This is a regional sub category of Government Geological Surveys - for official sites run by National, State and Local Government principally for the purposes of geological research. This category is for sites located in Europe, including the UK and Ireland.

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Austria, Geological Survey of
Geologic information and resources. Much of the site is in German.
British Antarctic Survey (BAS)
Is responsible for almost all of the British Government's scientific research in the Antarctic, South Georgia, and the South Sandwich Islands.
British Geological Survey (BGS)
The UK's foremost supplier of geoscience solutions and custodian of much of the country's geoscientific information. The survey is active in areas such as land-use planning, waste disposal, hydrocarbons exploration, civil engineering, minerals extraction, contaminated land, seismic and geohazard evaluation and understanding climate change.
Bulgaria, Geological Institute BAS Sofia
Performs principal geological science research. Part of the Bulgarian Academic and Research Network.
Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum: Greenland
Administration, coordination, and regulation services for Greenland's minerals and petroleum sectors.
Czech Geological Survey
Creates regional geological and thematic maps in different scales for the territory of the Czech Republic and researches the region's complex geological, geochemical and hydrogeological environments.
Denmark and Greenland, Geological Survey of
Geoscientific studies, research, consultancy and geological mapping in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.
Association of the European Geological Surveys providing neutral, balanced and practical pan-European advice and information on applications of the geosciences. Includes news, events, research programs and international activities.
Finland, Geological Survey of
Research center that provides consultancy services and basic geological information essential for assessment of raw materials, nature conservation, environmental studies, construction, land use planning and for new applications, such as medical geology.
Hungarian Geological Survey: Magyar Geológiai Szolgálat
Provides geoscientific information, mineral assessment and authority procedures. Also provides research and prospecting at two scientific institutes.
Ireland, Geological Survey of (GSI)
Providing geological advice and information, and acquires data for this purpose. Produces a range of products including maps, reports and databases.
Lithuania, Geological Survey of
Responsible for regulation and exploration of geological processes and resources.
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