Consulting organizations that deal mainly with geology, although some geophysical and engineering may be included as well.

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3D Geo Petroleum Consultants
Provides seismic-structural geology solutions for the petroleum, mineral and geothermal industries with experience in Asia and the Middle East.
Applied Petroleum Technology
Provides organic and inorganic geochemistry and basin modeling services.
Argo Geological Consultants
Providing geology, stratigraphy, sedimentology, structural interpretation, production geology, and data management.
Blackbourn Geoconsulting
Petrography, petroleum geology, reservoir studies, basin analysis, core logging and well appraisal. Based in Scotland. Experience in Former Soviet Union.
Cerberus Consultants
Geological consulting for exploration and development.
Chinook Consulting Services
Specialists providing wellsite geological supervision, core and cuttings petrographic studies and operations geology services.
Davis-Namson Consulting Geologists
Offers structural geology and petroleum consulting services.
Dawson Geophysical Company
Acquires and analyzes 3-d seismic data used in determining whether subsurface geologic conditions appear favorable for the accumulation of oil and natural gas.
The Discovery Group, Inc.
Consulting petroleum geologists specializing in petrophysics, reservoir characterization, mapping and stratigraphy.
Dwight Ingram
Develops prospects and provides consulting services. Works primarily in the Rocky Mountain area.
Exterra Geoscience Web Page
Specializing in the processing and analysis of dipmeter and borehole image data.
Reservoir quality consortium. Research on sandstone diagenesis and development of improved subsurface petrophysical models.
Geotrace Technologies, Inc.
Reservoir service company which develops methods for the imaging and analysis of subsurface data for the purpose of evaluating reservoirs.
GeOvations Geological Consultants
Wellsite geology and log analysis. UK based.
GEPlan Consulting
Oil and gas consulting company, providing integrated services for new ventures, exploration, appraisal and development projects.
GHGeochem Ltd
UK company with worldwide experience focused on providing geochemical data and interpretation services to the petroleum industry.
Gregory Olszewski
Geologic and geophysical consulting services for exploration and development projects. Houston based. Some Russian and Spanish language skills.
Huges Offshore Group
Offers new and used offshore drilling equipment, anchors, buoys and towing gear.
LTRO - Locate the Remaining Oil
Development petroleum engineering consultants offering expertise in oil and gas field development.
Michael G. Mackenzie, Ph.D.
Gulf Coast subsurface interpretation for exploration and development.
Moody Sandman Associates
Consultants offering petroleum exploration, sedimentology, stratigraphy and wellsite services, mainly in North Africa.
Oiltracers LLC
Integrate geochemical, geological, and engineering data to evaluate origin of seeps, charge risk assessment and reservoir continuity. Oil viscosity and gravity predicted.
Petro-gen Geoconsultancy Ltd.
On-site geological consultant for drilling operations. Experienced in detecting and dealing with abnormal pressures.
PRISEM Geoscience Consulting LLC
Consulting firm specializing in exploration geology, structural geology, carbonate stratigraphy, information resources, potential-field geophysics, and geochronology for the petroleum industry in North America.
Raven Ridge Resources
Specializing in coalbed methane and coal mine methane development worldwide.
Reservoir Associates International
Specializing in sedimentological and diagenetic studies of clastic strata and subsurface reservoir analysis.
Rose and Associates
Specializing in risk analysis for exploration and production operators. Education, consulting services and highly specialized software.
Scheevel Geo Technologies
Geological and geophysical reservoir evaluation, well planning and execution, 3D reservoir modeling.
Seistrac Consultant
Geological and geophysical consulting. 20 years+ experience in exploration and production including USA, Venezuela and North Africa.
Target Exploration
Geo-research team providing the oil and gas industry with petroleum exploration, development and production research, technical solutions, studies and services.
Provides consulting services in structural geology, regional geology, field mapping and subsurface interpretation for hydrocarbon and mining exploration and for seismotectonic hazard assessment in New Zealand and Australasia.
W.H. Pierce Exploration
Middle East regional geology. Offering geologic maps and GIS data.
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