Sufficiently powerful asteroid and comet impacts can change the surface of the earth, creating craters and modifying rocks and soil.

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Earth Impact Database
Crater names, location, size, and age. Background information, images, FAQ.
Astronomy Picture of the Day - Impact: 65 Million Years Ago
Computer rendering of Chicxulub crater, from gravity and magnetic field data.
Astronomy Picture of the Day - Manicouagan Impact Crater on Earth
Image taken from space shuttle Columbia in 1983.
The Chiemgau impact
Geographic, geologic, geophysical, mineralogical-petrographic, geochemical, astronomical and historical characteristics of a Holocene notable asteroid/comet impact and the role of the discovery in the scientific discussion.
Geology 376 - 2001 Field Trip
Travelogue of a geology class field trip to the Barringer meteor crater. Images, crater description, topographic map.
Impact Parameters
Online calculator for cratering effects of hypothetical asteroid impacts.
Impact Structures
Geology, geophysics, and petrology of impact structures (meteorite impact craters) with special focus on the Azuara and Rubielos de la CĂ©rida impact structures (Spain)
Meteor Crater
Official site for the visitors center at the Barringer meteor crater. Short history, animations, visitor information.
Meteor Crater
Images and short explanations of geologic features near the rim of the Barringer meteor crater.
Reuben Johnson's K/T Expedition -- 2001
Background info on the Chicxulub impact crater at the K/T (Cretaceous/Tertiary) boundary with photos of the 2001 NASA/Planetary Society expedition to Belize and Mexico to study and gather ejecta samples.
Solar System Collisions
Online calculator for effects of asteroid impact.
Terrestrial Impact Cratering and Its Environmental Effects
World map of impact sites, details on the Chicxulub site, and details on environmental effects of impacts.
Terrestrial Impact Craters
Text describing formation of impact craters. Images, glossary.
Terrestrial Impact Craters
Background information, images, list of craters, references.
Traces of Catastrophe
Online book. Detailed introduction and overview of impact processes, crater formation, and shock metamorphism.
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