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Accu Weather Forensic Services
Offers a wide range of products and services related to litigation support. Meteorologists offer expert witness testimony regarding forensic meteorology or past weather events. Case studies and clients testimonials available.
Climatological Consulting Corporation
Private consulting company providing litigation support and expert testimony in forensic meteorology, climatology, aviation weather, and related areas.
Climet Systems
Reconstruction of weather-climate conditions for civil/criminal litigation, expert court testimony, site investigations, risk management support for insurance industry.
Dr. Standler
Legal consultant in meteorology and atmospheric physics with expertise in lightning, negligent cloud seeding and negligent weather forecasts.
Forensic Weather Consultants
An Albany, New York consulting firm that provides past weather records, analysis, interpretation and expert testimony to numerous legal and insurance professionals all across the United States.
Freese-Notis Weather
Forensic meteorology and climatological research firm, based in Iowa, providing support for legal investigations and litigation.
Genesis Weather Solutions, LLC
Weather reconstruction for the legal and insurance industry as well as expert testimony in the field of meteorology. Specializing in the reconstruction of snowfall, rainfall, hail, wind and lightning events using Doppler radar and other current meteorological technology
Ion Weather
Provides snowstorm totals after winter storms, legal and insurance expert testimony and weather research and comprehensive weather data. Alerts, warnings and radio weather reports emailed.
Meteorological Evaluation Services Company
Forensic meteorology and climatology consulting firm providing nationwide services: certified weather records and forecasts, analysis, reports, and expert testimony.
Storm Forensics
Provides expert weather consulting services to a variety of industries and individuals impacted by weather and climate in the Chicago area, the Midwest and throughout the United States and Canada.
Veritas Weather
Forensic weather company specializing in site specific past weather reports, verbal consultation, weather verification and expert witness testimony for legal professionals, insurance companies and engineers.
Weather or Not Consulting, LLC
Specializing in weather-related claims investigation, forensic meteorology and other related services.
Weather Research Center Forensic Meteorology
WRC provides expert witnesses on tropical meteorology, marine meteorology, weather and storms.
Weather Surveys
Provides past weather information for law firms and insurance carriers nationwide. Courtroom testimony is available. Over 30 years experience.
Weather Works Your Weather Experts
Weather experts specializing in forensic meteorology, weather expert courtroom testimony, past weather data, certified weather reports, certified weather data, weather research, site inspections and review of adversarial reports.
Wright Weather
A weather consulting firm providing expert weather testimony, past weather reports and data, climate studies and forecasts.
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