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Ada Gem, Mineral and Fossil Club
Group in Ada, Oklahoma for people interested with a general and scientific interest in rocks, minerals and fossils.
Amateur Geologists' Web-Ring
For people interested in rocks, minerals or fossils and geological societies and clubs which provide lectures, field trips or publications.
Australian Lapidary Clubs
Directory of Australian lapidary clubs and gem shows. Includes a library, gallery, articles and videos.
The British Columbia Lapidary Society
A non-profit organization to encourage and promote the hobby of lapidary. Club Directory, gem and mineral shows, field trips, and other activities of member clubs.
Calaveras Gem & Mineral Society
This Angels Camp, CA club shares knowledge and interests in rocks and minerals with monthly meetings, a lapadairy store, and an annual show.
Calgary Rock and Lapidary Club
Non-profit organization of rockhounds interested in all aspects of the earth sciences including such areas as lapidary, collecting, gems, minerals, fossils, crystals, geology, paleontology and gemology.
Charlotte Gem and Mineral Club
The club's purpose is to foster interest in, and promote knowledge of minerals, gems, fossils, and all earth sciences, and disseminate info and instruction in the lapidary arts, and the utilization of precious metals in crafts.
Chicago Rocks & Minerals Society (CRMS)
Information on faceting, gems, crystals, rocks, minerals, lapidary arts, fossils, and related club activities in the Midwest U.S.
Contra Costa Mineral & Gem Society
Located east of the San Francisco bay area, in Concord CA, the club has an annual mineral and gem show, monthly meetings, and field trips.
Dallas Gem and Mineral Society
A non-profit organization dedicated to continuing education in all of the earth sciences, with activities in rockhounding,lapidary arts and jewelry making.
Del Air Rockhounds Club, Inc.
A lapidary arts, paleontology, geology and jewelry making club in the San Fernando Valley. Online field trip reports, gem fair information and educational materials.
El Dorado County Mineral and Gem Society
This society located in Placerville, California was founded in January 1949 to learn about and share interests in rocks, minerals, fossils, earth sciences, and the lapidary arts, with monthly meetings, a junior program, field trips, lapidary classes, and an annual rock and gem show and hosts the county fair mineral displays.
Fallbrook Gem and Mineral Society
Based in Fallbrook, California. Features events calendar and descriptions of meetings.
Farnham Geological Society
Background and aims of the Society, lists lecture programmes and gives details of field trips, based Farnham, Surrey, UK.
The Finnish Gem Hobbyists' Society
The Helsinki Finland society provides information on rocks and minerals to its members, to further stone polishing skills, and to provide a forum for the exchange of views.
Fort Worth Gem and Mineral Club
Aims to encourage the study of geology, mineralogy and the lapidary arts and stimulate interest in the collecting of minerals and fossils. Includes details of classes, meetings, membership and the annual show.
Gem, Lapidary & Mineral Society of Montgomery County, MD
A non-profit educational organization. Aims to increase knowledge and popular interest in earth sciences, geology, mineralogy, paleontology, lapidary arts and related subjects.
Houston Gem and Mineral Society
Organization of rockhounds, fossil collectors, and those interested in the lapidary arts.
Lawrence County Rock Club
Located in Bedford, Indiana, USA. Provides information on the club's aims, membership, meetings, gem shows, the newsletter and dealer information.
Livermore Valley Lithophiles Gem and Mineral Society
"Lithophiles" are rock lovers and this club serves the Livermore California area with monthly meetings, field trips, educational programs, and an annual show "Lithorama".
Middle Tennessee Rockhounds
Group of individuals who share common interests in collecting and working with gems, minerals, jewelry, geology, and fossils.
Mineral and Gem Society of Castro Valley
This California society was established since 1945 to exchange information, teach others, promote field trips, and to provide a club workshop for the lapidary arts.
Montreal Gem and Mineral Club
Non-profit organization with workshops, field trips, shows and related links.
The Niagara Peninsula Geological Society
Non-profit organization that holds monthly meetings, field trips, and an annual show about all aspects of geology. St Catharines, Ontario.
North Jeffco Gem and Mineral Club, Arvada, Colorado
Purpose is to promote the Earth Sciences through programs at our monthly meetings. Members enjoy rockhounding (rocks, minerals and fossils).
Olympic Rock Clubs
Information on active gem, mineral, and jewellery making clubs in Western Washington, USA.
Oregon Gold Hunters
Forum for discussing gold prospecting in Oregon, mining, metal detecting and rock hounding. Includes locations, advice, photos and classifieds.
Pebblepup: The Rock Hound Experience
John Merritt shares stories related to the hobby of rock hounding, provide information useful to rock hounds and offers cabachons and other specimens and supplies.
Prairie Rock and Gem Society
Located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Offers rockhound adventures, weekly workshops, and shared experiences.
San Francisco Gem and Mineral Society
This California society has monthly meetings, and a newsletter to promote the lapidary arts.
Santa Clara Valley Gem and Mineral Society
This club centered in the south end of the San Francisco bay, features online copies of monthly newsletters, that highlight the monthly meetings, speakers, field trips, study groups, and a yearly "Rock and Gem" show.
Santa Rosa Mineral and Gem Society
Information on field trips, how to join, and newsletter. California.
Sedona/Oak Creek Rock Club
A gem and mineral club with field trips, lapidary, and rockhounding.
Sierra Pelona Rock Club
Home page of the Sierra Pelona Rock Club, Santa Clarita's Club for Rockhounds. Local events, Rock collecting sites, field trips, Gems and Minerals
South Bay Lapidary and Mineral Society
The Torrance, California society with monthly meetings and field trips for rockhounds, lapidary enthusiasts, and those interested in geology.
Tuscarora Lapidary Society's Gemarama
Tuscarora Lapidary Society, a club outside of Philadelphia, PA offers classes in the lapidary skills. The club also hosts a large annual gem show with exhibits, dealers, and demonstrations.
United States Faceters Guild
Focuses on the art and skill of faceting gemstones for all skill levels.
United States Faceters Guild Discussion Group
Hosts discussions pertaining to gemstone faceting and design.
Victoria Lapidary and Mineral Society
Official web site of the VLMS (British Columbia, Canada). Club information, activities and events.

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