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Applied Paleomagnetics, Inc.
Offering Paleomagnetic core orientation and paleomagnetic services including paleomagnetic fracture orientation, fracture studies in fractured reservoirs, and paleomagnetic orientation of in-situ stress.
Broadband Seisimic Data Collection Center
Real time seismic data for view or download from the Anza network in Southern California.
Cecil and Ida Green PiƱon Flat Observatory
Set up to measure crustal deformation in a tectonically active area, improve estimates of the earthquake hazard in southern California, and serve as a testing ground for new geophysical instrumentation.
Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics
Diagrams of tectonics of the North Pacific and the west coast of North America.
Earth Floor: Plate Tectonics
Full and clear information about Plate Tectonics: Convergent Boundaries, Divergent Boundaries, Transform Boundaries.
Information from the British Geological Survey.
GPS Time Series
Measurements made with the Global Positioning System are sensitive enough to detect motion of the Earth's tectonic plates.
An Introduction to Plate Tectonics
Plates movements. The theories that scientists have used to explain these movements.
NSF funded program which tries to understand the complex interplay of processes that govern the evolution of continental margins by a multidisciplinary approach, including seismicity and subduction processes.
Patrice Rey's Teaching Portfolio
Resources for students in geology and geophysics, including lectures notes, slide show and virtual field trips. Topics include structural geology, tectonics, and geology of granite.
Peter Bird's Programs for Tectonic Modeling
Tectonic modeling with finite elements: programs, publications, figures, and abstracts by Peter Bird of UCLA.
Plate Tectonic Evolution of the Cocos-Nazca Spreading Center
This article is about Plate Tectonic Evolution written by Martin Meschede and Udo Barckhausen. [PDF]
Plate Tectonics
This site provides useful information about tectonics: the origin of plate tectonics, indications of tectonic activity, age of the sea floor.
Plate Tectonics and Climate
Dorian J. Burnette writes about how continental movement plate tectonics have a profound impact on the climate of the Earth.
Plate Tectonics Animation
Interesting animations of plate tectonics movement. Including gif, avi and mov formats.
Study of the Recent Structural Evolution of Continental Basins in Altai-Sayan
PhD thesis on the active tectonics of Northeast Altai in central Asia focusing on structural geology, paleostress analysis, seismics and radon gas geochemistry.
Tectonics contains original scientific contributions in analytical, synthetic, and integrative tectonics. Papers are restricted to the structure and evolution of the terrestrial lithosphere with dominant emphasis on the continents.
Teton Tectonics
Dr. Peter Langdon Ward has made a detailed analysis of the geology of western North America in relation to the motion of plates in the eastern Pacific Ocean. He also discusses earthquakes and global climate change.
This Dynamic Earth
View of the planet Earth from the USGS.
Lectures on Plate Tectonics by Mark W. Williams (University of Colorado at Boulder).
Weldon Beauchamp
Tectonic Evolution of the Atlas Mountains, North Africa. Research page with links to related resources.
Wikipedia: Plate Tectonics
Plate tectonics. Types of plate boundaries. Sources of plate motion.
World Stress Map Project
Database containing information on the contemporary tectonic stress state (e.g. orientation and magnitude) in the Earth's crust. Users can request customized stress maps for selected regions.

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