This category will contain listings from companies that primarily supply or distribute chemicals as reagents to chemistry labs. Either organic, in-organic, analytical or synthesis labs. The quantities are usually small scale.
AAA Molybdenum Products Inc.
Rhenium and molybdenum chemicals for industry, with online sales from Broomfield, Colorado.
Abbey Chemicals
Chemical supplier, UK based. Supplies laboratory, analytical, solid and speciality chemicals.
Advanced Chemical Intermediates Ltd.
UK company offering novel intermediates and building blocks to the chemical, pharmaceutical and life science industries. Services offered include custom synthesis, contract research and consultancy.
Alfa Aesar
Manufacturer of chemicals, metals and materials for research, development and production applications. Includes product catalogue and contact information.
Producer of clinical diagnostic reagents, laboratory chemicals and solvents. In English and Serbian.
Antia Laboratories Inc.
Offer wide range of small package laboratory chemicals.
Beacon Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd
Supplier of diagnostic kits and chemical/biochemical reagents in India.
Original organoboron molecules - boronic acids, boronic esters and trifluoroborates, for pharma, cosmetic, biotechnology and agrochemical industries. Off the shelf and custom boronic compounds.
Chem Net
Specializing in laboratory grade Trichlorofluoroethane (Freon 113) for use in laboratories. Includes information about the company, details about the product and safety data.
DS&M Scientific
Supplier of analyzer reagents for Swan and Thermo Orion sodium analyzers and silica and phosphate analyzers. Offers to package products in point-of-use form and size, suitably labeled for compliance and safety in the plant.
EMD Chemicals Inc.
North American affiliate of Merck KGaA, providing a wide range of industrial and laboratory chemicals.
Exaxol Corporation
Sells certified inorganic standards and testing solutions for spectroscopy, chromatography, and wet chemistry, including pH buffers, conductivity standards, and reagents.
Fluorous Technologies, Inc.
Develops and produces perfluoroalkylating reagents and tags, and products for separating fluorous compounds. Overview of products, services, applications, and technology. Located in Pennsylvania.
Gesan Production
Clinical chemistry reagents manufacturer. Reagents are liquid and ready to use.
High Valley Chemical
Chemical supplies and lab chemicals to businesses, educators and hobbyists
Inorganic Ventures
Inorganic chemical standards for analytical laboratories.
Materials Technologies Research
Offers a wide variety of Fullerene Products.
Medical Isotopes, Inc.
Offers a wide range of compounds labeled with N15, C13, H2, O18 and metals. Specializing in custom synthesis and supplying Oxygen-18 water to the medical community.
R & D Laboratories
Supplier of Mistral brand of chemical reagents, located in the UK.
ReAgent Chemical Services Ltd.
UK chemical and reagent manufacturer of laboratory and analytical chemicals.
Salt Lake Metals
Manufacturer of lab quantities of silver and gold compounds.
Sigma-Aldrich Corporation
Produces and sells a broad range of biochemicals, organic and inorganic chemicals and related products. Parent company of Sigma, Aldrich, Fluka and Supelco.
SynChem OHG
Organic synthesis company in Germany, offering a wide range of uncommon intermediate and reagent chemicals from a catalog, as well as general custom synthesis services.
Tianjin Kermel Chemical Reagent Development Center
Producer and supplier of a diverse range of chemicals and reagents, aimed primarily at laboratory applications.
Wenzhou Dongsheng Chemical Reagent Factory
Manufacturer of analytical reagents and indicators in China. Products include sodium hydrogen sulfite, sodium and potassium meta bisulfite, and litmus.
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