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Offers retail, commercial, domestic, land and measured building survey services across the UK.
Apogee Data Consulting
Independent GIS consultancy specialising in providing information to the broadcast industry. Provide services supporting the ongoing process of the switch from analogue to digital television and radio. United Kingdom.
Land and building surveys, engineering surveys and digital mapping services based in London, United Kingdom.
Buckler Surveys and Engineering Ltd
Offer traditional site setting out skills with modern surveying techniques. United Kingdom.
Bury Associates Limited
Surveying service for engineers, architects, town planners and environmental agencies. Projects range in size from a topographical survey of a small garden to a 3D virtual model of a town centre. Worcester, UK.
CD Surveys Ltd.
Land Surveying and Site Engineering for the South of England; Includes samples of our work and application for quotes.
Davies's Chartered Land Surveyors
Based in Cardiff, South Wales, UK, a privately owned firm of surveyors, offering topographical, measured building and GIS inventory surveys. CAD examples and situations vacant.
Downland Surveyi & Measurement
Offer a range of services including topographical and building surveys, industrial measurement and heritage recording. United Kingdom.
EDI Surveys Ltd
Offers topographic, land, and measured building surveys, pipe and cable laying. Located in Ipswich Suffolk, United Kingdom.
EMC Surveys
Land and building surveyors. Services include land surveys, as built surveys, setting out and legal mapping.
EOI Ortho International
Providing services in survey, mapping, digital mapping, aerial survey, ortho, orthophoto, photogrammetry, and terrestrial. Located in Dublin, Ireland.
Harry Skinner Surveys
UK based topographic land surveyors, specialising in environmental, highway, airfield and land development schemes, with experience in the UK and Caribbean.
International Partner Buro
Offers topographic surveying, cadastral work and GPS point determination services in Romania.
Kemp Chartered Land & Engineering Surveyors
Offers engineering survey and setting out services, topographic and measured building surveys, and sub-surface utility tracing and mapping in south-west England.
KingsLand Surveyors
United Kingdom-based land, architectural and utility survey services.
Offers a range of services including land, topographical and measured building surveys and GIS data capture across the UK.
Laser Surveys Ltd
Provide topographical, measured building, hydrographic, structural monitoring, landscape surveys as well as setting out, CCTV drainage and underground utility surveys. Leigh, Worcester.
Met Surveys
Offers land and building surveys using laser technology, geophysical services, archaeological investigations, CAD and 3D visualisation, brownfield and decent-home-condition studies, and related services. Leeds, UK.
Monument Geomatics Ltd.
UK-based land surveyors specialising in topographical, building, highway and channel surveys, setting out and flood risk assessments. Located in Gloucestershire.
MTS Consultancy
Chartered land surveyors specializing in minerals, landfill and associated industrial properties. Features profile, description of services and contacts. Operating in the United Kingdom from locations in Somerset, England, and Cardiff, Wales.
PM Surveys UK
Land survey, measured building survey, laser scanning and 3D modelling company.
S.D. Land Surveys
Land surveying firm based in Hyde, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom, with experience in rail, road, or waterway transport surveys.
Site Engineering Surveys Ltd
Land and construction survey company specialising in topographical surveys, building control, deformation monitoring and internal building surveys, based in London, United Kingdom.
Six-West Ltd
Land, mineral and hydrographic surveyors and planning consultants located in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Skilltran Limited
Independent professional land survey and civil engineering company providing services to construction and project management companies throughout England, United Kingdom.
Sterling Surveys Ltd.
Provides topographic, architectural and hydrographic surveys from offices in London and Yorkshire.
Twickenham Surveys
Land and building surveying, setting out and site control. Includes a company profile and examples of work.
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