineering, and unexploded ordnance.

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