Karst refers to any terrain where the topography has been formed chiefly by the dissolving of rock, primarily carbonates (such as limestone) and evaporites (such as salt). Landforms associated with karst include sinkholes, caves, sinking streams, springs, and solution valleys. Because of the unique geologic and hydrologic features associated with highly developed subterranean networks, the scope of problems related to the karst environment is large.

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Australasian Cave and Karst Management Association
Association of cave and karst managers from Australia, New Zealand, and other Asia/Pacific countries. Site provides information on individual caves, cave research in the region, and the organization's biennial conferences.
British Cave Research Association
Promotes the study of caves and associated phenomena. Information about the organization and its activities; with online contents of several publications.
Canadian Karst Resources and Issues
Discussions, papers, glossary of terminology as well as Canada related links.
Cave and Karst Science
Peer-reviewed journal of research on geology and biology of caves and karst, published three times a year by the British Cave Research Association. Includes tables of contents and abstracts.
Cave Gate Airflow Disturbance
An investigation into the effect of cave gates on cave entrance airflow. [PDF]
Cave Research Foundation
Dedicated to documenting, studying and protecting caves and karst resources, USA.
The Commission on Volcanic Caves
Originally a working group of the International Union of Speleology. Information on members, symposia on vulcanospeleology, calendar and photographs of lava tubes and other volcanic caves.
Encyclopaedia Speleologica Practicorum
An extensive encyclopedia about caves and karst, people, techniques and cultural phenomena connected with caves.
Glossary of Karst Related Terms
Compiled by Caving Canada.
Jamaican Caves and Sinkholes
GPS positions of Jamaican caves and sinkholes.
Karst Dynamics Laboratory
Institute based in Guilin, China undertaking research that includes the development of karst water resources, the carbon cycle in karst and geological hazards.
Karst in British Columbia
Discusses origin and distribution of karst landscapes and caves in this Canadian province, ecological aspects, aboriginal uses, recreation and tourism, and management and protection.
Karst Link Page
Large collection of links to web sites about karst and the study of karst around the world. Page is maintained by The Association of Polish Geomorphologists.
Karst of Montenegro
Descriptions, discussion, and maps of the geology and distribution of karst in this region.
Karst of Serbia and Montenegro
The geology and distribution of karst in Yugoslavia, some interesting karst areas, caves and other karst features.
Misconceptions About Caves and Karst
Discusses common misunderstanding of the processes that operate in karst terranes and makes suggestions for improving public education. [PDF]
National Speleological Society
Advancing the study, conservation, exploration, and knowledge of caves. Although primary focus is on recreation, site has extensive information and links about caves and karst.
Navassa Island: A Photographic Tour of Geology
U.S. Geological Survey photos illustrate geologic features related to early karst development on this coral island.
Electronic journal of research on the origin and development of solution caves and other aspects of the evolution of karst topography and hydrology. Includes original papers and abstracts of items published in other journals.
West Virginia Cave Conservancy
Dedicated to conservation and preservation of karst resources. Includes information about the state's caves, conservation techniques, educational programs, and links.

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