Photogrammetry is the art and science of using photographs to measure objects which cannot be touched directly. It is primarily used for creating maps from photographs of the Earth. Photogrammetry companies frequently also take the aerial photographs, and sometimes also provide land surveying or other related services.

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Ace Aerial Photography, Inc
Aerial photography, topographic mapping and digital orthophotos services along with a large inventory of historical aerial negatives.
Aerial Cartographics of America Inc
Supplier of aerial photography, photogrammetry, digital mapping and GIS projects and services in the United States, the Caribbean, and in South America.
Aerial Oklahoma, Inc.
Aerial photography, photogrammetry, digital and analog mapping services. Oklahoma City, OK
Aero Geometrics
Aerial survey and digital mapping.
Greek company based in Thessalonica offering professional topographic aerial photography. Provides information on the equipment used and samples of work. In Greek and English.
AeroSys Consulting Group
Aerotriangulation software for WinNT. Photogrammetric services, aerial triangulation, digital orthophotos, DTM's and custom software development.
Airborne Sensing
Offers vertical aerial photography for mapping anywhere in North or Central America.
Atlis Geomatics
Aerial survey and mapping firm headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Provides land base maps and imaging services for clients across North America and the Middle East.
Base Mapping Co Ltd
Provides mapping services including digital terrain analysis, orthophotos, photogrammetry, aerial photography and scanning. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Blue Mountain Aerial Mapping
BMAM provides a complete line of services including aerial photography, volumetric mapping, airborne GPS, 2D and 3D GIS, planning and survey products.
Continental Mapping Consultants, Inc.
Aerial photography, photogrammetric mapping and spatial data development services to public and private clients of the GIS, land records and design engineering communities.
Cooper Aerial Surveys
Provides complete aerial photography, digital mapping, photogrammetry and GIS services.
Cornerstone Mapping, Inc.
Digital aerial photography, photogrammetric mapping and digital orthophoto production using the Applanix DSS digital aerial camera system designed to support direct georeferencing.
Delta Aerial Surveys Ltd.
Provides user specific digital and analog map and orthophoto data for a wide range of municipal and resource based clients. Located in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
Digital Mapping, Inc.
Photogrammetric mapping, land surveying, GIS, digital orthophoto, scanning, data conversion and related services. Los Angeles, CA
DotKa Photogrammetry
Aerial and close range photogrammetry from the Netherlands. Orthophoto production and 3d city models.
Dudley Thompson Mapping Corporation
DTM is a full service digital mapping company. Services offered include aerial photography, ground control, aerial film scanning, aerotriangulation and digital topographic mapping.
Eagle Mapping Services
Full service photogrammetric mapping firm providing topographical and orthophoto mapping products. The main office is located in Vancouver, Canada; other offices are in Santiago, Chile and Lima, Peru.
Eastern Topographics
Aerial photography and photogrammetric mapping services, digital and analog. Existing photography available throughout New England.
GeoLas Consulting
Provides consulting services for imaging laser altimetry/airborne laser mapping technology and applications, and 3D geodata processing and visualization services.
Gulf Coast Aerial Mapping Inc.
Offer aerial photography, parcel mapping, and digital mapping. Includes a demonstration of how stockpile volumes are calculated. Baton Rouge, La.
I.F. Rooks & Associates, Inc.
Aerial photography and digital photogrammetry throughout Florida and the United States.
Image Information Technology
Research and development center in the areas of photogrammetry and image exploitation. Unique capabilities in Socet Set, aerial image exploitation, photogrammetry and precision modeling.
INOVx Solutions
Use photogrammetry and laser scanning technologies to capture and document a plant's physical condition as an aid to information management.
LaFave White & McGivern LS PC
Land Surveying and Photogrammetric Mapping
National Aerial Resources (NAR)
Provides aerial photography services including research and acquisition of aerial photography.
Nor East Mapping
Aerial photography, orthophotography and topographic mapping to private and governmental agencies.
Offset Services Limited
Photogrammetry, as-built computer models, and CAD from survey data.
Precision Aerial Surveys
Provides aerial photography, mapping and GIS information for New Zealand and Pacific Islands.
Privateers NV
Specialists in remote sensing. Topographic maps (x,y,z within 20m accuracy worldwide), timber volume maps, crop area estimation and yield forecast. GIS compatible products.
Supplier of low and high resolution topographic data bases including 3D city models, Digital Terrain Models, land use mapping and ortho-mosaics.
Stereometrics, Inc.
Small photogrammetric consulting firm providing digital topographic mapping for local government and the private sector.
Survey 2 CAD
Specialize in the production of 3D as-built CAD models using close range digital photogrammetry and PICS technology.
Specializes in GPS referenced digital aerial photography and aerial photographic interpretation. Includes sample photos, equipment, project details, publications and company background.
Van Rhijn Aerial Photography
VRAP are commercial aerial photographers involved exclusively in oblique aerial photography, operating out of Welshpool and Manchester and covering the whole of Great Britain and Ireland.
Specialized in collecting GIS data using airborne surveying techniques. Primarily use GPS, INS, laserscanner and videocamera techniques to gather spatial information for use in photogrametric solutions.

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