This category covers scientific and industrial instruments, systems, and supplies used in the meteorological industry. This includes all of the specialized sensors, instruments, equipment, and services that might be used within this discipline, and anything that scientists, educators, and engineers might need in the course of their meteorological work. Your products, devices, or service must be related to the meteorological sciences in some obvious way, to be listed in the category of [Science: Earth Sciences: Meteorology: Instruments]. This is a listing of equipment and/or services, not just talking about the science or the weather. Sites which cover the latest news and information on meteorological sciences and instruments, and sites that provide direct meteorological information, should be listed within [News: Weather]. Sites which cover consumer goods, hobby goods, and/or products for the serious amateur should be listed within [Shopping: Recreation and Hobbies: Science and Nature: Earth Science: Meteorology]. Please, English language sites only. Sites in other languages are listed in World/-----.

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Advanced Sensing Products
ASP is a manufacturer standard PRTs, precision RTDs, and different types of thermocouples.
A manufacturer of lightning protection and grounding systems.
Weather sensors, environmental monitoring systems, data collection products, display and recording devices.
Applied Technologies, Inc.
Scientific instrumentation, software, and systems for meteorological and atmospheric research.
Atmospheric Radar Systems (ATRAD)
Atmospheric Radar systems for scientific and commercial applications.
Axinum Innovations & Technologies
Manufacture of Siphoning Rain Gauges and Data Loggers
Belfort Instruments
Instruments include Wind, Precipitation, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, and Visibility.
Manufacturer of visibility and present weather sensors along with other wind and precipitation sensors.
A leader in affordable thunderstorm tracking technology and Lightning Detection Systems.
Casella Measurement
Manufacturer and supplier of meteorological equipment, weather stations, rain gauges, solar equipment and wind speed and direction.
Climatronics Corp.
Meteorological systems for ambient surface and upper air weather stations and networks. Offering sensors for wind, temperature, humidity, rainfall, pressure, solar, ice, clouds and visibility.
Coastal Environmental Systems
Coastal Environmental designs and manufactures weather stations, meteorological, environmental monitoring instrumentation, and data acquisition systems.
Columbia Weather Systems
Makers of weather station, muli-sensor monitors, fixed-base, portable and mobile systems with console software internet, with option for industrial protocols. product specifications, applications, resources, social media links, and contacts in Hillsboro, Oregon.
Comptus Inc.
Manufacturer of meteorological instruments for measuring wind, rain, snow and other weather elements.
Davis Instruments Corp.
Weather instrumentation for amateur and commercial meteorologists. Introductory Flash option.
DWC (Danish Wind Controller A/S)
Rugged wind sensors for critical environmental conditions.
Manufacturer of Meteorological sensors and Automatic Weather stations
Dynamax, Inc.
Provides instruments and sensors for plant, water, environment, and hydrology.
Design, manufacture, and sale of weather stations and sensors.
EnviroTech Sensors
Specialize in the design, and manufacture of sensors used in environmental and industrial settings.
Fairmount Weather Systems
Manufacturer of Meteorological and Hydrological Instruments.
FT Technologies Ltd
Manufacturers of compact, rugged, low power ultrasonic wind sensors.
Gematronik Weather Radar Systems
Doppler weather radar systems and weather data processing software.
GRAW Radiosondes
Develops and manufactures GPS-based radiosonde-systems for upper-air measurements
High Sierra Electronics
Meteorological and Hydrological Sensors and Gauges, including warning and response products and services.
Hukseflux Thermal Sensors
For measurement of heat flux, thermal conductivity, thermal gradients and transfer coefficients, and particularly surface energy balance measurements in meteorology.
Provides instruments for weather monitoring, surface water and ground water measurement.
IAV Engineering
Manufacturer of the patented FlowCapt snowdrift monitoring solutions.
Info-Electronics Systems Inc.
Supplies state-of-the-art meteorological equipment and weather briefing/forecasting systems.
Instromet Ltd
Manufacturers of weather stations, electronic weather stations, weather monitors, wind sensors and other products.
Inteltronics Instrumentation
Supplier of Meteorological Instrumentation in South Africa and Africa.
Intermountain Environmental
Carries a wide variety of meteorological system and sensors for environmental work.
Automatic weather stations, digital anemometers and other meteorological instruments and sensor systems for the naval defence industry.
Kipp & Zonen Corp.
A manufacture of environmental monitoring instrumentation, ISO and WMO class meteorological and solar radiation sensors and accessories.
Koshin Denki Kogyo Co. Ltd.
International manufacturer of individual sensors and weather systems, based in Japan.
Lambrecht GmbH
Develops precision meteorological instruments and systems.
LI-COR Environmental Research and Analysis
Instrumentation for the environmental sciences, including radiation sensors, infrared gas analyzers, dataloggers, light meters, and meteorological measurement systems.
Instruments and systems for meteorology, hydrology, and environmental monitoring
Met Engineering Limited
Procurement and supply of professional quality meteorological instrumentation, equipment and systems, and the provision of wide-ranging engineering support, worldwide.
