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Atlas Computers
Offers SCC (Survey Control Centre) and PocketDTM office and field based land surveying, traverse, DTM, volumes, design and visualisation software - on Windows and Pocket PC.
Offers Muncy's Plat Pronto for entering legal descriptions or raw survey data, COGO, subdividing, and drafting - on Windows.
Offers Windows tools for digital terrain modeling, focusing on road, highway, railway and airfield planning, and quantity takeoff. Also in Greek.
Foresoft Pty Ltd
Offers Windows and Palm packages for COGO, digital terrain modeling, road design, borehole logging and land grading.
GAG Computer Software
GAG LAP for level run adjustment - on Windows.
VisionPlus Software for COGO, alignment, volume calculation, drafting, and design - on AutoCAD or MicroStation.
Global COGO
BURKORD for 3D coordinate geometry and error propagation, based on the Global Spatial Data Model - on DOS and Windows.
Open access program to make, edit and draw digital terrain models, contouring maps and volume calculations.
Developers of LISCAD surveying, engineering and field data collection software for land surveyors, civil engineers and GIS professionals.
MicroSurvey Software, Inc.
MicroSurvey CAD for field data collection, COGO, DTM, traversing, volumes, contouring, drafting and plan production. FieldGenius for data collection. OfficeSync to transfer files between field and office.
NRG Surveys
Provide a suite of specialist engineering surveying software for Windows. The package covers the entire field of civil engineering and construction.
PC Survey
PC Survey for data entry, COGO, traverse adjustment, contouring, volumes, and drafting - on Windows. Pocket Surveyor for data collection from total stations and GPS devices - on Pocket PC.
Quickclose Pty. Ltd.
Sells program for plane and geodetic coordinate geometry on HP graphing calculators. Offers free utilities for same.
QuickCogo for COGO, traverse processing, curve calculations, subdivision, and plane-geographic conversion - on Palm OS, Pocket PC, DOS, and all versions of Windows.
Offers Student Cogo, SiteStake, and Party Chief for coordinate geometry and total station control - on HP48 and Windows.
RMS Software
Level Logger for levelling, Site Engineer for setting out - on Pocket PC.
Geomatics Suite for topographic and cadastral survey calculation and adjustment, terrain modeling, image processing, drafting, and road and railway design - on Windows.
Surveying software for AutoCAD. Suite puts CAD at the front of the survey process enabling real-time user selection and onsite preparation of CAD drawings.
TML Store
Third party solutions for Terramodel that include 3D, drafting, civil engineering software, surveying software, and GPS.
Traverse PC
Offers point-based software for managing land survey data in a non-cad environment. Features evaluation videos and a forum for users.
Underhill Geomatics Ltd.
Provides details of products for survey and data conversion applications in Windows, Palm OS, and Pocket PC. Includes free downloads and online area calculator.

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