Atmospheric chemistry research groups affiliated with academic, governmental or private institutions.

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Aerosols and Heterogeneous Chemistry in the Atmosphere (AIDA)
Atmospheric Aerosol Research Department, Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research (IMK), Research Centre Karlsruhe.
Atmospheric Sciences Division
Atmospheric Sciences Division of Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA. 30 scientists working mainly in atmospheric chemistry, the site provides links to personnel, publications, and research activities.
Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry (CAC)
At the University of York, Ontario, CAC was formed to foster cooperative research in atmospheric chemistry, to take a leading role in Canada in the education of a new generation of qualified atmospheric chemists, and to provide a communications link between York atmospheric chemists and the national and international atmospheric chemistry community.
Centre for Atmospheric Science
Joint venture of several departments within the University of Cambridge. Areas of research include modelling studies of stratospheric and tropospheric chemistry, the kinetics of reactions important for atmospheric chemistry and fundamental dynamical processes in the atmosphere.
Co-operative programme for the monitoring and evaluation of the long range transmission of air pollutants in Europe.
Research on the transformation processes of chemical components of the atmosphere using photochemical reactors to simulate actual conditions.
Global Tropospheric Experiment (GTE)
GTE is primarily an aircraft-based program supplemented by ground-based measurements and satellite observations and aims to understand the chemical processes in the troposphere on a global scale.
Institute for Atmospheric Science - ETH (Zurich)
Information about research and academics.
NASA Langley Atmospheric Sciences Data Center
The NASA Langley Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC) archives and distributes data relating to Radiation Budget, Clouds, Aerosols, and Troposheric Chemistry.
NASA Langley's Lidar Applications Group Home Page
Site contains research overview and descriptions of current and past field experiments and modeling projects.
ORNL/ESD Aerosol Research Laboratories
Activities include research on airborne releases of mercury compounds, airborne mercury speciation, atmospheric deposition in mountainous terrain, atmospheric mercury cycling, biogeochemical cycling of mercury in northern wetlands, and development of laser-induced plasma spectroscopy for continuous multielemental emission monitoring.
Pacific Marine Environment Laboratory, Atmospheric Chemistry
Atmospheric chemistry and global change research at the Pacific Marine Environment Laboratory of NOAA. Details of research programmes and data server are given.
Pollution from Aircraft Emissions in the North Atlantic Flight Corridor (POLINAT-II)
Measurements and analysis of the relative contribution from air traffic exhaust emissions to the composition of the lower stratosphere and upper troposphere at altitudes between 9 and 13 km within and near the flight corridor over the North Atlantic.
Prather Group Home Page
Research at UCSD into atmospheric chemistry and single particle analysis
SASS Ozone and Nitrogen Oxide Experiment (SONEX)
The impact of subsonic aircraft emissions on tropospheric NOx and ozone budgets that focus on upper tropospheric chemistry and are acknowledged to be limited with respect to treatment of transport and the tropospheric NOx budget. (December 08, 2000)
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