Commercial websites of dealers in mineral specimens. For dealers offering a wider range of rocks and minerals, see Science:Earth Sciences:Geology:Rocks and Minerals:Shop.

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Adam's Minerals
Bulk minerals for purchase. Features catalog and prices.
Andy Seibel
Sells worldwide mineral specimens to collectors. Stock list with pricing and images included.
The Arkenstone Fine Minerals
Worldwide Mineral Specimens specializing in rarities, new finds, and old classics.
Attard Minerals
Mineral specimens of beauty for sale to collectors, earth science educators and museums worldwide
Bryan Davis Minerals
A display of Bryan's New Jersey mineral collection, minerals for sale, and general mineral collecting information.
California Crystal Connection
Dealing exclusively in exotic gems and minerals of California, USA.
California Gold Rush Miner
Large selection of gold nuggets and articles about gold, gold prospecting and the California gold rush. Also provides the spot gold price.
Mineral specimens, meteorites, fossils and fine jewelry for sale.
Collectors Edge
Offers fine mineral specimens to private collectors, museums and dealers around the globe.
Cooloola Rocks & Minerals
Suppliers of Australian and world wide rocks, minerals and other specimens, from tiny to museum size.
Cornwall & Devon Minerals
Offering for sale old and contemporary minerals from the United Kingdom.
The Crystal Mine
Mineral, crystal, and gemstone specimens for the collector.
Dakota Matrix Minerals
Rare mineral specimens for the collector.
Desert Winds: Gems & Minerals
Wide selection of collectible specimens from around the world.
Edwards Minerals
Specialists in fine European and US classic mineral specimens, worldwide aesthetic minerals and gem crystals.
Fabre Minerals
Features catalog of minerals for sale with pictures, prices, and testimonials.
Gem and Mineral Exploration Company
General rockhound information site with rocks and minerals for sale.
Mineral specimens, crystals and natural rough, sourced mainly in Namibia and Southern Africa. Both the advanced collector and beginner are catered for.
The Geode Gallery
Supplier of gem quality Keokuk geodes, both common and rare varieties.
Sales of geodes, fossils, and minerals from the Elmwood Mine, and other U.S. localities.
Geologic Desires
Mineral specimens from North America and worldwide locations for all levels of collectors.
Geosol Imports
Direct importers of Amethyst Cathedral geodes from Brazil. All shapes and sizes are available.
Gobin Minerals
Worldwide mineral specimens including new finds direct from the source and old classics from collections.
Great Basin Minerals
Nevada minerals and hand-picked specimens from the U.S. and world localities.
Specialist in cabinet size mineral specimens from around the world.
Wholesale supplier of Indonesian handicraft and natural stone products including items made from petrified wood.
John Betts
Aesthetic crystals and mineral gallery with online pricing and ordering services.
Khyber Minerals
Offering rare mineral specimens in all price ranges, for collectors of all levels.
Mike and Dianas Minerals
A large selection of minerals for the collector at down to earth prices.
Provides minerals from Bulgaria, Russia and Kazakhstan.
Minerais do Brasil ltda.
Wholesaler and supplier of amethyst, citrine, agate and crystals. Exports worldwide.
Mineral: Tivadar
Agates from Hungary, opals and a range of minerals.
Rare and fine mineral specimens for collectors. Features short movies of crystals. Direct importer of crystals from Mexico, Pakistan, Brazil and elsewhere.
Mineral specimens and earth jewelry for your home, office and spirit.
Moroccan Fossils & Minerals
Group of young Moroccans selling fossils, minerals, Selenite and fossilized marble through a network in Europe and the USA.
New Find Minerals
Mineral Specimens personally collected from around the world from old mines.
NM Stone Supply
Offers to supply alabaster direct from the stone quarry to sculptors, lathe turners, education establishments, art schools and sculpture supply businesses across the United States.
Once-A-Rock Inc.
Newfoundland site for rocks, minerals, fossils, and lapidary material.
Penn Minerals
Rocks, minerals and fossils from the State of Pennsylvania and around the world. Also information on collecting sites.
Pikes Peak Rock
Wholesale minerals, crystals, fossils, jewelry, gemstones.
Wholesaler of Amethyst and Citrine cathedrals, druse, tables and gem rough from Brazil and Uruguay.
Offers gems and minerals for collectors, hand selected on site in South America and other far flung locations.
Mineral, fossil, and meteorite dealers supplying specimens to museums and collectors.
Selectchoice Minerals
Minerals from the Elmwood Mine. Collector pieces of every size and price range.
Spanish Minerals
Juan F. Buelga, dealer in fine mineral specimens. Specialist in fine minerals from Spain.
The Sunnywood Collection
Museum quality minerals and fossils mounted on exotic hardwood bases.
Surrey Minerals
UK firm supplying collectors with quality mineral specimens from worldwide locations at realistic prices.
Offers a range of minerals that have been found in LĂ„ngban, Harstigen, the Jakobsberg in Sweden, USA and the German Schwarzwald.
Terlingua Calcite and Cinnabar Company
Selling Terlingua Calcite.
Treasure Mountain Mining
Specializes in crystals from their own mines.
Trinity Mineral Company
Mineral specimens for sale and at auction.
Tysons' Fine Minerals
Selling mineral specimens both retail and wholesale listings, covering Canadian and international minerals, stone bead jewellery and polished eggs and spheres. Rod and Helen Tyson.
Offers mineral specimens for collectors, specializing in calcites and fluorites.
Unconventional Lapidarist
Jewelry, gemstones, freeform cabochons (cabs), spheres, mineral specimens, and lapidary (cabbing / faceting ) rough.
Weinrich Minerals
Dealer in fine mineral specimens. Dan and Diana Weinrich.
Wilensky Minerals
Minerals for advanced collectors with video catalogs.
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