A Meteorite is a fragment of rock (often with a very high metallic content) that has its origins in outer space.

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Lunar Meteorites
Focuses on meteorites and meteoroids that came from the moon, including how they get here, how their source is determined, types, chemistry, catalog of all verified finds, and other resources.
Mars Meteorites
Jet Propulsion Laboratory's catalog of worldwide meteorite finds identified as originating from the planet Mars.
Information from Wikipedia on these objects originating from outer space that have survived an impact with the Earth's surface.
Meteorite Central
General information on meteorites, meteroids, and related topics; glossary; current news; and links to science sites, dealers, and educational sites.
Meteorite Collector
Russ Finney exhibits his collection of meteorites and offers resources, sample classification information and useful reference materials for the amateur and scientific collector.
Meteorite Identification (Gone Wrong)
Focus on the misidentification of meteorites, with numerous examples from news media and the Internet.
Meteorite Pictures
Provides meteorite photographs designed to be a resource for scientists, collectors and enthusiasts, grouped into galleries based upon their classification.
Meteorite Preservation and Repair
Complete, concise instructions for preserving meteorites in collections.
Meteorite.fr - All about Meteorites
Topics include origins and classification of meteorites, historical impacts, and news about recent finds and the specimens market.
Meteorites and Their Properties
Online version of a book of the same title by David A. Kring. English and Spanish.
Meteorites Australia
List of meteorites found in the country, with many photos. Includes glossary of terms, information on meteorite identification and classification, and details of specimens for sale.
The Meteoritical Society
Professional research society promoting the science of meteoritics. Includes educational materials on meteorites, lunar samples, space dust, and related topics; newsletters; journal information; and links.
Nevada Meteorites
Map, photos, and other information about meteorites recovered in Nevada and adjacent states.
New England Meteoritical Services
Provides general background information on meteorites for students, educators and collectors.
Niger Meteorite Recon
Illustrated reports, photo gallery from meteorite expeditions undertaken in the Sahara desert of North Africa.
Oscar E. Monnig Meteorite Gallery
Primer on meteorites, photos of the museum collection situated on the campus of Texas Christian University in Forth Worth, Texas, and visitor information.
Smithsonian Institution Division of Meteorites
Information about the types and identification of meteorites, with recommended books on the topic.

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