A producer of ground based remote sensing equipment for meteorological applications
Meteo Radar
Supplier of X-band weather radar for hail storms detection primarily for agricultural uses and cars fleet protection.
Meteorological sensors and measurement systems: the place to start searching. Comprehensive database.
Automatic weather stations and Data Acquisition Systems.
Meteorological Systems and Equipment
Meteorological Instruments, Manufactures Automatic Weather and Environmental Station, Services, and Maintenance.
MicroMet Group
Supplier of a range of meteorological systems including doppler weather radars, automatic weather stations, anemometers and other met sensors.
Manufactures monitoring and information systems for a variety of disciplines including meteorology and environmental sciences.
Middleon Solar
Builds solar and terrestrial radiation instruments including a solarimeter, pyrheliometer and net pyrradiometer
Mission Instruments
Manufacturer of atmospheric monitoring instrumentation, including the ALB 101 for monitoring electric field changes in the atmosphere.
Morcom International, Inc.
Supplies a wide range of meteorological equipment and systems.
Muir Matheson Ltd
An engineering company specializing in installation and maintenance of weather monitoring equipment
NovaLynx Corporation
Manufacturer of weather monitoring instruments including tipping bucket rain gauges, anemometers, evaporation pans and sensors, and modular weather stations.
Nubila SAS
Developer of meteorological software and hardware for data processing and nowcasting, including the rain gauge-disdrometer PLUDIX, based on backscattering of a MW beam by hydrometers. Italian company, site in English.
Optical Scientific, Inc.
Measurement instruments using optical technology in the areas of weather, the environment, transportation, aviation and communications.
Pacific Data Systems
Meteorological instrumentation and systems, water quality, air quality, and data acquisition.
Offers professional wireless data-logging weather stations for forecasting and tracking weather including temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind and barometric pressure.
Stations, sensors, and modeling software primarily for agricultural uses.
R. M. Young Company
Precision meteorological instruments for: Wind Speed and Direction, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Precipitation; Indicators and displays, Data recorders
Radiometrics Corporation
Radiometers to provide water vapor and temperature profiles.
Provides sales, service, and support of weather stations, rain gauges, hand held wind meters, weather radios, wireless thermometers, lightning & storm detectors.
RainWise Inc.
Manufactures solar powered wireless weather stations, data loggers, rain gauges, anemometers, barometers, and thermometers
REMTECH Inc. Home Page
Manufactures DOPPLER SODAR (Acoustic Wind Profiler), the RASS (Air Temperature Profiler) and the DOPPLER SONAR (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler)
Line of instruments for the measurement of relative humidity, dew point, water activity and other humidity parameters.
Scientific Sales, Inc.
Offers a line of weather instruments, including wireless weather stations.
Scintec A.G.
Manufacturer of innovative radiowave, acoustic, and optical sensing technology for atmospheric research.
Sippican, Inc.
Product lines include expendable upper air oceanographic and meteorologic instrumentation and associated data acquisition systems.
Skyview Systems
Skyview Systems is a UK based company, supplying meteorological, hydrological and marine instruments.
Solar Light Company
Manufacturer supplying solar radiation, ozone column, and aerosol measurement systems.
Sten Löfving Optical Sensors
Offers precipitation and fog sensors, cloud cover detectors and a road eye.
Sutron Corporation
Information and products to build a weather station.
Texas Electronics
Designer and manufacturer of industrial quality meteorological sensors and systems since 1957, including rain, wind, temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, controllers, data loggers, and solar radiation instruments.
Texas Weather Instruments
Digital weather stations, peripherals, and related equipment.
Distributor of data logging, data acquisition and weather station products measuring rainfall, wind speed and direction, solar light, temperature and humidity.
Thies Clima
Measurement instruments for meteorology, environmental protection, and industrial applications.
UPSI Hgrometry
Humidity and Temperature sensors, transmitters, and probes.
US Precision Lightning Network
Provides lightning detection services
Manufactures electronic measurement systems and equipment for meteorology and the environmental sciences, traffic safety, and industrial applications.
Vector Instruments
Manufacture and sales of quality, robust, and professional meteorological instruments for scientific, industrial and wind-power applications.
Weather Balloons Asia
Weather balloons and meteorological instruments manufacturer. Provides details of the range and offers downloadable product sheets.
Weather Down Under
Online retailer of environmental monitoring equipment and weather stations. The product catalogue also includes 3G security cameras, accessories and books.
Weather Stations
Online retailer of weather stations and weather related products. Product catalogue and newsletter.
Weatherwise Instruments
Manufacturer of weather stations, barometers, anemometers, hygrometers, thermometers, rain gauges and accessories.
Wittich & Visser
Manufacturer of meteorological instruments and complete systems.
Yankee Environmental Systems, Inc.
Advanced optical weather instrumentation for solar radiation and dew point humidity.
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